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  1. there's loads of people going Is, I wouldn't worry about that lol. Is got some of the bigger streamers from 6.x going asmo side as well
  2. Kibbelz you are the literal GOD of CMs. We all appreciate you a ***ton ❤️
  3. in fact: here are the stats for all the World first titles : The First Asmodian Officer: Attack +2 Magic Boost +10 Crit Strike +4 Magic Crit +2 The First Bakarma Conqueror: Speed +2% Atk Speed +1% Casting Speed +1 Maximum HP +100 The First Fortress Commander: Flight Speed +4 Fly time +20 Maximum HP +100 Maximum MP +100 The First Kromede Conqueror: Atk Speed +1% Casting Speed +1 Maximum HP +80
  4. you can actually check the titles for yourself on the classic Aion Codex. The Kromede kille title gives this : Attackspeed 1% , Castspeed 1% and HP+80
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