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  1. In the last three days my initial page takes more than half an hour to load and when I logout and login again the initial page load everything again, when the loaded is completed my game collor change like a daotonic mode and the FPS stucks at 9-12. I don't know what is happening it just started suddendly, before that my game just had to load once a week or when I had sendlog and my FPS stayed between 30-40. Does someone know hot to fix it up ? ?
  2. I did do it, but whenever I went there the chief doesn't spawn. Is there a specific time it pops up ?
  3. It's been a time that I'm trying to get Kerubar Hairpin, Krukel's Horn Ornament skin from Treasure box at Brustonin - The Saplands area and it's only dropping kinah and shards. Is there any other way to get this skin from asmo side?
  4. Since the last server maintenance I'm having a trouble with Aion Launcher I looked it up and found out it has to do with the d3dx9_38.dll from DirectX after that I downloaded the program dxwebsetp.exe but it didn't work so then I put d3dx9_38.dll in aion's folder It worked but another error showen up as you can see. https://imgur.com/XfRDl3v https://imgur.com/AItJvJv https://imgur.com/sPzCYjA Could someone help me ? PS: Sorry for my bad english.
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