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  1. Hmm, well to answer your question if it was actually posted or not could be easily verified. So no I did not question the validity of the post, also is this your first time being on this forum? People on the forum are very quick on calling people out just as you are trying to do now.
  2. LoL that's when you know the guy was a total looser from the start. And also y'all were right I was speaking from anger and putting my foot in my mouth to much, but I really dislike people being treated unfairly for any reason.
  3. In a short answer, ya Dam right I do. Or you can kick them out yourself then make an apology and explain to everyone that whom ever said the racist remarks does not represent you nor are you affiliated with them.
  4. That's total BS and something so blatantly disgustingly vile shouldn't even have Aion's name even associated with it no matter if its official or otherwise. NC is has more than enough attorneys on their payroll to force those hate pedaling simple minded fools to remove Aion Classics name from their server or channel or any other type of association in regards to the company. This really pisses me off to no degree, OMG have people not learned anything from this past year, hate gets us no where absolutely no where. We are all of one people, so why not act like good human beings for change. Anyon
  5. Amen Shhh please don't give anyone any ideas LoL 🤣
  6. I even remember where a lot of the old Asmo hiding spots for the person res portals and yeah I'll admit some of those spots I was never able to get to LoL tricky lil Asmos
  7. Careful Sister dem dare fightin words 🤣and honestly I wouldn't even try crossing through a Rift unless you have plenty of running scrolls. Then the Eylos are going to be pulling some of ole Elmer Fudd's tricks, Cause it's goin to be Asmo Season 😁
  8. Honestly the only bots I ever remember seeing were in Heiron and they were gathering. So I would kite a mob over to the bot and watch it die. Don't worry I made sure they were bots before I got evil on their arses LoL
  9. Then you got lucky and you and I started at different times LoL because it was pure hell for me . Just look on the Asmo servers thats where they will be LoL and I am like you they are sitting ducks and very easy prey 😇
  10. I know I really shouldn't be laughing, but Just thinking of all those damned ole Gold Spammer with their bots buggin the pis out of all the Asmos has had me laughing so dam hard today. LoL And y'all I swear I am not posting this to be a troll and honestly it isn't funny well not for the Asmos LoL but for a life long Eylos, yeah it's magic and come on if ya know the Lore of Aion then you already know we Eylos are actually the Shady Evil doers LoL. Again I am only joking not Trolling but feel free to yell at me LoL
  11. So, Ummm, Does anyone else think we should start taking numbers and forming lines so we can all have a turn in killing the Mobs needed to complete our quests on June 23, 2021? Or maybe we can just form parties of 6 so that way only one person will need to kill the mobs leaving some for the next Party? Because if we don't do something we are going to have some major issues.
  12. Glads are the easiest class to play, all you do is walk up and punch something then keep hitting the mob until it falls over dead LoL. For me I preferred to use duel swords for speed and also the damage is good as well, because you have two swords. Just my personal opinion.
  13. Not this Eylos, I was born and Eylos and I'll die as one LoL
  14. I know you secretively want it to be f2p its ok if you want to go ahead and admit it LoL.. joking lol
  15. LoL and I am sure it has nothing to do with the fact 12 years ago NC had to give a lot more incentives to an Eylos players to change over to play an Asmo toon because no one wanted to play an Asmo maybe the old Asmo players are still hoping to get the advantages they once did.
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