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  1. ssh is even blurry and still have a bit glow lmao and wtb someone feel bad for me and give me full set paragon xDDD imagine if people would feel sorry for each other and give items worth 1-3 k $ or more just '' because feel sorry '' and in screenshot u dont show back of weapon , picture is on the side now u say u buy from a friend quit at first , now u switch u don KNOW them dude u tripping hard lmao
  2. Ofc now is not same as yesterday fam . god knows what u change in ur toon . weapons and all how come ur weapon no have glow today u show ? why u didnt show stats earlier on screenshots ? how come ur undercombine was lame af and parry retune and yellow manastone how come u crit 80% how come u have pics and ssh u glide hack how come u do Aog 5 man how come same devil 3 months ago say Rates are discgusting and wont even go for paragon gear when u had at + 7 which rates are low but still achievable , but now u say u wanna go for Harp + 10 lmaoo nice mem
  3. No devil once again dont try be smart as and fool anyone werent u the one say '' is disgusting '' when u made video abt paragon weapon and failed so much and say u wont try again and rates are so bad and stuff and that was f2p event and i bet u swipe a few how come now according u , u want to try for paragon 10 harp lmao when try for + 7 took u so many stones but now u want try for + 10 with 1.5 % . how many stones and where u find em why not tell all fam and u suppose people believe that u 1. switch skins now in days 2 . got paragon armor weapon in just days out of
  4. Welp is funny and weird how they dont even say a simple short unswer as we will see Inc Hime : we double check , triple check , 100 check that Devil no have paragon at all. even those + 9 he show are fake photoshopped , no player have paragon here or hack in Na kappa who to believe lul bunch of clowns everywhere is just sad and pathetic thats why from all Aion servers whole around world just the Na one is '' working as intented '' meh
  5. Most likely this is a Gm job under table . just like when they stream for upcoming patches and give a streamer opportunity to stream it by private server unofficial . and when the streamer needs an item to show off to veiwers gm who watching stream insta give him item how would u say ? simple . just copy the item Id and can make since they have high power in game just look Squall , Lancer streams in Eu server when they ask for an item and Gm give them in just matter of seconds so for sure this is an inside work since devil from having a paragon 15 harp with GLOW today sh
  6. ma boi @Devil-KT why ur second weapon no glow LOL or is too dark funny eh ? related to last second tripping and pressure u had that even put yellow manastone and no even retune just post ssh here where da purpple light go ? /shrug
  7. Poor him was sweatting and thought all day how to justify himself and what screenshot to post and forgot under pressure put yellow manastone where not even our alts use LOL and that sick parry that parry gave u 80 % crit bro ? xDD higher crit than a sw with T3 anomos hmmm :))
  8. LMAO @Devil-KT explain me why just some days ago u close ur gear in dps meter LOL dont want people see ur gear or stats or wut ? :))) nice one fam if ud have just paragon 9 ud be happy and bragg abt it and would leave gear open in game and would update every second in dps meter cuz we all know u a lil ego as person hehe funny :))
  9. btw @Devil-KT why u dont show ur stats also in your ssh ? or too much high crit or mag att HA and 2 parts again wont make ur stats jump so much in attack and defence and crit so i dunno u tell me :)) how you And YOUR friends jump so much in stats and even ' admit '' to have such weapons but now people complain and write u guys say NO we dont have like cmon lol obv there is someone here , a GM or someone high enough power put these items game for people to buy such as paragon + wise dragon king
  10. @Bjorn-DN u can only get Skin of wise dragon , u see that person has SKILL lol . u cant get skill in Na , not yet and @Devil-KT nice skin change . and who use those manastone where u can get free manastone everyday from hidden . is bcs u just buy whatever manastone broker to just socket asaap and post screenshot here ? ur seller gave u a + 9 just for post still doesnt explain u glide hack in instances m, do aog nm 5 man . or ur stats just hella much wont change with just 2 parts lol . and u need have em higher dont try cover like ur friend hosie '' i gUeSs u NeVe
  11. Lets not forget that guy Have Wise dragon skill buff , an item not even exist atm in Na so how in the world that person may have and devil ... u should just admit it at this point lol . cuz look ur stats , dmg , crit and not mention u became like templar in pvp , where all know u a cloth and die 2 hits before cant fool all cmmunity . u and ur friends u didnt just buy broker cuz that paragon is +9 . i dont know any that op or rich sw that '' keep paragon +9 items '' in warehouse and not equip em thats some dirty work over here and we shouldnt leave it like this ... and @
  12. Also this phenomenon no happened just in Asmo kt side , happened as well in Kt ely there is a vandal called Jetsss who has full paragon +9 armor + WEAPON , he even had details open a while ago and he claim he came this server 2 months ago . how can u get so fast full +9 paragon in such matter of time lol , and his friends has weapon and SKILL, once again SKILL of Wise dragon king , an item not even exist in Na atm .. only is as weapon skin no as SKILL
  13. Lets not forget Devil and Nezzii were 2 of 5 man group who finished Aog Nm an instance barely finished by just 2 groups in whole Na who are super geared and have yorgo weapon and hella good collections and devil group did as 5 man pretty “op” id say and “ leggit “
  14. How does Na aion Hq dont do anything for this or at least give an explicit , maybe because their have their hands dirty on this ? How does some players achieve and have in their inventory items u simply cant get now in aion Na conditions because of lot of factories . At least so far are 4 people have item called paragon +10 - 15 , and they admit and u can see their stats attack and defence change drastically. Can notice even dps meter how their dps change in just 10 days twice more and crit more than 80% which u simply cant atm why does aion and support and Gm no reply or do something
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