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  1. its not the launcher you need to delete. in your install game folder NCSOFT\AION_CLASSIC usually at C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT\AION_CLASSIC right click properties on the folder untick read only there will be a patch folder , each of the error messages will list a file and directory , delete the listed error files only. (there were 4-5 for me in different folders). and you should be able to resume download/install once each of the error files are deleted. it seems on an incomplete downloading from say a break in internet connection creates an error where the current cli
  2. can confirm for Siel. my chant only became decent for PVP once 50 and well geared it took alot of time, they are a class that you can play well with bad latency.
  3. contacted support regarding the schedules, and asked for the timetable, "unfortunately we are unable to say anything about the schedule for the abyss and forts real time availability. We can only advise to keep an our on our official website and forums for the updates regarding with full patch notes of the Aion Classic Update." Polite, but it looks like were just going to have to wait & see, especially with the pre-orders already on sale ,it would've been good idea to have this information available to the consumer prior . Hopefully they come out with some further informatio
  4. Agree to disagree ,None of those still valid linked tweets such as"what about EU players? turned into a 3rd world gaming grp again and forgotten?"that those answers are for pertain to fixing the availbility of Forts & Dredge timetable. They are asking for another server which is quite different from what im proposing. im proposing making the timetable more accessable for all timezone on the same server, for a global service. However the only way changes are made sometimes if its requested by paying customers, unlikely as it may be.
  5. "Also this is not a global release" https://www.aiononline.com/news/aion-classic-announcement : The name is listed as "Aion Classic Global Service". also arguing for 2 servers inside a 4 hour window for one timezone NA(4 timezones) on a global service doesnt make sense. NA will get a server for their timezone no matter which way the cookie crumbles, nobody is loosing out its just being more inclusive.
  6. we do agree on a 2 things, i doubt such a simple system will be implemented either to provide better timezone for the EU players as well. NA players previously benefitted from the schedule. There are many soltuions to this it could even be as simple as 24 day period where the vulnerabillity window moves +1 hr to the next day until the cycle completes 24 days later and repeats , other than have nothing on offer for 1/4 of the globes timezone "just for a few players", this timezone includes china as well.
  7. Not to pick that apart , difference between having no choice & only being able to siege at 5am because of NA timezone versus a dedicated player who wants to stay up to all hours playing for those fort sieges (they should be rewarded for playing more ?) i dont see the problem "so adding more sieges " adding more siges wouldnt be the end result, this would easily be solved by having the fortress invulnerable timers staggered so each zone has opportunities and the next respective timezone would not be able to assualt it after successful capture due to invulnerbility period, in add
  8. Hi I noticed the other thread - requesting EU Siege Times https://forums.aiononline.com/topic/8401-eu-siege-times/ this sounds like a great idea but id like to expand on it. This is the Aion Classic Global Service , hopefully they will cater to all 3 main timezones, NA & EU & Oceanic/SEA, but the only way I see this possible are either: 1) 3 different time windows that fort sieges can go active for each of the 3 respective timezone in their local primetime. 3 multiple time windows for dredge. 2) forts can go vulnerable anytime, dredge is availble anytime. I can o
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