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  1. Hey guys. Lots of anger on the forum in the past 24 hours heeeeeee. When I was leveling a vandal, I was having a lot of fun. However, once I started playing on my main, getting ready for altars, etc, it felt very overwhelming. I find the new map a bit confusing with all the various teleports/flights. I feel like I was trying to think about too many things at once. I'm sure I'll get used to it. Anyway. So I'm just wondering -- what are you guys planning to focus on for this first week? Just exploring the new map? Trying to complete all the new blue quests in Demaha? Watching videos to try to understand what mats you should be trying to farm and/or keep? Trying to memorize where certain things are located or how to use certain materials?
  2. Skill Changes Applied

    Can also confirm all chanter changes were applied.
  3. Is my storm strike suppose be nerfed?

    Same here lmao! My sorc is my favorite alt, but I am HORRIBLE at sorc pvp. I was somewhat okay at pve. Now I'll be shit at both lmao rekt.
  4. Gideon and Cyan were on the stream. Hime was only a moderator on the Twitch chat. No skins/emotes were shown except for the new emote that the vandal class has. Gideon killed some open world mobs with no godmode. He died 2 or 3 times in fact. Like I get what you're trying to do/say, but I think your disdain is misplaced. The stream was actually somewhat decent, despite what some people say. Aion has a lot of issues, but a stream isn't one of them.
  5. AT Gear? o.O

    It's pretty terrible. I don't play AT, so I'm unbiased in saying this was an awful fvcking decision on NCshortly's part.
  6. Crucible Spire should be easier than 6.5 but...

    On the topic of Crucible Spire, I find it to be about equal for my chanter as of right now. The last time I tried it, I got to floor 12, but could not finish. This time, I got to floor 13, but could not finish. One thing I noticed is that it's definitely more AOE-dependent now (in my opinion). The mobs all have more HP, which makes it take longer to kill the little adds. The little adds can add a lot of damage very fast, so it's important to kill them fast. This is obviously a lot easier if you have AOEs. I think Crucible might be a bit tough for classes with only like one AOE skill. I was dps-stigma build on my chanter and found myself really relying on our Resonant Strike AOE skill whenever it was off CD. Still have the bug where the shark doesn't get the fire debuff right away, smh...
  7. What are y'all focusing on this week?

    @PsychoShooter-KT Yeah, I've done literally hundreds of IDDs and PFs in the past 10 months; it's low on my list right now lol. Thanks for the tip on the puzzle quest. I'll look for it!

    i'm just a poor boy nobody loves me i'm just a poor boy from a poor family
  9. Scheduled Game Update - August 21, 2019

    Idk about y'all, but I'd rather it take an extra hour than be a shitshow when we log in and they have to immediately shut it down to fix something. I mean that will probably still happen, but at least this lessens the chance.
  10. Any Advice On Doing your quests in all peace ?

    Translator site: http://nya.aiononline.cz/translator/
  11. Scheduled Game Update - August 21, 2019

    It was pretty cringey tbh. Glad they fixed it finally.
  12. Scheduled Game Update - August 21, 2019

    Season being removed from Arena of Harmony. I guess that means no reason for people to queue against their alts for multiple 1st place winners anymore lel.

  14. Just hit level 80 few questions please :)

    COE and Mirash will be gone tomorrow. You might try to get in a few runs today before that happens. But starting tomorrow, FM and BoS will be the new lowest 80 dungeons.
  15. Jhyatsu - Legion Phoenix Order - lvl 6

    Cheesecake's Legion Best Legion CLBL "kibble" DOGGO LEGION YAAAAAY
  16. Questions about 7.0/Stream

    oof I hope you will reconsider this very soon. As a mid-level instance, it is important than IDD get more than 1/2 entries for new/returning players to gear up.
  17. Name reset 7.0

    Boy no. Not KT's fault y'all had to merge. Not fair for them to lose their names after they had just lost them when SL and BR merged.
  18. Things I do miss from the past

    It's not. It's still needed for several classes. Neleth has poor ping which is why they don't do it, I think. But weaving is still very much a thing. I did an IDD with another chanter a few weeks ago and did about 5 mil more dps than they did. Our gear was about equal and we had all the same skills (stigmas and daeva skills). They asked me why, so I looked at the dps meter details. The major difference was that I weaved a lot more than they did. This is a great idea to utilize this old event.
  19. Invisible Ranger

  20. Nice Changes, Or So I thought...

    Google "aion translator" and use the website to translate "Please no pvp, I just want to craft." Press U (macro window) and save the translated text to a macro. Drag that icon onto your skill bar so it's easily accessible. When someone of the opposite faction gets close to you, press your macro icon. I'd say probably 50% of people will respect that and leave you alone. I personally will not kill any elyos who asks me not to because if they took all that time to ask, I would assume they really just want to be left alone. But remember, not everyone will care. It should help a little though.
  21. 7.0 Stream Screencaps

    For people who don't have time to watch the stream at https://www.twitch.tv/videos/467646917, here are some screencaps of the things they showed of some importance. Not pictured, but noted: - Transformations will remain account-wide; will not reduce to server-only like in other regions - No mention of transformation times being restored to 10 minutes, so probably not happening - Character slots will be expanded to 13, but only for Prestige holders (extra characters will not be deleted if you let Prestige expire) - We will receive up through the KR patch of Dec 26, 2018 New cubics screen -- 5 levels of new platinum cubes, gold and silver cubes also expanding to have 5 levels (currently have 3 and 4 respectively): New PVE instance Stellin Laboratories will have 4 entries for regular players, 5 for Prestige. Arena of Tenacity will have 1 entry; will NOT be part of the season: New equipment menu will show the gear you have and the gear you should/could aim to get after it along with a description showing you where/how to get it (2nd screencap): New Lugbug's Missions will have both daily and weekly tasks that will grant rewards: The new shared Elyos/Asmo map called Demaha: New gold ingots tab of Gold Sand Traders; adds returning gear: New kinah tab of Gold Sand Traders; prices rise by about 20% so stock up before the patch; new minion contract stone replaces the 2.5mil kinah we pay directly to the minion tab to use minion functions (not tradeable): New currency Stellium can be used to buy things or used directly to get a 150 pvp attack buff for 10 minutes: New Tide's Embrace buff: Enchanting your main six stigmas to +12 will grant you an extra greater/blue stigma slot (no mention if we will get the event which makes +9 a safe spot for enchanting):
  22. 7.0 Stream Screencaps

    Ah it looks like you are correct. Here is a screencap of (some of) the instance list:

  24. sorc vs. anything but

    They also stand like one of their legs is broken unless you give them a different idle motion.
  25. My Aion Calendar/Schedule + Altars doubt

    It's unfortunate because it's already causing faction disgruntlement. At least on DN-A, we already have 2 "mega legions" which have formed with the intent of always being the ones to take the alters. I expect there will be a lot of lfg drama every time the altars go live just like how it was when flipping camps was a daily thing instead of weekly. Lots of faction fighting. It's pretty sad.