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  1. the timing of the 1.5 is purposely delayed until subs run out so they can get a resub for dark poeta I really dont care for dark poeta a single instance, I would rather the abyss fort instances (8 +1divine). its alot more content. and dredge isnt specifically mentioned either strangely. expecting people to pay for a resub for one boring 12+year old instance is damn greedy imo. I wont be back once New World goes live at the end of the month.
  2. I'm glad its not just me that found this nerf to bakarma completely boring , its too easy to kill now, . Please make it harder again .
  3. Flying Daeva begins. Seek out the Lucky Griffon in the Abyss! this is so dissapointing , I was actually hoping for a griffon to find in the abyss with loot, instead its a 2% flight speed NPC that devalues the effort of those with max flight speed already.
  4. i wont be goingto IS for a terrible bundle box and i encourage everyone to not roll on IS just leave and come to Siel.
  5. if your incorrectly claiming that people in that level range have no ap ,why is the OP of this thread level 25 214K + AP and complaining he cant be star officer ranked. <facepalm> results of your lowbie Ap gain are dependant on how well you play vs others, as you said theAP gain was garbage , I have to ask if you were very successful? because the OP and I seem to have no difficulty gaining AP at that level.
  6. star officer is quite easy to obtain given that 70K of crowns have been given out and at that level (25)the ap gain per kill is great, so instead being immature and calling people crybaby maybe you should learn the Ap reward mechanics of the game first. given its quite reasonable to expect to be able to achieve the star officer without level limitation as there is no ingame notation to inform you otherwise.
  7. permanent pets. correction to my post above, the improvement to siege times is not 5am, 3am AEST for siels east instead of 8AM. its much better :P.
  8. siels eastern was SUN 8am AEST , now is 5am. awesome change to feedback moving to 5am. the times have changed for the worse. why arent the other 14 hours of the day utilized for a 24 hours game, this feedback iscoming from a flawed questionarre that didnt even ask about the other 12 hours in a day, no wonder this is the result it came out with. Having the fort sieges on the same timers every week is retarded , either make the timetable rotating for fairness or make the siege system dynamic so that forts are made to go vulnerable thru actual gameplay, IE holding artifacts for a cer
  9. the latest ingame siege survey was a complete waste of time, when only 12 of 24 hours of the day was selectable it is a joke , and then in 'other' column there is no box to input an actual time. please either get rid of static times for fort sieges its bloody boring and isnt dynamic , or allow them to be vulnerable anytime or more than the current useless 5 hour window ( in a 24hr game?).
  10. are you incorrectly assuming I bought out the pass? without asking?
  11. So will this increase players past the current max level who have already bought out the pass? as these would likely be the same people who bought the pass out while it was bugged. this compensation doesnt benefit those who were affected unless the pass goes past current max by 3 levels , neither are the unwanted costumes. an actual solution would be to honour the daeva pass purchases made during that duration for what was advertised as ingame for that timeframe , and then start the month instead of almost bait and switch sytle scenario we are seeing play out. the XP buff isnt a co
  12. What are a bundle items, please be specific - I hope its not dyes or costumes.
  13. levelling up is too quick. people who want quicker XP only devalue the midgame content, by essentially 'skipping' midgame content by gaining XP too fast you miss out on alot of areas , its not possible to do every quest for a level because you level up and the rewards are not as enticing at higher levels. Xp is too easy to obtain , on top of that they drop double week, and you also mentioned your a sorc and its not fast enough, they are the fastest class to gain XP or at least in in classic first player to lvl50 was a sorc. flight streans are in retail aion versions but not
  14. Posted 1 hour ago "We expect downtime to last for less than one hour" no updated ETA ? , this lack of communications is terrible, its taken longer than the hour.
  15. I'd like to be able to have a choice in the rewards offered by the daeva pass, alot of useless items like cowboy outfits, that i personally dont want but others may like, but to have a choice of items would be nice so i can get something else instead of a preset item i dont want. Also the ability to select which item/s from the reward to redeem instead of now where your fighting for inventory space to redeem, this would be helpful in not having to waste space to redeem garbage items such as skins and non permanent items. also Increase the daeva pass UI screen size its tiny in 4k
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