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  1. So every group and person I've talked to who's ran Heart of Asperanta whether asmo or elyos has consistently faced a really annoying/prevalent issue inside the instance. The amount of people who get send logs/game crashes is ridiculous up to the point where we have up to 2 people in our group send logging back to back all the time. I think if this problem is so universal it indicates some error inside the instance that needs to be investigated. Please look into it @Kibbelz @Loki
  2. Ultimate Transformation Promotion For the duration of this event, we will also be running an Ultimate Transformation promotion, to make these extremely rare transformations more accessible! Please see the rules regarding this promotion below: Players will receive a Prime Runestone Selection Box for meeting the following criteria: Gain an Ultimate Transformation via Transformation Combination (max 3 per account) during the promotion period. Players will receive an Ultimate Transformation Contract Selection Box for meeting the following criteria: Consume 12 or more Lege
  3. Imagine having this much of a backwards understanding as to how a customer service company should run. You guys are crooks is the simplest way of saying it by treating your players so bad so consistently. @Kibbelz nice save by FINALLY giving an update on the item collections but ignoring every single inquiry on the housing or name dilemma. I don’t even know why people thank you anymore for replying when your replies are useless. You guys throw a crumb down on us and think that solves everything and it’s really condescending that you think doing one logical thing excuses how unfair everyt
  4. @Kibbelzmerge is scheduled for tomorrow, still see you guys haven’t updated the completely unfair policy and no word on housing yet. Better hurry before the massive chargebacks *wink*
  5. No one is mad or upset about the actual server merge. They’re upset because of HOW the merge is being handled which is undeniably unfair. I think everyone agreed that a server merge was needed. I don’t agree with people blaming KT for the way it’s being handled because I personally don’t think they have anything to do with it. But you have to agree that it’s stupid to force one server to give things up and not the other server. Also I don’t think you can blame DN for “not keeping it alive” when that’s not in our control either.
  6. This is still stupid. I don’t know why people bootlick Ncsoft the second they get their CM to do their basic job and give some phony, buttery compromise that still helps no one. Anyone that plays Aion for years knows how lazy and unfair GMs that handle support tickets can be based on their daily mood. Asking players to go out of their way to “fight for their name” instead of just doing it the basic fair strategy that has happened in ALL server merges where everyone gets fair game into every name. This isn’t even counting the fact that this does nothing to qualm the housing unfairness
  7. Feelsbadman, I guess I’ll just rename to Gluten but who knows that’s probably already the name of some KT kinah bot
  8. In what delusional world does NcSoft live in to think this is fair or even...LOGICAL? This isn’t even pure negligence and laziness anymore, this stupidity is so immense that it has to be preconceived or maybe I still have misplaced optimism in this team’s IQs but nyerk lmaooo. I feel at this point you guys are purposely doing the worst things in retail to drive the player base away so you can kill the game so you don’t have to worry about it and instead of being guilty you’ll just throw your hands up and blame the fact you have no players left. Which is extremely toxic, exploitative
  9. Stop scamming us and shut down the server and give us our ultimates :C
  10. They need to have an emergency maintenance ASAP. Not about to wait for them to figure out how to distribute them and wait the same amount of time it took them to distribute EC or arena rewards. This is so ridiculous that they are screwing with people’s money
  11. @Loki @Kibbelz why do you guys do this to us. This is why I have trust issues
  12. @Kibbelz @Loki uhhhhh did you guys forget something??? Where is OUR ULTIMATE CONTRACTS, it’s September 9th last I checked. Emergency maintenance asap pls
  13. Actually if you’ve been playing the game any time after that forum post was made you’d realize everyone had more questions than answers and the GMs did nothing to clarify anybody’s questions or tickets and left players blinded which this post was mostly addressing. And if you checked the most recent comments on that forum post you’d find that a lot of players got cheated due to the lack of info from Ncsoft. I don’t see your problem with me and other players wanting the CM to give its player base more info after dumping money into this. But go off I guess
  14. So you guys can waste time and make a useless new launcher that doesn’t fix anything but you can’t even write a basic update to subdue everyone’s fears over this? This is people’s money you playing with, man...you don’t mess around with that stuff. People deserve to have transparency when they giving you money. I just really hope this event in the end won’t be another notch on Ncsoft long patterns of abusing their player base horrendously even though it kind of already has... Pretty sure I already qualified (unless ncsoft really gonna pull a joke) but it’s really disheartening to see some fri
  15. Your guy’s lack of transparency and information regarding this event is really unprofessional and morally questionable given the fact that people have put a lot of money into this. Since the original post was created, whether it was support tickets or forums the GMs have refused to answer or clarify ANYTHING which just isn’t right. I think as a CM your responsibility is nothing less than updating the community and making sure you are handing them the correct information. NcSoft’s actions throughout this whole event have been nothing but slimy and exploitative between giving players such a shor
  16. Really? A semi bigger update and you guys couldn’t even bother to update costumes on BCM? It was one of the things people voted they cared a lot about and definitely would make you guys some profit but here’s NcSoft still being lazy and not caring D:
  17. There has never been a sadder time for skin hoarders. I’ve had to lose so many skins over this broken wardrobe system. Even though Aion has always had an inconvenient costume system unlike a lot of MMOs I’ve played that don’t force u to literally lose a costume when you use it on ur gear, but this didn’t bother me before when the BCM literally sold skins people actually wanted to buy every month. Now if you lose a costume expect it to never come back for sale and cry forever. I think if ncsoft isn’t willing to update their costume rotations regularly they should just make Luna wardrobe unlimit
  18. @Cyan where’s our May BCM update? It’s already the 10th lol. Please give us something worthwhile to buy this time too like cute costumes... we haven’t had a decent selection since December q-q
  19. Yup...I’m in the same situation. I have maxed out my wardrobe space and WH spaces and even my alts LWH with skins lool...and it just seems some of those costumes will never be put to use in order to not lose them which is a real shame. I’m not asking them for any freebies or special favors, I wouldn’t mind that they keep increasing the cost of Luna each extra slot will take and even suggest they do that because that’s just a good business model lol, I just wish they put more thought into it because I only spend rl money on this game for the costumes
  20. At this point I wouldn’t care spending ridiculous amounts of Luna on the wardrobe system to keep buying more slots if it meant I didn’t have to permanently lose costumes since it seems that some skins will never be put on the store again since Ncsoft just simply doesn’t listen to customer demand and put costumes that people want to ACTUALLY buy. The costume rotation was supposed to happen every 2 weeks or something but I’ve seen some ugly af costumes up for a month at a time that NO ONE buys, and I have some costumes on my characters that I won’t even touch because I haven’t seen them being so
  21. hi 3 months of ugly/generic costumes on BCM no1 want. Does ncsoft not like money or? Let us skin whores be happy geez :c
  22. I’m happy we finally got a decent event but I was so ready for shugo dash ngl lol ;-;
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