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  1. Yep. It's over. RIP Aion. It was fun while it lasted.
  2. Most players still playing, yes. The other quadrants have realized this game as currently managed is not worth their time nor money and have quit.
  3. No. Without the OW PvP, Aion is a garbage game not worth any consideration. OW PvP is the only thing Aion has going for it, because no other MMO gives players such strong incentives to do OW PvP. In other games it is optional and typically not worth doing. In Aion, you cannot opt out of it, which forces you to confront it, learn, grow, and become a better player because of it. The only other MMOs that have/had OW PvP as good as Aion are DAoC and L2.
  4. An ad hominem is valid as long it gets the point across to the audience. We do not converse privately, but on an open forum. Your input is irrelevant because you do not play Classic. People are upset about the recent update that essentially ruined the economy on top of ruining sieges. You have stood outside the fence constantly over the past month yelling "I told you so!" as if we haven't been enjoying the game all along. We only want out voice to be heard and have certain things reverted to how they were a couple of weeks ago.
  5. You don't even play. You are a forum warrior.
  6. Magnitoz is correct, and you are too. Golden syndrome was the 2.1 patch, and Classic is the 2.7 client artificially limited to 1.5 content. We have golden syndrome currently. The drop rates in Classic today are much higher than they were in the original 1.5.
  7. I am not. Control is much more humble than I am. I only hate to see a legitimately good player slandered. Hackers do get banned. Rabies was banned. Mrzzfish was banned. Amigoelvis is next. To this day despite Control PvPing daily, the only evidence against him has been hearsay and one recorded instance of a visual glitch. If he is such a prolific hacker, then there should be evidence. As I have said before, nobody on NA Classic PvPs more than he does. He has over a thousand hours of Abyss PvP since launch.
  8. Sure. I am well aware that modern Aion players are full of ego. They cannot admit defeat at the hands of a superior player. Excuses abound, their final assertion is that the enemy must be hacking. Of course they are, it's the only way they could defeat you. I already know Control has defeated you Exeqt, along with nearly everyone in your legion in multiple encounters, at times handling many of you at once.
  9. It's obvious that I will not change anyone's mind, so I will leave it at this: It's sad that the top PvPer on NA Classic is called a hacker because he outplays everyone. Elyos cannot accept that they lose every time they fight him. They cannot accept that he is the better player. If this were 2011, you would say Feel animation hacks. A legitimate case of 10 years still bad. Please, if you think Control flight hacks, I dare you to challenge him to a 1v1 on the ground. You will lose.
  10. He does not teleport to where you are heading, he flies in a straight line to where you are heading, reaching the point before you do. Control's game sense is phenomenal. If you were to play with him, you would understand. He calls out exactly where enemies are going, which lets not only him catch up but his entire party. Is seeing the future a hack? No. Please look up trigonometry. Combat in the Abyss is fought in three dimensions. Also, before people say he animation hacks too. He has never shown up red in the DPS meter. He is a boon of quickness sorcerer with an attack speed comb
  11. He does not hack, he simply understands the game to a greater degree than nearly every current player. Cancelling the animation of opening wings. Flying to where you will be going rather than auto-approaching so he can intercept. He sometimes has a SM summon him when he finds himself in an unfavorable situation. He uses blind leap while wing dropping to reset his fall, break target, and get away. People say he map hacks because he always seems to find them. No, he just plays a lot and is in the abyss more than anyone else. I guarantee you the guy has more solo kills than anyone on NA
  12. ACN is cancer and anyone who chats on there should be quarantined.
  13. No, that's just the classic experience. If you cannot grind that much then do not bother with Miragent, because that math is the actual rate from 2009/2010. People complain about drop rates, but back in the day a Bakarma's Spear took 6 months to farm. A Tahabata weapon was something less than 5 people had on each server by the time 2.0 came out, a year after launch. Gold drops were so rare in the open world that when they dropped, it was announced to the entire zone. Extendable weapons from Trioran/Adma were very rare. I have screenshots of old enchantment stone prices. The cu
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