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  1. You have access to voice channels now. Trevyn-
  2. Hellfire assisted in them pushing in, what caused the wipe was the Asmos ability to port back into Miren and Krotan and get back to the fort as the last of the Asmos were getting killed. Asmos had a 45 second return window instead of a 5 minute return. You seem to make a lot of assumptions on what went on with out knowing what actually played a part in your victory and the Elyos defeat. If you like, I can sit down and explain all of this to you. Join me here: https://discord.gg/ETWRzMn No one needs to be uninformed. Trevyn-
  3. Your faction is lead and carried by the players who dominated you. Full stop.
  4. It's what happens when you don't drop wings, or print screen away. I learned years ago, I don't actually feel pain if my pixels get sent back to kisk. Trust me, it's true. Trevyn-
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