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  1. Circlet is the red band with the tiny white winglet on the left side. The wings are the butterfly wings.
  2. I confessed, I did sell the candies, still have 24 left in my bag. I was disappointed to see they could be sold for 100k a piece because of P2W and inflation. I just couldn't resist. But if ncsoft decide to make them unsellable or 1 kinah now. I wouldn't give a damn either. I'll just use the candies myself; like how it was intended to be used. Please patch it up Ncsoft, fix the candies. Don't kill this chance to make classic better. Perhaps is your last chance to make Aion work.
  3. I had trouble purchasing with PayPal, so I added the credit card. The purchase went through, but got an email as you guys did saying it's under review. But after 12 hours, it went through. Got an email shows that my purchase is successful. Check account purchase history, it did in fact go through.
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