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  1. Guess there's no GMs in this game any more. Ignoring players' demand to be fair, really great company and GMs. Players, which your customers want to be treated fairly and NCsoft is ignoring. NCsoft thinks, we players are voiceless who just spending money on game. Players, who transferred storming orb, are not saying anything here because they already got all apostles. But think, you could be the next ones who get treated unfairly. If we can't fix this kind of problem right away, NCsoft will do like this all the time. And they will not listen to us. Players please show them your opinions o
  2. I don't know what to say to NCWEST anymore.... You guys made token system to use and player used it. How can it be abusing? If you, gms, did not want player to transfer egg to get apostles, you should have made the storming egg not able to transfer from the beginning Lots of people already transferred their storming egg already and some people haven't. If you, gms, were the players, would you feel this is fair for every player? I'm not asking to do favor to some one, all I am asking is to be fair to all players.
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