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  1. Help! World boss anomos (weak factions need help)

    I would love this -- and I'm DN-A. At least it would make it more interesting.
  2. EK Incentives / Catch up?


    Yeah, I only have one more guestbloom for the Innocent Aris left after I finish the one I'm working on, and I keep getting pants or shoes. I still don't have the shirt.
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 9, 2019

    Bless you. I was also trying to find how to ignore Valedia.
  5. Soul binding

    Do you mean how can you remove the soul binding from an item? You would need to use a soul bind release stone like we used to have in 5.8 and before. Unfortunately, you can't buy them anywhere anymore except from people who still have them on the broker -- if that supply hasn't already run out.
  6. Stuck on level 65

    The Balaur Spiritualist is the one in the DLR instance, right? For this one, the spiritualist is standing on the side of the room in front of a portal. However, it takes a minute or so for him to appear AND he will disappear if you kill the main boss, the dragon, too quickly. So just kind of ignore Tiamat and wait for him and then kill him.
  7. Daeva skills are a joke

    Yeah, I'm still missing 4 skills on my main and missing all except the CoE one on my favorite alt -- and I do 5 FMs and BOSes *minimum* per week on both of those toons, plus my 5 PFs on my main. The shulack spawn rate is way too low. And the troll shulack is absolute bullshit tbh.
  8. Chanter advice!

    Hey, Olivia. Yeah, if you can get a better staff, it will help a lot in both pvp and pve. Steez procced me an Ultimate Masterwork Conqueror staff and I put the BOS Legendary staff under it, and it has helped a lot. I only have two other pieces of Legendary (Gen Crys) gear for pvp; everything else is still Ancient (Gen Crys). So I feel your pain on those enchantment rates! Regarding your accuracy, yes, that is too low for endgame pve -- Primeth's Forge and IDD. You will need 12.5k acc minimum to do those instances and not be a carry. That said, you can reach those numbers if you retune all of your gear and accessories -- including wings, bracelet, plume -- and weapon to have accuracy as one of the stats as well as socket Accuracy +41 stones. The +41 stones are a lot cheaper than the +60 usually. Also, as you get more Legendary (and eventually Ultimate) gear pieces, those will add more accuracy than any CoE pieces. If you aren't sure how to retune pieces, it's under the same window where you would socket manastones, enchant, etc. It costs kinah to retune. Also, don't forget to keep Word of Inspiration socketed as that will give you (and the rest of your group) 400 accuracy. Regarding accuracy for pvp, it's not quite as important as in pve. You'll want more crit for pvp. Sadly, crit strike stones are more expensive than accuracy, so I feel your pain there too! EDIT: A lot of people may just tell you to buy a bunch of crafted gear, but I did take note of your lack of kinah statement, so I don't want to tell you that lol. All we can do is hope that NCsoft fixes the horrible enchantment rates.
  9. Most populated server.

    DN and KT are about even. DN has more Asmos, KT has more Elyos.
  10. The game is not balanced

    Yeeeeeaaaahhhh. Glads are very overpowered. They can annihilate an *entire* undergeared group with one of their Daevanion skills. They definitely don't need more power.
  11. Tomorrow Last chance for the game.

    Dude, no, she doesn't. She's said *repeatedly* that NCsoft needs to get their shit together. But anyway, I don't think anything will get done with tomorrow's maintenance. We already know for a fact that the Luna box bug won't be fixed until NEXT Wednesday's maintenance because Cyan said so. That kind of says that they're not doing much tomorrow. I hope I'm wrong though.
  12. Glad Dual, Pole or GS, which is with more dps

    I have seen a lot of glads still using it, so you're not the only one.
  13. More bad press for Aion

    All valid complaints, sadly.
  14. What is subject to Purifying and for what do we need AP?

    New gear gives both, just not at the crappy gear levels. Crafted boots have run speed. Wings gain flight time each time you enchant them.
  15. Return wings and wing skins!!

    What? lol Look, I'm not disagreeing with you. I love skins too. I was only answering your question about when/if you get wings in lower levels lol.
  16. Aetherforging Leveling in 6.2

    Press Shift + K then click the crafting tab and access aetherforging that way. To level it up, you craft stuff with it. You can start aetherforging at level 76.
  17. Cubics?

    In 7.0, there are platinum cubics. You will be able to convert your extra gold cubics to platinum. They also add more stages to silver and gold cubics. So yes, there is still value in running the labs for that purpose if you care to do so. As far as I'm aware, the new Ereshkigal cubics will be acquired in the same instance as the others.
  18. Return wings and wing skins!!

    You start getting wings, plumes, and bracelets around level 50 or 55.

    Valedia, can you do *literally everyone* a favor and delete your forum account?
  20. Loving the Ninja Nerfs to stuff

    @Aly-DN I actually wasn't referring to the shugo vs shulack. That's Bryos's thing lmao. I just meant "What's a shugo?" as in I never see the damn things.
  21. Loving the Ninja Nerfs to stuff

    Shugo? What's a shugo?
  22. When you are that bored

    Uh no. As @Matsukamy-KT said, some of us have other things to do with our time than kill undergeared lowbies for some sort of awkward power trip. Like aren't you embarrassed to feel proud for killing people on lowbie maps? People like you are one of the many reasons that this game is bleeding players. @Ele-DN's alt could have been a new player that you caused to quit the game. smh
  23. People randomly getting banned

    This is probably it tbh. Remember that dude who was abusing the manastone-gear-breaking system and getting tons and tons of +12 manastones maybe 6 months ago? The player Johngunmad. He ended up getting banned, then logged onto the forums to cry about it because it caused everyone else in his university to ALSO get banned.
  24. People randomly getting banned

    @Fae-DN, were you using a macro to auto-select and kill mobs for you while you were asleep? Some people are doing this and don't seem to realize it's bot behavior. I'm not asking in a critical way, btw, because NCsoft support/GMs are completely moronic 99% of the time. Just throwing out something else that may be happening that you might not be thinking about.
  25. +12 manastones in gear?

    No, Cyan had said that stones currently socketed in gear would not be compensated -- only new stones in inventory/bags.