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    One of the things that happens after XIGNCODE3, is that every time I change character, I get a "send log" ... strange, it did not happen before, but it could be something wrong with my computer, I think he wants to retire.
  2. 6.0 info

    OMG.OMG I'm so desperate for my beautiful items that I took years to get! ... I'm reading about so many things, but and the crafty skins? Are they going to disappear? Oh, my skins!! And remodels, is it still possible? The items we have remodeled, how are they? Are they still remodeled or will they disappear? Will the petal dye fade!!! And the items dyed how are they going to stay? I was dedicated to making beautiful skins, beautiful accessories, beautiful furniture, to beautify all. Now I do not know what I'm going to do. And the guestbloons? I know it's still the same, but will they be updated? Will the guestbloons of manastones give the new manastones? Why does not it make sense to give us old things out of use, or are they going to disappear too?