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  1. You are absolutely right here! but : Stop explaining ... those who complain don't understand🦧! They can only shout "mimimimi p2w mimimimi" like a parrot 🐦that only parrots what others put into their minds because they have no opinion of their own! I have already given up on going to this "bottom drawer".
  2. But it depends very extreme on the reason, why the players play games. f2p games are more about to spend more time and money to get ahead, that's not my taste... I like to play to relax and to switch off from reality. And I got no problem to pay a monthly subscription for this. if the game turns out to be a second job for me, that's not for me. See the video on YT which reflects my understanding of games very well: What MMO Should you play? on YouTube from Josh Strife Hayes
  3. I am a solo player and still have fun with the smaller population of Israphel. Sure there could be more players, but hey, I still love it!
  4. You're joking, right ?🤣😂 Game Forge is probably one of the founding fathers of the so-called p2w🤑 In contrast, what in NA claimed to be "p2w" is a real candy....
  5. How do I change my Character PIN? – Aion Support (aiononline.com) beinhaltet einen Link dazu^^ Probiere es mal damit, sollte eine Hilfe sein Ansonsten über den Support direkt
  6. okay is so acceptable to me👍 okay is so acceptable to me👍 except for the part that I only "being the punch bag " accept up to a certain moment (level or certain time).⏲️ I do this for my own inner peace.😉 that's exactly why I like classic more than retail that's exactly why I'm here and love it Retail does not reward as well as the classic version does (in a reasonable time) i can be a lot more than just a bot in retail who has to play 24/7/365/y in order to receive anything at all, and p2w really predominates there. is ok except for the "1h fre
  7. But I understand what you mean, with the only disagreement that Aion classic (not like retail) is a marathon & not a sprint . well, too many were pissed off by such useless "P2W" statements ... And these players believed everything about the oh-so-presumptive p2w ... AION Classic was not advertised differently by NC West than it already started in Korea ... or did they ??? Why are so many crying about the shop? & who has more of it? The one who reaches everything by himself and proves himself in the game or this one who just has to buy everything over and ov
  8. If 90% see it then am I one in 10 players? Unless you think I'm only one of the 10% who don't see it that way. (Then write it exactly as it is meant) And yes ! P2W is a matter of opinion! Example: If I can buy the endgame armor (pvp)already enchanted directly in the shop (as already seen elsewhere) or something that I can buy in the shop and is not available in the game but helps me to the extent that others never catch up ... yes only then will I call it p2w. If I buy something (which I can earn myself ingame in a reasonable amount of time) then I don't call it
  9. basic thinking mistake.... But let me quote myself : Oh you`r the third ? 😆 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Yes you can hate it (like me) only as already shown is a so-called p2w! (and yes that is a matter of opinion) But please be sure !: P2W ...which(until now) I do not see in classic ... If I see real P2w (like in retail) I will complain here too! & Don't worry, I'm great at it! the second mistake I find here is: Do not wanting and blame p2w vs. hate p2w ... these are two di
  10. I can understand that you don't want to come back anymore.wish it could have been different. But in my opinion, so many have come to the classic with even more expectations. It was to be expected that when the first hype is over there will be fewer (basic players). Clearly the distribution of the players on the servers at the start was badly organized, which is why the IS server is almost empty. Whether now (some might say that it is too late) the merge will bring anything better that will show up in the future . malicious joy is of no usefull to anyone.🥱 Nor am I sayi
  11. Put money into is not p2w! This is just one example of who is twisting whose statements here.🙄
  12. As I said up here: I now see the point where I should stop. I can write here for hours now, but some just have their own point of view and don't recognize the other. I just have one last piece of advice. Make suggestions and do not discuss what is and is not p2w! But it should also be said: If we talk badly in the forum about Aion classic, we won't get any new players! If the music doesn't change here, then NC can't change anything. Then it doesn't matter whether someone sees a p2w or not, there is no longer a classic or shop that someone can get upset about.
  13. And you mean those who put money into it and have time to play must be punished? Doesn't make sense (from a purely economic point of view) NC is a company (imagine it was yours) Would you scare away the good hot players who generate the population and generate money? Be honest. No, you would try to keep both alive just like NC is doing in order to earn something. If a product costs nothing (as with so many so caled "f2p" games) then you are the product! You can already see it in retail. in the classic it is manageable and everything you get in the shop (except skins) can b
  14. clearly someone who understood. Brain teaser There are three people: One of them has a job, maybe even a family the second has nothing to do but can play all day. That means, one person has the money, the other the time. The third one doesn't want anything from up there and blames p2w! The first and second person are acceptable to me! Both can achieve anything, one with the time invested, the other with the money from his work. (the third) just get into other games and then try to change them according to his wishes. Why are so many doing this here?
  15. I don't force anyone into my opinion or what I think is good! But if you don't like the classic aion, that's fine with me. But having a diskusion about : "a lot of people used to say back then" doesn't help anyone here!
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