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  1. Saturday/Sunday IDD/PF report

    Right? Those amulets are absolutely useless. Better used in open world grinding for ancient guiding stones.
  2. Account Trading Items

    The bottom line is this: if it can be sold on the broker, it should be able to be traded and placed in account warehouse. If we're allowed to sell it to other players, we should be allowed to give it to ourselves.
  3. Siege contribution question

    For attack, all you have to do is attack the gate until it goes down and you get credit. Not max credit, but credit. So that can be helpful if you live in a time zone where it's sleep time during siege and you can only be on for a few minutes. Of course, that's only for attack siege. Defense siege is a bit murkier when it comes to credit.
  4. Feeling Real Guilty... (Just need ur POV)

    To add to what @Psyweaver-KT said, you WILL experience a loading bar on most Wednesdays if NCsoft performs some sort of update with the maintenance and that is normal. However, you will not experience a long loading bar at any other time if done correctly.
  5. Where is the schedule for Divine F siege?

    Sunday 6pm server time
  6. Chanter needs a nerf

    Get better wings. I don't mean that in a snotty way. Like literally, get better wings. The legendary (and ultimate ofc) wings have quite a bit of flight time in them. Even the COE/Mirash wings aren't too bad. It's just the Lakrum wings that have none at all.
  7. Saturday/Sunday IDD/PF report

    Damn I need those!
  8. I'm so lonely

    Was going to say this. It takes a minute or so for that mob and portal to spawn. So just ignore Tiamat and wait. Don't attack her when she has the reflect buff on.
  9. Senekta Info?!

    It is timed. Here is a video showing the dragon being beaten, but does not show the rest of the instance: Here is a video where they don't beat the dragon, but it shows the beginning parts of the instance:
  10. EK Server Situation

    Quick, shaky math: If you've attended every siege on EK since patch, you probably have 15k or 16k GP, is that about right? If that's the case, that would get you nowhere on DN or KT even if you kept it all at transfer. I have 230k GP and I'm only a 4-star with no chance of reaching 5-star unless about 25 people quit the game. Unless you're suggesting NCsoft give you ADDITIONAL GP that you didn't earn just for transferring -- which isn't really right or fair.
  11. Server balance after transfers

    Aly isn't talking only about 6.2. She's talking about the entirety of the game. So yeah. People who are on DN-A right now have, indeed, had many challenges on past servers.
  12. Event total fail

    Be aware, guys, that the +10 doll has a chance to drop 10 Berdin's stars. Boyfriend got it and sent in a ticket because it wasn't on the rewards list. Support replied back that it IS an intended reward, just wasn't included on the list. Smh...
  13. Event total fail

    The white dolls are only selling for 500k on DN-A right now. I just put one up for sale. Everyone knows that you'll just get a crap reward, so it's not worth anything to anyone.
  14. Siege times and PVP windows

    Bro, this is NCWest. North American servers.
  15. Gameforge is kicking ncwest ass

    this thread is a rollercoaster and i'm totally here for it
  16. Siege EK Lakrum

    Yeah, lots of new faces on DN-A. There's no denying it. DAAAAAAAMMMMMNNNN.
  17. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 13, 2019

    Can we get a shoutout to the gathering buffs given out in this event when gathering is gone from the game except in Pernon? lmaoooo
  18. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 13, 2019

    I believe when Cyan said "new event," he meant we'll be getting an event, not that it's a new, never seen before event. I think it's just a miscommunication there.
  19. Budget laptop that can run Aion 2019

    I have a $700 "gaming laptop" and it does generally okay for Aion, but it struggles during siege. I get like 5fps. As said above, a desktop is always going to be a better option.
  20. Siege times and PVP windows

    Would love for this to happen.
  21. jfc that d.ildo would hurt
  22. Facton balance completely made game rubbish

    Yes hello, just checking in about my "free ultimate crafted gear." From whom should I collect it?
  23. Daevanion skills

    Yeah, I have about a dozen duplicates, but still missing my last skill! Alas, I will just have to craft the books in 6.5 until I get it lol.
  24. Fix Daevanion Skill For the Love of God

    It's unfortunate about Rejuvenating Spell as that is, indeed, the most important chanter skill. However, Roaring Judgment (the one you have) is probably the second-most important one. It's actually the only one I'm still missing, and I want it badly. It's good that you have it! I wish you luck in getting Rejuvenating soon though.