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  1. Yup...I’m in the same situation. I have maxed out my wardrobe space and WH spaces and even my alts LWH with skins lool...and it just seems some of those costumes will never be put to use in order to not lose them which is a real shame. I’m not asking them for any freebies or special favors, I wouldn’t mind that they keep increasing the cost of Luna each extra slot will take and even suggest they do that because that’s just a good business model lol, I just wish they put more thought into it because I only spend rl money on this game for the costumes
  2. At this point I wouldn’t care spending ridiculous amounts of Luna on the wardrobe system to keep buying more slots if it meant I didn’t have to permanently lose costumes since it seems that some skins will never be put on the store again since Ncsoft just simply doesn’t listen to customer demand and put costumes that people want to ACTUALLY buy. The costume rotation was supposed to happen every 2 weeks or something but I’ve seen some ugly af costumes up for a month at a time that NO ONE buys, and I have some costumes on my characters that I won’t even touch because I haven’t seen them being sold for in years so I don’t want to risk never seeing them again. It’s already such a dilemma for me seeing which costume I have to delete from Luna just so I can use another...
  3. Skins on bcm

    hi 3 months of ugly/generic costumes on BCM no1 want. Does ncsoft not like money or? Let us skin whores be happy geez :c
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 8, 2019

    I’m happy we finally got a decent event but I was so ready for shugo dash ngl lol ;-;