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  1. What's the difference between new group/alliance entry, quick group/alliance entry, and group entry? Is there anyway to make the queue time shorter
  2. All things considered, this list doesn't look all that bad, especially compared to past events. It has updated, relevant rewards, and it seems like only a few "dud" prizes. The skins aren't ones that have been recycled to the point where everyone has at least 5 (looking at you sea feast/wave song/raven general)... Well, I'll have to see how many enchantment stone dust I get by the time the event ends to say for sure, but it doesn't look all that bad this time around. They thought of newer/returning users with apollon, and geared/endgame folks with parusha soulstone. I mean, c'mon, man, th
  3. Okay. Now I don't know what to think. Just relogged into the alt that previously had returning user status...and now it's gone. Checked both of my main accounts, and 16 out of 16 alts have no returning user status. And I hear people are getting temperings from the event bundle? /sigh
  4. Wondering the same. I'm guessing that it only applies to the first character you log in to... I like to save the best for last. My main never stood a chance.
  5. Saved up around 1100 snowballs from the past two weeks. From the first week, only 7 made it to +10. This week, there were 19 <+10 snowballs>. From that I got: 3 crafting charms 4 thunder dragon king skins 10 enchantment stones 30 berdin's stars 1 essence core 1 major felicitous socketing box 4 omegas 6 tempering solutions 2 stigma stacks 2 solorius weapon boxes The first week, though, all I got was a single tempering solution... Out of the dozens and dozens of noble melted bundles from failed enchantments, I actually got
  6. It's a common hope that sw gets nerfed, but what about the other 10 classes? Which classes need to be balanced the most, and what would you say the changes should be?
  7. Still nothing. I guess I should mention I did this on my lv 73 main, so perhaps the rate is lower for Raksang. Ran linkgate on alts ranging from 67 to 73. But that doesn't explain DL or TTC/Adma so...If it's not 0% drop rate, it's pretty darn close.
  8. Still going to try Raksang, but I just ran DL 3 times. Nada. Looks like this'll be an afk event D:
  9. I was pretty excited for the return of this event, especially with the list of instances with snowball drops--revival of older instances that I've never run before, etc etc. Thing is, I'm wondering what the rate of said drops are. I ran Linkgate 11 times yesterday, along with Rentus base, AoE, and TTC, only once each. Not the best sample size, granted, but I was a bit burnt out. Going to spam Raksang today. Anyway, can anyone confirm that they have actually gotten a snowball from these instances? Is the rate different ones 66+ or solo vs group?
  10. Yes! I've been waiting for this event since last year lol Do the joyful bundles drop exp bonuses? Is that what the frostinerk amulets are?
  11. The presets are saved and sharable between alts. You can actually play around with the options even if you don't have a ticket quite yet. The NPC is called the Daeva of Cosmetics (I assume the same for asmos?); it previews whatever armor/skins you currently have on, and will save the appearance to your computer if you choose. Doesn't save the skin to share between alts, though, and you can't keep the look without a surgery ticket.
  12. The compensation for the emergency maintenance was the trees resetting! Now we can really focus again on bringing our efforts together as a community! ^^
  13. You know when you get those groups where everyone claims to have used 3 candies, but someone still ends up having to break down and use 4 or even 5? Sure some group members might be trolling and just using 2, but there also seems to be a glitch that makes you need to use more than the required specified amount. I would say from spamming DL on about 12 of my alts and a few other instances, there is a not insignificant chance that there aren't enough candies to take down the pumpkin. For fissure, I thought I was done by using 7 candies, but the boss still had some hp left:
  14. Oh crap, I didn't even think of that. And what's going to happen to your Berdin's and Repose after the merge?
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