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  1. U Like an old granny. Saying like clear water but to get a reflection of your index finger pointing to you alone. Sad:(
  2. Mmmmm, he use your dscrd name... 3/4 ppl here didnt know its.... Mmmmmm, thats mean you and him...wowowowo...
  3. Time to get back into action!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I know everything, Aha, but GM is only banned from accounts that only exploit directly, and not Via Broker.
  5. You can meet him in Vanahal and Airship Dock Place hidden at Pande, GM Only banned for Account which do exploit like lvl 10 and rubbish lvl 80, like @MechEagIe-DN Said.
  6. The GM has acted. Everyone who uses Paragon has been BANED, so let everyone calm down and forget about everything that happened with Paragon. Happy playing again, This is not Joke and this is Serious, Thank for @Hime, @Kibbelz. EVRYONE HAVE ANICE DAY, Let's celebrate this!!!!
  7. Too late for this, there are many Players who have Paragon +10 and +15, it's just that they are kept in the Warehouse until all these issues return to normal, They will be GG in Aion 8.0 or before that is 7.9, not only in KT Asmo, even in KT Ely more players keep strange items that are not owned by normal gamers, this is really extraordinary, none of the Staff reply to this and until the mouth is foaming and they remain silent. Waste Time.
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