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  1. Farewell Daeva! Thanks for everything!
  2. You guys are cool, don't go DN tomorrow
  3. @Sidik-DN OST video soon? Also zzzzz Beritra again zzzzz...Daeva is sleepy...zzzz
  4. Empyrean Lord Siel would be proud of you Cyan, may AION smile upon you, Daeva
  5. Holy mother of AION, Shedim Lords forgive me but imagine being this retarded Best of luck to you, mighty Daeva TehGoat!
  6. Atreia is a tough world, no wonder many Daevas give up
  7. Cheer up Daevas, I'm sure you'll end up with your inventory flooded with Transparent Scrolls thanks to AION's blessing! Azphelumbra btw
  8. Thanks for the beta-testing Gameforge Welcome to NA, dear European Daevas!
  9. Sorcerer without any doubt. How can other classes even compete? Chanters are also cool I guess
  10. Transformation Contracts and Scrolls can be purchased from the Gold Sand Traders for Kinah. Other means to obtain them will be made available in the future. Kakakaka Kubae
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