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  1. Fixed it up a bit~ Suggested Biracial Filler Items: 6 [Event] Greater Running Scroll, 6 [Event] Greater Raging Wind Scroll, 6 [Event] Greater Courage Scroll, and 6 [Event] Greater Awakening Scroll, 6 [Event] Greater Crit Scroll and 6 [Event] Greater Magic Crit Scroll together in a bundle 3 [Event] Major Fireproof Scroll, 3 [Event] Major Earthproof Scroll, 3 [Event] Major Windproof Scroll, and 3 [Event] Major Waterproof Scroll together in a bundle 6 [Event] Major Antishock Scroll and 6 [Event] Seed of Detection together 30 [Event] Major Recovery Potion, 30 [Event] M
  2. Even the filler rewards are awful and need to be redone~ Suggested Biracial Filler Items: [Event] Greater Running Scrolls and [Event] Greater Raging Wind Scrolls together [Event] Greater Courage Scrolls and [Event] Greater Awakening Scrolls together [Event] Major Antishock Scrolls and [Event] Seed of Detection together [Event] Greater Crit Scrolls and [Event] Greater Magic Crit Scrolls together [Event] Major Fireproof Scrolls and [Event] Major Earthproof Scrolls together [Event] Major Windproof Scrolls and [Event] Major Waterproof Scrolls together
  3. @Kibbelz How about we make it so that gain and loss are the same within each rank? Close the large abyss point gaps between ranks and decrease overall gain and loss. Break up zergs by adding daily pop-up kill quests where contribution is limited to the area of each rift's quest or abyss area's quest, perhaps make it award 2500 abyss points each. Maybe throw in soloable daily repeatable PvE spy quests where contribution is limited to the area of each rift's quest or abyss area's quest, perhaps make it award 750 abyss points each. All that would help counter AP trading~
  4. PvP is almost impossible to find unless you want to get zerged. There are no objectives in the pvp zones spreading people out.
  5. The text on the links for group related posts are switched.
  6. I use to put a fake birthday on all my accounts~
  7. One of the annoying things about SR are the quests and how everyone wants to turn in something every 5 minutes~ I'll just say that.
  8. This a game where you pay for an experience in which others closely have an impact on. It's a community with subscription attached to it and it needs governing / regulation, not customer service~
  9. If Aion had more subscription players rather than relying more on loyalty, it would be less of a problem for NCsoft. You could have the problem of whale privilege with just about any item they sell. Candies do have a problem of their own as well~
  10. Dark Poeta is an excellent instance~
  11. Well I am rather a fan of a certain-group-is-full-of-cheaters-and-complainers explanation. I wouldn't put it past the group of cheaters to create accounts on the forums and start a fake discussion of wrongful bans with other accused cheaters joining in. Discussion on the forums isn't going to change anything. If you weren't unbanned with repeal, then nothing will change that, whether you were cheating or not is irrelevant. As Californians and Hawaiians could put it, let it go brah~
  12. None of this will happen except maybe L/R banning. Then I suppose you will complain that you can't compete with candy sellers and will probably wish you didn't post this on the forums~
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