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  1. Hello, Anuhart Dagger Set needs both daggers, dagger and dirk in order to be really worth it. Both drops from different bosses. Anuhart Elite's Dagger is dropped by Telepathy Controller and Brigade General Anuhart: https://aioncodex.com/usc/item/100200700/ Anuhart Elite's Dirk is dropped by Calindi Flamelord (A-Rank) and Tahabata Pyrelord (S-Rank): https://aioncodex.com/usc/item/100200701/ Hope this info helps you, tho basically the information you provided before was accurate, ppl referring to calindi probably were talking about Dirk
  2. Hi, it's not a bug, it's probably a new stuff they implemented for Classic only. On the other hand, you are looking on an obsolete database for sure, the only one Database working and constantly updating for classic stuffs is the one from aioncodex. https://aioncodex.com/usc/item/188052084/ You can check tahabata marks there, and what it is used for. Also, you can see in the next video that this is something that exists even in Korea Classic servers. GL!
  3. That's not absolutely right anymore, but I wonder why would ppl go hard on 50e if they know from the beginning it will be a higher set in a relatively close future xD. But now you mentioned it, I want to show something to ppl I found out on korea 2.0 dev team's letter: https://aion.plaync.com/board/hotissue/view?articleId=1176159 "Since Aion Classic is being serviced based on the previous Aion, Daevas are already well aware of the content to be added and the items of which stats will be added. That's why I think you're already guessing about the new Abyss Item Manchurian th
  4. Hello Mr. Originally, Aion Classic is thought to be upgraded from 1.2 patch to 2.7 patch on time. 2.0-2.7 (balaurea) will open access to all lv 55 capped content. For now, classic is not thought to go any further, but it will directly depend on Korea. As far as I know, they proposed the idea of taking a different direction from original Aion after 2.7, but that's not confirmed at all. Nowdays, Korea is doing pretty decent, if not amazaing with classic servers. They have huge playerbase, with many servers. The just got 2.0 upgrade today (or yesterday for them). Our current server in NA is
  5. That's right but also there are some things that people don't take in mind once calculating the actual real base. NA server is the only one right now with a worldwide player base instead located only on a specific zone/country as japan/taiwan for example. My point is, as we have so many players from different time zones (from aussies to europeans) Siel actually has at least 1k online players all day. Anyone can see that there are legion much more active depending on the time of the day, I've seen as much activity on 10 am as on 6 pm or even 4 am, without actually noticing a "dead hour".
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