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  1. Decent event rewards

    yesss yes yes yes
  2. Account banned due to suspicious activity @Cyan

    One other possibility -- and what HAS happened within the past year, and we have proof of it on these forums -- is someone else who is sharing an IP with you might have been hacking. So your IP was banned, including you. Source thread: As you can see, it has happened before. One person got banned, and everyone at his university got banned too. Does anyone who plays Aion share an IP with you? Could this be a possibility?
  3. Server upgrade & name reset

    What about the gameplay of everyone on KT who would lose their names? Jesus, you're selfish.
  4. Please bring back the old AION PVE??

    If it is difficult, then you aren't doing it correctly. A lot of people are missing a very important step in killing Tiamat which makes it almost impossible at lower levels. When Tiamat's dragon form spawns, she'll have a reflect shield on her. If you attack her, she'll reflect a ton of damage onto you. What you need to do is ignore her when she first spawns. Let Marchutan's npc deal with her a bit. You will be waiting for another mob to spawn. He will spawn on one side of the room in front of a portal about 1-2 minutes after Tiamat spawns. You will kill this mob and then enter the portal he is guarding. Inside the portal will be another dragon. Kill this dragon (very easy). When you exit the portal now, Tiamat's reflect shield will be gone. You will be able to kill her.
  5. recommendations for new game to play ?

    @DevilNest-KT you need to get an old Sega Genesis so you can play Crystal's Pony Tale!!!!
  6. so....what...now?

    Yeah, it sucks, but it's the reality of any game -- there will always be shitty people. I'm sorry it happened to you, but just block them and try to move on.
  7. Enchanting stigmas is gr8

    I still have PTSD.
  8. No way is enchanting not busted

    DING DING DING! Winner~
  9. Skins are "End Game Items"

    So basically, all you English-speaking mfers need to stop being pussies!
  10. Skins are "End Game Items"

    Don't tell me what to do, Aly!
  11. No way is enchanting not busted

    shit boy get in my account and enchant my crap then! lol jk i'm out of enchantment stones
  12. Enchanting stigmas is gr8

    Saaaame lmao. That said, I was able to get a +7 stigma to +9 with only 4 stigma enchantment stones in this current patch. I would recommend using duplicate stigmas until around +5. Then use the enchantment stones from that point on. Or if you see like a +7 or something in the broker, it might be worth it to spend the extra kinah and then work with it from there. Good luck, it's pretty hard and definitely not enjoyable.
  13. Nooblet back with questions

    Sinue, which stigmas are you missing? I may have some extras somewhere. I can check at least.
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 5, 2019

    That's okayyyyy! Journey comes out on PC tomorrow. That will entertain me for the next week lel. Also gives me time to work on my Blade & Soul toon.
  15. Whose ideas are these stupid GP base quests?

    I absolutely cannot. I am the manliest of men and, as such, am unable to make a sandwich.
  16. Whose ideas are these stupid GP base quests?

    Because they're too busy in the kitchen, making me a sandwich.
  17. Unplayable graphic Glitch

    @Cheesecake-DN our resident support player, can you help?
  18. Character has black eye

    I think it is because they were trying not to send tickets to people who have quit the game. So hopefully if you email them, they will send you one.
  19. Not sure if it's a bug but...

    Oh I'm sorry, I can't send her one then. Only if she were on DN-A. Transferring kinah from one character to another, I'm sure lol.
  20. Whose ideas are these stupid GP base quests?

    Ahh I see. That's too bad.
  21. Not sure if it's a bug but...

    @QueenNightmare-DN is your sister Asmo? If so, what is her in game name? I'll mail her one. Which color snake skin did she have?
  22. Character has black eye

    Did you check your mailbox? That's where our plastic surgery tickets came in. Otherwise, you can email support directly at support@aiononline.com to avoid having to submit a ticket online. Just be sure to include necessary info -- your account name, character name, and server.
  23. Returning!!

    Elyos seem to be doing better in the past month or so. But yeah, I'd say DN is still a bit Asmo dominated. If you see me forming anything (except for maybe PF/IDD since those are going to be too hard for your gear), feel free to apply. I'm not bothered by carries since I only do FM and BoS for kinah these days, and I don't care if you've never done anything as long as you tell me so I can explain boss mechanics. My toons I actively play are Vantheria and Vansaari, both DN-A -- chanter and sorcerer respectively. Also feel free to whisper me in game with questions.
  24. Returning Player

    Looks like you're Asmo Danaria? If so, you might check with Musicians for Hire. Many legions will only accept semi-geared people, but MFH will take mostly anyone, and they will help you with things. There are a couple of as.sholes in that legion now, but many very good people still. The BG, Zhyrna, is very helpful to new players.
  25. Whose ideas are these stupid GP base quests?

    There will still be a lot of action because we'll be having to kill 10 of the opposite faction every day for that GP quest instead.