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  1. Evergale Canyon suggestions

    I actually agree with you completely, but... People will just move to the a different, unpopulated area (like the beach) and afk there. Unfortunately, NCsoft (and players) have never been able to find a solution to solve the afking in Evergale. It has always been a problem, and I don't expect it will be resolved anytime soon.
  2. Evergale Silver Cubic Bundles

    This is intentional. Certain types of cubics are given out in certain instances/bosses/places. See the video below for info on where to find which cubics:
  3. secret st research center location

    The best armor is the Ultimate Sovereign/Ultimate Skyflame. (Sovereign comes from SL, Skyflame from IDD/PF. They have the same stats, just different names.) The best accessories are Ultimate Sovereign (Beni Estate), Ultimate Scarlet Flare (PF hard mode), and/or Ultimate Noble Soldusk (crafted) -- whatever you can get your hands on. Those are pretty hard to get if you aren't geared though. It might be easier for you to get the Ultimate Pandora accessories which can be obtained via quests you can complete fairly easily by yourself. Check with the NPC in the middle of your Lakrum base for more info. Altar sieges largely reward legions, but they are definitely soloable for contribution. You will not gain access to special NPCs which can spawn if your legion conquers an altar. However, you can still receive Stellium from participating by yourself. You just need to be present at an altar which is being conquered by anyone in your faction. So check the altars and find one that has a lot of people at it who are from your same faction. You can also try to join an lfg alliance if you see one. They won't conquer the altar in most cases, but they will at least get credit at one or two of them. DPS the gates at the altar and then the deity which spawns at 0:05 minutes after the start of altar siege. Altar sieges happen every night at 8:00pm server time. Do your pvp instances, such as Evergale Canyon, Idgel Dome, Dredge, and Illumiel Brawl. You can also buy etium and enchantment stone tickets at an altar NPC that has a weekly reset. Genesis crystals for 5 bags of enchantment stones as I mentioned earlier in this thread.
  4. Taking advantage of players in a hard time??

    There are some lines you don't cross, and that is one of them. Absolutely disgusting.
  5. [4.8.20 KR Update] Silentera: Secret Sword

    Very good details/translations, thank you!
  6. secret st research center location

    Yes, I've mentioned them here. You should do them.
  7. Monster Hunt Challenge

    Someone in my legion got one of the rewards. I was pretty surprised because I also figured it would be bots lol.
  8. You cannot. Sadly, they removed the ability to upgrade any cubics except the Ereshkigal ones. It sucks.
  9. Blank Screen

    It sounds like a failed installation or your graphics card drivers. If you've tried doing a file repair and you've checked your graphics card drivers, I'm not sure. You could try sending a message to support, but if you're not that invested in the game anyway, then ehh.
  10. secret st research center location

    Yes, the purifying NPC is in your base city in Lakrum -- bottom right corner if you're Asmo or bottom left corner if you're Elyos. If you do the yellow pvp questline, talking to him and purifying is one of the steps it takes you through. Manastones can be found on mobs in open world in Lakrum and Demaha. You can craft them in aetherforging. You can get them from events. Disenchanting gear will give you fasteners. To disenchant, left-click a piece of crappy gear in your inventory (like one you get from Bastion of Soul or Frozen Monolith) and then click Modify/Enchant. Then click Equip Extraction. You also sometimes get fasteners from Daily Lugbug missions. PVP enchantment stones come from PVP instances like Dredge and ID. You also get them from attending (and getting credit at) sieges which occur every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. PVE stones come from quests in PVE instances. You can also buy 5 bags of enchantment stones (PVE or PVP, your choice) per week from an NPC that is in the same room as the purification NPC. Enchantment stones are common in events. Lastly, Daily Lugbug missions sometimes give you 2 random enchantment stones. You need to activate aetherforging first. To do this, there will be an NPC in your base city in Lakrum who will have a light blue quest. Do this quest line and it will open up aetherforging once you reach level 76. They are very decent (not the best), but only if they are the procced version of ultimate, which is quite difficult to do. To attempt this, you must have level 300 aetherforging which can be expensive to level up. For someone who is just starting out in the game, I do not recommend this path for gear. Do the camp quests that are located at 9 different camps in Lakrum. If you do all of those, that will get you 900 genesis crystals per week. You just kill 10 mobs at each camp, and they are very easy to kill. You just have to watch out for pvp since you're undergeared. You can also get genesis crystals from Daily Lugbug missions -- both the missions themselves and random rewards. Lastly, you get genesis crystals from attending siege. Aion always has been, and always will be, a PvPvE game. There will always be both PVP and PVE. Some people don't have PVP gear, and that's fine/their choice, but you would need to accept that you will be instantly dead if someone attacks you in your PVE gear unless they don't have PVP gear either. If that's okay with you, then you can skip PVP gear. You need PVE gear though or no one will take you in PVE instances. You need to at LEAST get the basic purple Risiel gear that is given to you free with the yellow Windstream questline in Lakrum.
  11. secret st research center location

    Of course.
  12. secret st research center location

    Correct. You start with the Ancient Heralds and then purify it.
  13. secret st research center location

    Not sure about Road of Growth. If you let me know the title of the quest part you are on, I can tell you what you need to do.
  14. secret st research center location

    Yes. This is a very basic set of pvp gear. You will not be able to kill most people with it, but it might help you survive long enough to get away from someone attacking you. It is intended to be a starter set of gear (which is why it's given to you free). For both pve and pvp gear, I recommend starting the yellow "Windstream" questlines that can be found under the Guide tab of your quest log. They do not take very long (can both be done in a day or two), and they will give you one selectable piece of the best pve and pvp gear in the game. For additional pve gear, you can run PF, IDD, and SL easy mode. For additional pvp gear, you can either grind out genesis crystals to buy the Dark Talon gear from the npcs in your Lakrum base or you can grind out blood marks in Crimson Katalam to buy the Fierce Aureate Sky pvp gear from your npcs in Demaha. The Dark Talon gear will start at ancient, then enchant to +15 and purify to legendary, then enchant to +15 and purify to ultimate, then +15 a last time. This obviously takes a while. This is the best pvp gear in the game. The Fierce Aureate Sky pvp gear in Katalam is not quite as good as the Dark Talon gear, but it is MUCH MUCH easier/faster to get. You can get a full set of armor pieces in 1-2 weeks. For a new/returning player, I would recommend this path. For pve, the legendary wings/plume can be found in both IDD and SL easy mode. IDD is the easier instance of these two, but you have less entries per week in it. For pvp, you can do the steps I mentioned above for either Dark Talon or Fierce Aureate Sky.
  15. Blank Screen

    Make sure your graphics card drivers are up to date.
  16. old Skins

    The left image are the Beritra skins; the right image are the old IDD skins. Neither are currently available in game unless you find them on the broker (unlikely). With each major patch, NCsoft changes the old skins that drop from mobs, so there's a chance we may see these back in a future patch. Hopefully!
  17. secret st research center location

    Do you mean for the yellow campaign quest? It's inside the instance called Stellin Laboratory.
  18. Skin Farming in 7.0

    The boyfriend and I leveled toons to run Beshmundir Temple to check on skins availability in there. Since BT is NOT soloable at its level (took us a while to kill basic mobs with ultimate xforms, full cubics, +12 stigmas etc), I had not checked on the skin situation in there. Sadly, the regular mobs drop the IS skins (easily obtainable in Udas Temple and other places). The first few mini-bosses only drop IS skins as well. Isbariya the Resolute (2nd to last boss) and Stormwing DO drop the Stormwing skins. Unfortunately, they drop in ancient armor/weapon boxes which are not transferable to level 80 toons. I did try to pass them to my main just to confirm, but no-go. So sad news, but there we go. No Stormwing skins for level 80 toons.
  19. Monster Hunt Challenge is already active?

  20. Taking advantage of players in a hard time??

    Who would even do such a thing? Cyan's hair is great!
  21. Utimate Aureate and Fierce Aureate?

  22. Please Don’t Confuse Me

    I'm sorry, but the gear you deleted was outdated. The old upgradable gear was NOT worth upgrading. It would be better to start with ancient gear and work your way up again unless the gear was already +15. Why? Because enchantment stones are not as easy to get anymore, and you'd have to purify from old ancient > new ancient and then enchant your ancient gear all over again. So rather than waste enchantment stones like this, it would be better to disenchant that old gear and just buy new. Many of us had to do this at the start of 7.0, including me, so I understand it's frustrating. Still though, you really didn't lose too much by throwing out a few old gear pieces.
  23. Players deserve to read this (the nice form)

    Reading is hard: Nice alt posting btw. Year 2020 and people still too scared to post on their mains. Smh, you still a virgin?
  24. Players deserve to read this (the nice form)

    I just meant that if it is stressing you out (that's a general "you," not you specifically), then it's better to just ignore it for your own mental health.
  25. Players deserve to read this (the nice form)

    Well never mind, I had to come confess that I'm a liar. I had enough BC coin already in my account to try one time. I got Marchutan. Can't even +15 my shit half the time, but yeah ok. This game is so dumb lmao. I was just trying to get Frigida.