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  1. Well, I farm constantly in Theobomos and already noticed the changes. The most hurtful for bots and also for me, since I farm next to a bot, is the fact that certain mobs that dropped kinah 100% now it looks like they drop 50% of the times. Will need to farm more to determine if the white, green, blue and yellow item drop rate was lower. Also, every time a white item drop, only white, there is this message "confirm" to loot. It's certainly annoying, but at least it doesn't appear with green, blue and yellow items. Before drop probability adjustment, because I farm like a bot sometimes, I
  2. I confess I haven't report a single bot-ish character. In fact, I actually think bots are good. They make israphel server look more alive and increase availability of flux and elemental stones, manastones, etc. This cause that broker prices are cheaper. They are not really taking mobs from me and when asmos come rifting they get distracted killing bots and give me time to prepare for battle. Really don't know why you find them bothersome.
  3. Transfering people from retail to classic server could be interesting. You know, giving a max level character with certain gear, kinah and some compensation. Unlikely, but interesting. I see this merge a good practice if eventually classic servers get merged.
  4. Yesterday in the siege sulfur fortress defense there was not a single asmo. Imagine 120 elyos waiting 20 minutes like retards, not a single asmo showed up and, even better, we didn't receive medals. In my particular case not receiving medals is irrelevant since I send them as gift, but for some is important. Others are simply there for the pvp, pvp that they won't get. Playing like this is not fun. Att: An israphel elyos player supporting server merge.
  5. Let's start saying that I started playing aion retail 1 year ago. So, classic is something new somehow and oh boy! I'm loving it. The leveling experience is just superb, step by step with skills and gear as it should be. The movement and attack speed is design to keep you online for hours. The quests are designed to explore the maps and pass thru every type of monster. Sure the graphics are not that good, but there are so many beautiful details. Seing so many players without lag is just the cherry on the top. Looking forward to experience pvp, heard it is th
  6. This should be for every class in every faction and every server, that is, 32 winners. Otherwise templars won't have a chance. And since it's 50/50 asmo/elyos, it's only fair that both can win the same amount of titles.
  7. I agree on this. To put an example, there is 30% unemployment here and, from those who work, 65% work independently (no social security, benefits and of course less income than the $200 minimum wage in a lot of cases). You are right, even tho I have a part time job in which I win 200 dollars a month, it's clear the decisión between eating and giving money for a game. That's why I play retail for free. It's been hard to keep up with those pay-to-win players, but can't complain. I hate with my soul the RNG part of the game, but I still believe that AION (even retail) is a great game. It hel
  8. jajaja It's exactly the same where I live. Perhaps we live in the same country, Nicaragua in my case. You are right, my 2 sisters, my mom and I can eat for a week with 20 dollars. I'll probably just play for the first week. After that, continue playing retail since classic will be too limited, we'll see. I heard that in Korea they eventually made Siel's aura giftable or brokerable (unconfirmed). If that is the case in NA, then that could be our chance.
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