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  1. Honestly I was really excited to get my name but now I'm not even sure I'll log in. Buying millions of kinah is a lot early game and will boost people over hurdles like affording all their skill books, etc. and also center the economy around real cash transactions from Day 1. I actually left Aion because of how greedy they became and also their P2W events in a PvP game that is gear-heavy in importance. It looks like it is already like this on Day 1. I pre-ordered the Special Edition of Aion in 2009 and aside from really basic rewards I don't recall being able to buy my way past my
  2. Actually just did this in the morning to recreate my char. Worked well and no appearance change ticket needed.
  3. I've been an Elyos loyalist since launch in 2009. Elyos again here.
  4. I read that Siel will be most populated and non-english speaking are focusing on Israphel, so I went Siel. Unfortunately that means I may leave any RP behind since they may also be going Israphel out of tradition.
  5. Yeah I was looking for the preset I had used to create my Live char and noticed it wasn't there, so I just decided to lock in the name before taking too long.
  6. Anyone else just beeline for their name and will buy an appearance change later?
  7. I ran a quick search and didn't see anything. Is there any way to make the UI legible on 4K? It's very small and I have a very hard time reading anything. I have it set to the 130% size but that didn't help much.
  8. I played on Lumiel and was in a RP guild back in like 2009. I am on the Elyos side though. I'm not sure if I will RP - I have a lot less free time than I used to. I have just pretty much given up RP in ESO for that reason too. Would love to see RP make a comeback though.
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