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  1. Lames events ever... Gojira.. yeah ok, so a willing and able few can literally spawn camp this beast for the loot.. gj on that one. 2nd.. finding some damn npcs? and only the first get some stuff? mm ok, 95% of the population wont giva a damn about that... 3rd.. wtf is up with the rewards.. even if you do these events (exception of spawn camping gojira, which will happen) they are not really worth the time.. Hell at this point a mail with some crowns would been better as an event as we still don't get 1.5.
  2. Not all groups are gold sellers, Seen player accounts use groups of bots to just get them to 30 to get the Daevanion armor set.. As for a full set you would need 6 characters to lvl 30 and people are nyerking lazy and NC really don't care by feel of it when reporting bots.. May be why some are grouped with diff classes just to get lvling done faster as well.
  3. Just spending 5 mins in some zones you can make a long list of really apparent bots (we all know what they act like at this point). And it is not just gold sellers etc using bots, it is subscription paying players as well. Pay to win by botting? sure seems like it. How about a more active bot hunt and purge then every maintenance? why not a daily purge? Or hire some admins to actually hunt them in real time, These bots are not hard to spot in game that's for sure..
  4. We are a guild for less hard core players and more casual game play. We are on the Siel Server. Our time zone is EST. English is the preferred language. We prefer ages 18+ due to our more adult conversations at times in legion chat but under 18 can be accepted under certain conditions. We accept any classes and an alt toon if you so wish. (but is you love playing a Templar and tanking, you will be loved ). Feel free to either mail or whisper Laharah, Dingo or Shimba if you are interested in joining
  5. I can say the same for the Siel server, Asmo over runs the Elyos side frequently... very frequently. Near to the point you can't do quests at all in Heiron to level up, and yes it is part of what this game is about and why I like it/hate it lol. Once you make a character on 1 server you should not be able to switch server/make characters on a diff server. If you wanted to switch, you would need a change/reset ticket and loose the characters on the other server. Of course for some people this is a non issue but most probably would not go for it. Server hopping only leads to a server merger to
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