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  1. I've already explained that I am a returning player, never read Token-Based Restoration Policyas, told them my concern before enchanting. do not you think GM's reply misled me into the wrong way, (Upon checking, we found out that you still have 3 restoration tokens available for this period (Jan-June). If there's more, please let us know.) you mean I must take full responsibility, what about GM
  2. https://forums.aiononline.com/topic/8265-paragon-equipment-issues-update/ When I saw many players discussed the issue about Paragon equipment through forum, It brings back sad memories for me about enchanting the +7 weapon Paragon weapon in Jan 2021, Actually I was returning player, I only had used Restoration Tokens for one time in my memories. Aion Support Team did help me to restore +5 Paragon weapon for my main account, and then I had used my other account to purchase some Ultimate Paragon Enchantment Stone to keep enchant, because I do not have much kinah to buy some enchantment
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