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  1. The only way to save Aion is: 1. stfu and stop complaining Less than $60 on a game release is not the end of the world and nor are candies that equate to teleport money and are worth nothing but a minor buff, worse than other candies, a month from now.
  2. Here's a little secret, none of this chatter matters, its all about the stats. Two versions of Equivalent Items IE Adma Guard Orb / Adma Guard Spellbook They have the same stats but the orb will always have a set amount of MB more than the book and the book has the same amount of MA more than the orb. PvE this PvP that, forget that. MA is worth more to your character. MB manastones provide twice the amount of stat as MA manastones. Put 2 MB manastones on a spellbook and you have replaced the MB lost from Orb -> Book as opposed to 4 MA manastones to replace the MA lost fr
  3. Glads are great in 1.x. In the original version of the game you could really see the developers intentions for glad, being able to do the most damage wielding a greatsword of the plate armor classes. The Templar on the other hand was always incredibly hard to kill, but really hugged the role of main tank, doing little to no damage, and leveling in groups to keep up. Play glad, glad is probably the most consistent class across all patches imo. They always have the ability to be one of the best, do great damage, and plate armor is plate armor.
  4. They gave you better PvE gear I guess, but who cares about that. The best PvP gear was pretty much always the AP gear until 7.x , 8.x. Then they changed it up a little. But yeah the shops and luna, my god luna was bad. How can they expect you to mindlessly sit through those dailies for so little? Who approved of that bs?
  5. This is obviously someone who came to live post 50 cap and leveled up. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but Miragent/Fenris wont exist in launch until later release, and its extremely hard to get let alone lvl 50. Coins are not a waste of time, and platinum coins that were made irrelevant by later gears do not even exist because platinum was released in 2.x for L50+. The original release did not even have coin gear, it was released later on to help new players progress. If it is to be released with the game at launch it is my advice that you do the quests whatever they
  6. Yeah i thought the prestige pass for Live was the equivalent of their sub, im not putting up with 2 subs lol
  7. Agreed. Im happy to pay for a fair service. Take care of the cheats and keep the store to cosmetics. Here's to hoping!
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