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  1. do you guys increase drop rate in adma and the rest of the instances with the new update ? cause the drop rate its unbelievable low .... sorry i wanted to reply to Kibblez
  2. i mean exchange for another class!
  3. HI, characher exchange its available?
  4. Increase the drop rate , jesus christ! merge the servers ..... ! Do we need to poke this guys whit a stick to wake up???? do something . Give reward on siel aura purchase????
  5. + add drop rate its rubbish for what we pay , 8 classes waiting weapons from lannok and baka and whit months of doing this still nothing! If they do this difference between players whit siel aura and no siel aura at least increase the drop rate!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Make just 1 server , put them together or something as Siel currently have a massive lack of ppls!
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