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  1. I've thought about doing something Tiered by levels, but there does not seem to many alts running around these days- even then - they are typically doing a straight rush to 50. So I was looking towards crafted 50 gear or even some enchants at around 80+ to include. I like the idea of putting decoys, it can certainly make it a bit more challenging , and even just running around while dropping hints would be fun. It does spice things up
  2. HIHIHIHIIHIHHI It's Dyna from Siel-E , After wrapping up Find My Alt mini-event 2 (Yes --the one wrought with many typos and really hippy love over waterfalls--Big RIP on my part ). I announced I want to do a third series to it featuring mainly crafted gear . I would like to hear what you guys think or want to see as a prize. I'd love to have other Crafter's join in or donate a prize to get more people interested in participating. The more competition the better! Please let me know what you guys want to see or even what we can do to spice it up a bit more! Save for
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