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  1. Best update ever

    This hurts my heart lol.
  2. You can email support directly at support@aiononline.com.
  3. I used over 150 stigmas the last time we had a +9 safe spot and only got 6 stigmas to +11. Just a safe spot is not enough; we also need an increased success rate.
  4. Aion: Return to Katalam 7.2 Update Feedback

    The lack of XP you get from mobs inside instances has also had an adverse effect on minions. It used to be that if I ran a PF, I would gain enough minion energy throughout the instance to be able to use my minion's XP skill on the final boss. That is no longer the case because the mobs give no XP.
  5. Can we get a basic guide

    Also good for a 2nd set.
  6. Boss Cubics

    Yeh, it's super grindy. However, if you have a chanter or gunner on your account, the cubics instance is faster on those classes. Pledge of Earth procs on chanter and using single pistol with the attack speed buff toggled on for gunner is faster. Takes me 4-5 minutes on my chanter versus like 6 minutes on other classes.
  7. So Vandals got nerfed?

    Pdef set is really the only answer to vandals imho. I have 15.7k-17k pdef in my pvp set, depending on the buffs I have up at various times. I do ok against vandals because of that. Unfortunately, that's not a viable *first* set for dps classes, so not a great answer for many of you. Vandals are still op, just not QUITE as op as before.
  8. Skin Farming in 7.0

    65AP PVP Archon Commander Skin: Note, the skin for this in 7.0 is, unfortunately, in a different colorway -- and it does not dye in the same way that you would need to achieve the exact color match you see above. The white parts above will always remain a pink-ish orange. The weapons ARE the correct blue/white colorway; it's just the armor that is not. See below for different examples of the armor dyed: HOW TO GET: Check the Guide tab under your quest log. The full set of this skin is given to you as free legendary gear just by talking to an NPC. There are two versions -- pve and pvp -- but they look the same.
  9. Aion: Return to Katalam 7.2 Update Feedback

    Hey, go to your quest log (press J) and then click the Guide tab. There are some yellow quests in there. Their final goal is to get you one piece each of the top PVE and PVP gear. However, beyond that, they are very good at explaining things too. There is a LOT of text in them, so it can look like a snooze to read, but if you're new/returning, it's worth reading. It walks you through some things regarding enchanting and purifying gear, etc. In regards to Luna, click the pink moon icon on the right side of your skill bars. There are two instances: Contaminated Underpath has one free entry each day and the other one has one free entry per week. They give you lots of XP, and they also give you materials that you collect and can use to craft a few things in that Luna window, or you can craft the Luna currency itself (it normally costs real money). For cubics, these are extra stats you get across your account. You do a very easy instance -- it's actually the exact same instance as the weekly Luna, but everything has less HP -- and you get some cubics that way. Also, you can get other types of cubics from instances. There are lots of them and they all come from various places. Just open the bags and register them each time you get them.
  10. Red Katalam issues?

    I'm not sure tbh. One of my legionmates already has all of the ultimate armor pieces of the Katalam gear after just 2 days. You generally can't get all armor pieces (ultimate) of gen crys gear in 2 days. Like I said though, I'm not an expert on it. Maybe someone who is will come in here and comment their opinion on it.
  11. Red Katalam issues?

    I'm definitely not an expert on Katalam gear stuff (yet), but I do not think there is an pve gear from there. There is just the Katalam pvp gear which is slightly worse than the Ultimate Dark Talon (genesis crystal). The bloodmarks are used to buy that pvp gear. I haven't messed with it yet because I still have three T1 ultimate gen crys pieces I need to purify, plus I gotta +15 several items still. Can't worry about a 2nd set while I'm still working on my 1st lmao. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong.
  12. Red Katalam issues?

    It is open at all times, as long as you have hourglass minutes available to use. It's definitely more active at night NA time. You didn't miss anything. Those boxes just have 10 mil kinah in them. Yes, really. Idk, my personal (limited) experience with Katalam so far is that if you're looking for pvp, stay near the starting/windstream areas. However, it's new and exciting, so it's still very zergy. I was with my boyfriend last night, and 2v10 was a common occurrence for us. So you have to be patient with the situation. If you want to complete camps for bloodmark quests without much interference from other people, go toward the middle/bottom of the map.
  13. Windstream equipment quests: event or permanent?

    Correct. The piece I got from the yellow questline is an Ultimate Dark Talon piece, T2. It is +0 when you get it, so it still needs to be enchanted at some point. Also, it has the same ability to be retuned and 3 manastone slots. It's the same thing as the Genesis Crystal gear.
  14. Aion: Return to Katalam 7.2 Update Feedback

    So many great suggestions in this thread, so I'll try not to repeat. With that, I think I only have two suggestions (that I haven't seen from others yet): - Allow us to either Luna reset the Minium instance or sell reset scrolls on the BCM. - Add ALL of the legendary transformations as an option to the selectable potion you get from Prestige Supplies. I don't have the Frigida transform, so those are the only potions I care about. Unfortunately, Frigida is not an option -- and neither are several of the other legendary transforms.
  15. @Cyan, About Vandal skill changes.

    Agreed with @Arhangelos-KT. I messed around on my alt SW a lot yesterday and was very impressed with my dps output compared to last week. SW has been buffed and are pretty good this patch.
  16. Windstream equipment quests: event or permanent?

    I did it myself for my last armor piece, my shoulders. Friend. T R U S T M E. It is 100% worth your time. I promise. Also, a tip: During one of the quests, you'll get a hideous "trainee" armor shirt. I threw mine out. Do NOT throw it out. You will need it for the last quest. (If you throw it out, you can buy it again from the npc, but that's 100 gen crys wasted.)
  17. 28.820 m.crit = 92% chance

    I haven't even tried Crucible yet because the different types confuse me lol. Will have to wait until I have some free time to check it out, maybe this weekend. That crit percentage is bonkers though!
  18. [Datamine] Minion Combination Success Rates (7.2)

    TIP: I can personally confirm that you can use 1 of your 2 restoration tokens for the year to have your lost A rank minions returned if you failed a combine.
  19. No Lugbug

    Maybe NCsoft can send a survey to you guys with like a month's worth of the hourglasses so you guys can enter. They need to do something because that's awful to miss out on something like that.

    Cyan, thank you for being available right now instead of giving us the patch then disappearing until next week.
  21. Siege TIME / Days

    None of y'all getting healed then.
  22. Katalam 9am-5pm

    9am to 5pm when people are at work... Sorry, whose idea was this? Please. PLEASE. Change this time. Even 11am-7pm would be better and would not interfere with pvp instances.