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  1. Okay, so I got the 30 accessory on my alt account, but not on my main account. Both are subscribed for notifications, and in the case of my main account it's been subscribed for years. The unfortunate thing is I could have used the accessory more on my main account. Wonder if there's a delay in distributing to everyone or somehow I didn't qualify because I already had the notifications turned on from way before?
  2. Noone is saying communication is bad, but they are often MIA, or very late to provide updates and when they do they just upset people more. Nothing wrong with saying: "It looks like the adjustment we made needs to be tweaked further, please allow us (insert quick turnaround time here) to fix this" Yes, this hides the true reason why the HP values still appear off but at the very least you aren't admitting to players that they're better able to tell which mobs should be adjusted then you are. This is PR101, and I'm not even in public relations.
  3. Yah, I still can't believe he posted that. Someone from management should have a talk with Loki because it's one thing to be as incompetent as they are but another thing to admit it so openly on the forums.
  4. WOAH I'm amazed there are people there discussing anything actually...
  5. You sound really upset at something that is completely legitimate.
  6. This is exactly how I remember it. I could go with my lame ass gear and do a few core mobs and get bloods. So far since 1.5 I have gotten 1 blood. That's all. By forcing us to buy them for ridiculous prices off the broker we're just widening the gap between the whales and the rest of the playerbase.
  7. Yah, it's really bad the way it is now. We saw 1 drop as well between 2 DP runs...I would have thought they would for sure increase the drop rate.
  8. That is the dumbest thing they could possibly say. This past week since 1.5 launched has honestly been depressing with the way NCWest has handled: - Events - Brusthonin/Theobomos drops nerf - Abyss fort commander and dredge commander HP pool - Not buffing balaur mats droprate If it wasn't for wanting to play with friends still I would have ditched this game.
  9. Why did they think this was a good event idea? I've opened 3 chests and gotten 5x Sweet Wine and 2 empty bags. So 20 minutes to lose an inventory space. At this point, can NCSoft not just throw a bone to the losers who've decided to stick with this game and make the event actually worthwhile?
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