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  1. Hello, Once again I see myself in the situation where I have to make my voice being heard by typing in these forums. The previous event we had, was to find Rae or find Hutty, a ribbit and a porgus respectively. Winning players were to be rewarded: 2 Major Ancient Crowns, as well as an exclusive 'Porgus Costume' or a 'Ribbit Costume' depending on who they discover! "All rewards will be distributed on Wednesday, September 29 following the event's conclusion". AS OF SEPTEMBER 29TH, WE HAVE NOT RECEIVED THESE. Please @Kibbelz, I understand we are all humans and can forget some t
  2. Hello, I am going to refer myself to @Kibbelz as he is the only one that answers to forums posts occasionally. @Kibbelz I am not sure if it's NOT clear enough, but the players need 1.5 release to keep playing this game, we already advanced enough to enjoy the next patch. To remind you, this is what was stated when Aion Classic was announced: "Korea is currently servicing the updated 1.7 version. Likewise, West will begin with 1.0 then provide the 1.5 update / 1.7 update based on how quickly players progress through the content, among other factors. PLEASE @Kibbelz, I would lik
  3. Seeing tyler1 smile next to a fan makes my day, looking good too!
  4. I find myself checking the Aion Classic forums, Twitter, and Facebook every single day for just a speck of information to let the players know what’s going on or what’s upcoming. There are days and weeks with no information nor responses on forum posts nor a breath out of NCWest. There is a single community manager, that we know of, who also disappears without a trace. For a game with very bad marketing, there should at least be attention given to the dedicated players who continue opening up the game everyday. The simplest things make the biggest differences. Give us updated patch notes,
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