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  1. PF's Drop

    Last week, I saw 5 reds out of 6 runs. The week before that, it was only 1 or 2 reds. Unfortunately, it's just a matter of luck (even though it SHOULD be a guaranteed red in IDD and PF...).
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 6, 2019

    No because no one cares. Anyway... Aside from transparent scrolls, it would be nice if we can get an ETA for 6.5. You can disclaim it with a "Pending, subject to being postponed" notice. Just something vague like "possibly in May or June" -- we'll take anything at this point.
  3. I will not buy anything from BCM! JOIN Me

    brb buying luna on the bcm
  4. Is there any solid way to get a hacker banned?

    It's harder for no animation hack because of so many people crying wolf. There is this one Elyos who always shouts that my friends and I are hacking every time we come near him, but we aren't. He's just not good. So yeah. Noani hack is hard to prove, and baseless accusations run wild for it.
  5. Mighty Morphing Minium

    Careful on the C minions. It's a waste of kinah to upgrade those. Agree on B though if you don't have an A.
  6. My Client always crashing "Send Log"

  7. @Aly-DN, yOu'Re FuNkY I thought Valedia was the dumbest person on the forums. Guess I was wrong! Shysexistbro, are you Asmodian? Just checking so I can block you also. <3
  8. My Client always crashing "Send Log"

    If @Timmain-KT's suggestions don't work, also look at your graphics drivers settings and make sure they're not restricted to minimum. I was having a lot of sendlogs with Aion about a year ago, and I finally found an area in my Nvidia control panel that had restricted me to never go over 30fps. Once I turned that off, the sendlogs decreased a TONNNNN.
  9. What are we *not* able to do?

    You will get an average of 1 random stigma per 5 runs of Mirash. For Crucible, you will need to complete the first 6 (iirc) floors to buy a stigma, which is very doable as long as you have at least full CoE gear.
  10. Thisssss 100%. Sorry, bud, but it sounds like you were being irritating.
  11. What are we *not* able to do?

    You obtain stigmas in other ways now. Here are some of the ways: - Buy from broker - Chance for random stigma (for your class) in Mirash Sanctuary, level 76 solo instance - Stigma boxes (your choice of any stigma for your class) are often a reward in events, including the current event - Stigmas are still tradeable, so some friends/legionmates might have some stigmas they can give you - Buy a random stigma bag (for your class) with coins obtained from Crucible Spire, level 80 solo instance
  12. Community Management Team

    Very constructive thread with a lot of useful info in it. Thank you once again, Lucimon, for being such a valuable asset to this community and advancing this game in such a positive way. You truly are a beacon of light.
  13. Regarding Server Transfers

    Disclaimer: I have 0 toons on EK, so this is an unbiased reply. The thing is, the asmos are only doing what they can in order to advance themselves. They very likely understand that they're zerging lowbies and whatnot, but if there are truly only 13 elyos or whatever, they don't have much choice. They are trying to finish their daily pvp quests and the pink prestige quest to get genesis crystals and fighting spirit fragments. They need these things. So while they likely understand your pains (after all, they are human just like you), they have to bite the bullet and kill you anyway.
  14. One of the WORST garbage mmorpgs I've ever played

    I believe if you delete your name, then it shows GenericUser on the forums. However, this person could have bought this account.
  15. About Cubicles

    Yeahhhh, cubics are starting to fill up my inventory really fast. D: Are they storable in pets, I wonder? I'll have to check.
  16. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 27, 2019

    I have a legendary transform (got lucky, only spent $10 real money), but I only use it in pvp. In pve I use ancient because it lasts longer. So yeah, I would love for them to give us the correct lengths of time so I can use it in pve too without feeling like I'm wasting my scrolls. Alas... siiiigh.
  17. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 27, 2019

    Baby steps, mi amigo. That's the standard price in other regions and better than what we currently have. Let's not go asking for crazy price drops that are even lower than the other regions because we probably won't get that, knowing NCwest.
  18. Elyos Asmo Situation

    SHHHHH! oh my god I know right?!?!
  19. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 27, 2019

    pls and ty
  20. SM or SW in pvp

    TRUUUUUTH LMAO. One time we had two SMs against us in ID, and they were timing their fears perfectly with each other. The rest of the group was t.rash, but we still lost. Wanted to gouge our own eyes out bahaha.
  21. Im wanting to get back into it

    I wouldn't say there is a "big" player base, but yes, people do still play the game. Katalam and Danaria are about equal in population; Ereshkigal is mostly dead, so I wouldn't recommend rolling there.
  22. Aion Update that I'm unable to translate

    Idk what's going on in the text, but I loooooove those weapons and wings. *o*
  23. New Enchanting System Changes

    I've also wondered this myself. On the day they released the 6.5 enchantment rates, I got a total of NINE +12 ancient pieces to +15 and purified and then half of those to +11 legendary. Now I'm struggling to get all of my legendary pieces to +10 if they aren't already, and the ones that are +11, I struggle to get to +12/13.
  24. One of the WORST garbage mmorpgs I've ever played

    Because he went on and on in lfg before coming here -- and when he was doing it in lfg, he was much ruder to PEOPLE (not just the game) than he is in this post. He's not some saint.