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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 23, 2020

    It's weird that SkyBuff, in particular, doesn't realize the benefit of an ulti xform. A chanter with ulti xform is just... insane. Being cast-speed AND attack-speed capped at the same time is such a huge difference compared with having to switch between legendary attack and cast speed xforms and STILL only being attack-speed capped, not cast-speed. Ah well. Maybe they'll get it when they get a freebie ulti potion and try it out.
  2. Response to Producer's Letter

    I'm glad we don't have the auto-hunting feature. I agree with the points that Gideon brought up in his Producer's Letter regarding it. BUT. That doesn't mean there aren't a vast amount of things which can still be improved upon.
  3. KT bugged (breaking news)

    I know this is frustrating to KT players -- and I hope they get it fixed asap for you guys -- but it IS good news. Because at least now we've pretty much confirmed that the KT server only has a 4-day lifespan. We suspected since the last two times we've had weekend maintenances, but it has happened a third time now, so it looks pretty clear.
  4. Event Vault advice

    I think this can be attributed to a few different things, and I don't necessarily think people are "bad" for doing this. I do it sometimes. We all do. 1. We've had this same event in the past (although it had different NPCs), so some people just assume we've all ran it. It's the same with pve instances. We've had these stupid pve instances for so many patches that we just assume people have run them. Personally, I've run probably a thousand PFs since 6.2. 2. A lot of people only have a certain amount of time to play the game each day, so waiting on people, even if just for a few minutes, can seem annoying. This one doesn't really apply to me too much, but it does a lot of people. 3. Unfortunately, the game has been slowly progressing into a daily to-do list. Gotta do Luna, gotta do Abyssal, gotta finish daily Lugbug. Sadly, it's put us all in a hurry. None of these are excuses, but rather explanations. The assumptions might sometimes be in error, but often people DO know. It's a bit unfair to the handful who don't though, I will agree. I think we can all take a few extra moments before "rarer" instances to make sure people are on the same page, me included.
  5. Do you even care?

    The corruption system is absolute t.rash. Like, I'm going to lose a level AND have it get corrupted so that it cannot be enchanted again until I use several sanctifying potions? Awful.
  6. Random server maintenance

    They would have to pay an employee to work overtime on the weekend, and this game, sadly, is not worth that extra money.
  7. Random server maintenance

    Aha. So this was a preemptive maintenance to try and prevent the KT NPC bug issue. Here's hoping it works! Thanks for the clarification.
  8. Grade B Miniums

    This person is actually looking for B-rank MINIUM, not the B-rank minions.
  9. Ty and hasta la vista baby.

    I don't disagree about the alt army issue that persists in Aion. Glad you found something to enjoy.
  10. Event Vault advice

    Exactly this. Don't only DP the bosses. Are you all rounding up all of the mobs and bringing them to the front and killing them all? It sounds like you're taking too long to kill the rubbish mobs which stack up your points. The bosses spawn after a certain number of points are reached.
  11. Bring back Comfy Coveralls skin

    It was on the BCM one or two months ago, so I doubt they will put it up there again so quickly.
  12. Thoughts From A Returning Player

    You might hit U and then make a new macro that says the following: /shout q ip thz emui tr ohds. vmhdvh rhu uh yxhvu! That translates to Asmo for "I am new with no gear. Please let me quest!" You can put the macro on your skillbar and use it when an Asmo gets near you. Not everyone will take pity on you, but I (and many others) would leave you alone if I saw that.
  13. Random server maintenance

    We miiiiight not get our "normal" emergency maintenance on Sunday/Monday now since the emergency maintenance usually comes 4 days after the original maintenance. If we do, it will probably be on Tuesday.
  14. Outdated rewards in Shugo Sweep.

    I participate in the Shugo Sweep event a little when it comes around because it's good for normal gameplay items like 20% pots, transparent scrolls, XP marks, etc. It's not an "oh damn this is good" event.
  15. Well, if your main account gets banned, you'll have a back-up account with an ulti xform.
  16. Evasion

    Maybe in 5.x lol.
  17. Happy S---t day !!

    Here is the shitty "event" that Astellia got for its 1 year anniversary. Pitiful. So remember, while you may not like this event we have in Aion, at least we have SOMETHING. (Poor Astellia; that game is so dead and in the grave which is a shame because I really liked the gameplay in beta testing.)
  18. Grade B Miniums

    Luna daily instance. I know the pvp instances like Evergale used to give minium, too, but maybe that's been removed now? Not sure.
  19. Anniversary Lugbug autohunt quests and disabled autohunt system

    Exactly this. In no way are these quests worth it, even if they reduce the number.
  20. Happy S---t day !!

    I don't respect ANYONE who makes awful personal attacks because of a video game. Nah. No excuse for that.
  21. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 16, 2020

    @Vasilios-KT @Arhangelos-KTdamn y'all broke my heart! aight
  22. Happy S---t day !!

    Jesus, calm down with the personal attacks. This is actually a decent event. Nothing amazing, but not bad either. But even if it were terrible, that doesn't give you a free pass to insult people so rudely. Smh, child...
  23. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 16, 2020

    Aaaaa this motion is so cute. It sucks that it costs 200 anniversary coins, but I'll try to save up for it lol.
  24. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 16, 2020

    This doesn't seem too bad, nice! I'm excited to see what the Fashion Robot has in it. Also, the passive exp from the gardens seems very nice! This seems hopeful, thanks!