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  1. For your own sake stay away from this NPC !!

    It is my understanding from this thread that the OP hopes to save the insignias with the hope that the rewards are changed to be better in the future. Seems like a stretch though if they're the same in Korea.
  2. New Enchanting System Changes

    THISSSSSSS I have nearly 20 figs and 0 vinnas. Zero! D:
  3. Please add more ways to make a little more Kinah!

    Yes, you can only get them from disenchanting gear unless you have Prestige. If you do, there is a weekly repeatable pink quest that has you kill 50 Elyos/Asmos (works if you're in a group) for 40 fighting spirit fragments.
  4. Weaving on 6.2

    Your ping is very high compared to some of us. My ping is, on average, 20 ms. Weaving would be more effective for me than it is for you. (I realize you already mentioned ping; I'm just expounding on your point.)
  5. It is not healthy to wait 5 hours for...

    Bro, I literally quoted you from before. Not my fault you changed your tune the next day. Whatever, have fun with waiting however many hours you want lololol.
  6. Fire Brand VS Cloud War

    Ultimate Firebrand Orb: https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item/100550034 Ultimate Cloud War Orb: https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item/100550037 As you can see from the re-identification random bonuses (the retuning), the Cloud War which comes from Ancient Vindicator has HP whereas the Firebrand which comes from Ancient Inquisitor has Magic Crit. It is the same for the spellbook if you prefer that over orb. So you will want Ancient Vindicator (HP) for your armor/accessories, and then Ancient Inquisitor (Magic Crit) for your weapon.
  7. New Enchanting System Changes

    No need to be rude with the "you have to be joking" snarkiness. I'm well aware you can get lots of ancient stones per week. As I said, I used over 2000 genesis crystals to buy ancient stones in addition to those 200ish I already had in my inventory because my rng is just that bad. I still have 135 legendary stones from 5.8, so I'm okay for my legendary gear still.
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 16, 2019

    I have 4 "rare" figs and 0 vinnas. Rip lol.
  9. New Enchanting System Changes

    Have to say I agree. Well, I did some to +14 with ancients. But yeah, the rng luck just isn't on my side to get ancients to +15 without a few legendaries in the mix somewhere. That said, this update was fantastic -- very much appreciated. I was able to get every remaining ancient item to +15 (and there were a lot because I only had 2 legendaries before today) and then purify 7 of them. It cost me over 2000 genesis crystals, but very well worth it. Finally feeling some damn progress!
  10. It is not healthy to wait 5 hours for...

    Hmm... So uh... good luck with YOUR education, I guess? lol....
  11. Event Items

    Berdin's Stars exist for the sole purpose of making us laugh with our friends in Discord/TS when we're unlucky enough to get them.
  12. It is not healthy to wait 5 hours for...

    Ok but why ARE you waiting for 8 hours? Just log off... As you said, it's not healthy. So go do something else. NCsoft isn't forcing you to stay on to try to get Anomos. Remember this is just a game and your mental health is more important.
  13. craft rate?

    I was trying to proc the ancient leather hat because I wanted the little crown skin. I failed on 12 tries, but the boyfriend got it for me on like his 2nd or 3rd try. So it's just Aion's wonderfully sh!tty rng at work as per usual.
  14. Daevanion Skill Books stackable

    Just leave him be, @Yaya-EK. We've already tried explaining and he still wants to insist it only spawns the message at the very beginning of the instance, so whatever.
  15. Why... Why mess up templars...>.>

    Back in spring/summer 2018, we brought two -- TWO -- templars to our static FM group. I repeat, we had a successful, 5-runs-per-week FM static when FM was hard with two templars in the group. Templars shouldn't have ever done that much dps. They needed to be nerfed a bit.
  16. Elemental Screen is mostly useless in endgame pve because they didn't scale it for 6.2 damage. That's why most chanters don't use it in pve anymore.
  17. Sadly, it's always been this way. I've had to esc that stupid cutscene hundreds of times since last March. But I agree, it would be nice if it would stop popping up.
  18. Daevanion Skill Books stackable

    I usually get the message around the 2nd set of pods.
  19. Help! World boss anomos (weak factions need help)

    I would love this -- and I'm DN-A. At least it would make it more interesting.
  20. EK Incentives / Catch up?


    Yeah, I only have one more guestbloom for the Innocent Aris left after I finish the one I'm working on, and I keep getting pants or shoes. I still don't have the shirt.
  22. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 9, 2019

    Bless you. I was also trying to find how to ignore Valedia.
  23. Soul binding

    Do you mean how can you remove the soul binding from an item? You would need to use a soul bind release stone like we used to have in 5.8 and before. Unfortunately, you can't buy them anywhere anymore except from people who still have them on the broker -- if that supply hasn't already run out.
  24. Stuck on level 65

    The Balaur Spiritualist is the one in the DLR instance, right? For this one, the spiritualist is standing on the side of the room in front of a portal. However, it takes a minute or so for him to appear AND he will disappear if you kill the main boss, the dragon, too quickly. So just kind of ignore Tiamat and wait for him and then kill him.