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  1. u boys be out here writing essays, anyone got a tl;dr?
  2. So the server is running just arbitrarily at UTC-6? Seems odd because Virginia, where the server is actually located, sure as hell ain't in UTC-6...
  3. True, guess they should all move to the Aion Classic EU then
  4. yup VirusTotal gives NCLauncher the all clear too
  5. - it's we pay, we say... you're one person - they clearly don't care that you pay - aion classic NA doesn't earn them enough to be a high priority in their company structure - where's the simping? or are you just being the kind of moron that uses simp as an abstract insult lmaooo - fixing things way easier than this can take devs longer, give 'em a chance ffs - least they even acknowledged it brokey instead of ignoring it
  6. GameGuard itself has been around for years so that probs wouldn't flag but the signature of its implementation specifically in Aion Classic's files may not necessarily match the signature of GameGuard as a standalone. But I guess that doesn't explain NC Launcher (unless the implementation there changed too?)... Still though, all only guesses.
  7. lmaooo think I ran into a sandstorm trap omw to the reply button
  8. Sieges are definitely an important feature for players, for sure... So by this logic should all EU players get compensation too then since they're pushed out of being able to siege with unreasonable times? (i.e. 3am starts for lower sieges, 5am start for upper sieges)
  9. this was dropped into my discord
  10. This was about the 3rd(/4th?) time they've done a +100% XP event (and it lasted 3 weeks), and the occurrence of XP events is probably in double digits by now in less than 6 months of classic being live (if you include when they gave everyone a loads of Lodas amulets too). ...and you need more?
  11. Is it annoying? Yes. Is it embarrassing for them? still yes. Does it even cause competitive disadvantages for players? also yes. Is it game-breaking? No. Let the bois at NC get some sleep so they can work on it while not sleep deprived enough to make even more mistakes. NCSoft NA clearly has a much smaller Aion team than KR and is a lower priority overall so I wouldn't be naive in expecting instant results.
  12. Probably due to them introducing Game Guard, with that attempting to block//obfuscate memory access an antivirus that doesn't know it's legit could flag it as a false positive.
  13. What even is the timezone for posts on the news section? & same goes with times that are communicated in-game/emails/forums. It's so confusing for so many people not knowing when you actually mean when you post things. I do appreciate that forum maintenance posts do now include PT/ET/UTC times too, credit where credit's due so good work on that Kibbelz, but it needs to be upheld elsewhere too. i.e. the latest Shugo Game event news post has a time of 11-Dec 12:00-14:00... but what timezone is that? Since we're now apparently hosted on an AWS us-east-1 instance (which is in Virginia
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