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  1. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    Overall, I'd have to say I'm not a fan of the 7.5 patch. I'm a pretty open/casual person who is easily entertained and rarely enraged by video games, so I will still play or whatever, but yeah. Cons: - It feels like all of the PVE except for a few super easy instances require a well-thought out group. No longer can you just throw a group recruit in lfg and take whoever applies, potentially making some new friends in the process. Everything is a gear check (and I say that as someone fairly geared), and you gotta balance classes too. I used to enjoy just hopping into random lfg groups and doing something, but you only see Eso, PFNM and IDDNM groups in lfg now. Anything more difficult is a static formed behind the scenes. - Getting to and running within Silentera Canyon is awful. It takes forever to get to an instance/boss. If we could mount up in there, at least we could sprint, but nah. - PVP is so zergy now. No longer is it possible to just go to Crimson Katalam either solo or duo. Everyone seems to run in groups of 8-12 nowadays just to flip camps and kill mobs. Gone are the fun 2v2 or 1v2 fights. - To that end, I think the 20 ultimate blood marks cost for the siege title is too high. Trying to flip camps by yourself is SO hard now. Again, I'm decently geared; I can't imagine how long it would take to do it with no PVP gear. Just death, death, death. This disallows new/returning users from participating in those two sieges, which is hurtful to both feelings and gear progression. - I don't like that Lakrum, Demaha, and Crimson Katalam all share the same hourglass timer. It prevents us from just hanging out in those maps and exploring. I can't go to Lakrum without feeling the hourglass pressure on me. Gotta make sure I save enough time for siege/altars! - Leveling a new toon is so incredibly boring now. It's just 10-kill quests over and over across Beluslan. It's... actually quite sad, really. - Gelkmaros and Inggison are hideous maps. There, I said it. - What genius thought it would be a good idea to combine 100 gem shards in order to get a gemstone that's not even for your class? - I don't feel like there are enough ways to farm rune shards and gem shards currently. - I feel that Renown XP decreases a bit too much on Mondays. I understand the need to decrease it once a week to keep people participating in quests, but the decrease percentage is too high. - Getting around in Demaha is tough now. We can no longer scroll to Demaha, so if we're at altars and need to "return" in order to get to a different altar quickly, we have to scroll back to Gelk/Ing and then take the portal back to Demaha, then fly down to Stellusia again. At the very least, the portal in Gelk/Ing should take you to Stellusia, NOT those worthless outposts. - Too much reliance on farming world bosses for gemstones -- and I say that as someone fortunate enough to be in a legion that gets a lot of world bosses. It just widens the gap between the geared and the ungeared. - Just overall, the gap between the geared and ungeared widens and widens and widens. This ties back to being unable to just form any PVE group in lfg. I mean someone with +6 stigmas vs someone with +15 stigmas? y i k e s - There are too many types/"brands" of gear now. The guide is just bursting. It's overwhelming and unnecessary. It could have just been the same 2 or 3 types of gear, but available from many places. No need to have tons of different named gears. - What on earth is the rng within rng to get a captain on the dredges? First, you have to hurry and find/kill the pods that spawn. Then, you have to hope that rng actually spawns a dredge portal (seems to be like a 10% chance). Then, once you're on the dredge, you have to hope the captain actually spawns? The rewards you get for killing the captain are NOT worth all of this ridiculous rng. If the portal spawns, the captain should be there, end of story. Pros: - I like the Red Cellar instance, and it's especially useful right now while people are trying to farm gemstones. It's easy enough that you can just take anyone from legion without having to awkwardly gear check them. - I appreciate that the gemstones and runestones are able to be removed and re-socketed into new gear. I'm actually shocked that NCsoft didn't make them destroyed upon removal. Very pleasant surprise there. - I like that world bosses drop a selectable ultimate manastone for EVERYONE now instead of rolling and hoping to get one and then it ends up being a Parry manastone. However, as I mentioned before, it's very hard for people to get world bosses unless you're in a big legion, so this can actually be a con as well as it further contributes to the widening gap between the geared and ungeared. - I like the EXP crystals that drop in Abyssal Splinter now.
  2. Skin Farming in 7.0

    Yes, very easily. The Labyrinth (AoE) skins are on some current gear. See info from earlier in the thread: Weapons are not allowed in the Luna wardrobe, and a shield is a weapon, even if it has no stats.
  3. Dragon Carpet Pack Still Missing?

    The carpet mount only lasts for 30 days, so yeah looooool.
  4. Dragon Carpet Pack Still Missing?

    Make sure you check under the Apply a Code section on the website. That's where mine was.
  5. All Servers Down for Emergency Maintenance

    What did I miss? I've been too busy at work to log in today lol.
  6. Skin Farming in 7.0

    Can you confirm with a screencap? I've killed him several times now on various toons, and it's always been Legendary Nighthaze. Must be a crazy low drop chance.
  7. [Aion 7.5] GemStone Skills

    Thank you, your explanation is very helpful!
  8. Skin Farming in 7.0

    Bad news, I'm afraid. I've been in ESO several times, and I have not yet seen the Legendary Araka gear. I actually spent an hour in the instance today, killing damn near every mob just in case they activated an extra box of loot or something, checking every crevice, etc. I believe the in-game equipment guide is wrong. The only things dropping are Legendary Nighthaze. Sorry, guys, no Malefic skins still. Perhaps Legendary Araka is an EU/KR thing, and it just made it into our equipment guide accidentally.
  9. [Aion 7.5] GemStone Skills

    The Frost Binding skill is not too bad because it cannot be removed/dispelled. Inhuman Toughness could go either way. On one hand, you can't use any skills while it's in effect, but on the other hand, it reduces your Remove Shock CD by 10 seconds. Sorry, could you elaborate on this a bit more? I was out of town for two days at the start of this patch, and I feel so lost about many things now since I missed all the legion chat/lfg questions that were being asked and answered during that time lol. So if I use the Extraction Solvent on a bracelet (or whatever) to get the Refining Stone Dust, does it destroy the bracelet? In other words, should I only be doing this on rubbish gear I don't intend to keep? And when you say you use it like an enchantment stone, is this what gives your gemstone the +5 effect over time?
  10. Sometimes people don't WANT to be left alone though lol. This morning, I was trying to flip a Lakrum camp by myself to finish my Lugbug daily from yesterday before reset. I was standing near an Elyos camp because the captain was not up yet. Two Elyos ran up, but I figured they were trying to turn in their camp quest, so I just ignored them. They attacked me, and I tried to just stand there, but they wouldn't stop. So I killed them. Idk why I felt bad about it when they attacked me first lol.
  11. The lag is getting worse

    I am in the USA and fairly close to the servers. My normal ping is around 20-30ms. Since this update, I average around 40-60. So still very playable. This is, ofc, a "normal" ping now and when I'm alone. There are times when I will spike into the 200s, 300s, 400s -- which for someone in the USA, that's outrageous. If I'm in a group inside an instance, my ping will be around 70-90 a lot of the time. Siege is a nightmare ofc, but I think everyone can say that lol. So for me, the more people who are around, the higher my ping. Sadly, I have to keep shift+F12 on all the time now when I used to only turn it on during siege.
  12. Countless posts about Stigmas

    I managed to get a 12-15 with no fails on one, but that was after spending 160 stigma enchantment stones on the same stigma. So yeah, you win some, you lose some. You just lose a lot more often in this game.
  13. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    If the pin bug makes you crazy, clap your hands! (clap clap) If the pin bug makes you crazy, clap your hands! (clap clap) If the pin bug makes you crazy, and you want to slap a baby If the pin bug makes you crazy, clap your hands! (clap clap)
  14. Don't trust your shadow

    Boyfriend and I were doing camps in Katalam yesterday. Three people rolled up, so we invited them out of the usual courtesy. We waited a few minutes for the captain to spawn. In that time, they actually left group and then tried to outdps us on the captain. Like...??? You could have stayed in group with us and been able to roll on the items, but instead you left so you could try to get the loot to yourselves and ended up fvcking yourselves. Guys, it's not that critical. We'll all get our renown built up over time. You don't need to do it all in the first week. The processes will still be there.
  15. Countless posts about Stigmas

    At the very least, make +6 a safe spot to help new/returning players. They can easily go from +8 back to like +2 because there is no safe spot between 0 and +9. Several of us are privileged/lucky enough to have at least a few +15 stigmas, but then there are even more people with +4 stigmas. There is no middle ground anymore, and the disparity is too great. It's not fair to new/returning players.
  16. Sealing and Unsealing items: Don't do it

    I don't even fully understand the sealing thing lol. I guess it's a way to protect your gear from accidentally being sold/destroyed?
  17. Gonna quote this again because this is actually very good advice. I will stop attacking someone and sheathe my weapon if they shout at me that they're just trying to get into an instance or whatever. Just make sure it's translated so the opposite faction can read it.
  18. @Hime

    YES PLEASEEEE I want that motion so badly.
  19. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    The Young Protector mob that you have to kill in 10 seconds before he enrages. (He spawns every 40 seconds, so you kill him multiple times throughout the instance.)
  20. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    The NPC Urpa in Gelkmaros has a dark blue quest marker over his map position, but he has no quest.
  21. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    IDD hard mode also gives a shit ton of XP. Killing the adds gives half a bar of XP. Not that I'm saying IDDHM is easily farmable by people, but just mentioning that for when people go into that instance -- to either have XP extractors or Bobonerk's coins on hand.
  22. Where is my Survey? Where is my Dragon Carpet Pack?

    The scroll is related to the current stigma event, has nothing to do with the Dragon Carpet Pack, which Hime already said we will be receiving with tomorrow's maintenance.
  23. Skin Farming in 7.0

    I'm not sure! I plan to find out sometime in the next week or two as I will be leveling a new alt to try out the new leveling setup. I'll make notes of the skins at that time. I'm hoping for some new/returned stuff though! Yes, the Aegis skin in this current patch is still the Hyperion skin from what I have been able to tell. The purple Titan coin gear is also the Hyperion skin (black) and the red Titan coin gear is the Hyperion skin (reddish-brown). Similarly, there are some white drops called Tempest which are still the Frostforged skins from the first page of this thread. This Nighthaze shield is the shield that goes with the Beritra skin (or whatever you want to call them). Also, this shield below is back in the game as I see it listed as Legendary Araka Legionnaire's Martial Shield. It also comes from Esoterrace according to the guide. WHICH MEANSSSSS... THE SKIN EVERYBODY HAS BEEN WANTING IN THIS THREAD! MALEFIC! IT'S BACK ACCORDING TO THE GUIDE! GOGOGO (Note, I haven't actually seen it in Esoterrace yet, so I'm not sure exactly where it drops in there. I will try to do some investigating sometime in the next few days.) Legendary Araka Legionnaire's Martial Also, the Adma/Sky Island-esque shield and armors are back in the game from 5.x. They are ultimate pieces that drop from the legendary mobs in Lakrum: The Cruel Demaha ultimate gear is the old Restructured Danuar skins from 5.x: The Legendary Lakrum Scout pvp gear that you can buy from the Genesis Crystal NPCs in Lakrum is the old Archives of Eternity skin from 5.x, one of my personal favorites. <3 The Legendary Fierce Aureate gear you can buy from your main outpost in Crimson Katalam is the old 75AP pvp gear skin from 5.x, another favorite. <3 The Ultimate version is also the same skin, but in a gold color scheme instead of the original black like below. The Ultimate Lakrum Scout gear you buy from the Genesis Crystal NPCs in Lakrum is the Cradle of Eternity skin from 5.x: Note, the Ancient Nighthaze gear is still the same Bastion of Souls/Harvester skin, so if you failed to get all the skin pieces before they removed BoS, you can still work on that in Lower Udas Temple. So yeah, lots of oldies but goodies brought back this patch. Feel free to share if y'all find anything else!
  24. Skin Farming in 7.0

    Idk I guess people call them different things. I call the DD skins "the DD skins" looool. And I'm not sure about Esoterrace weapons yet. I've only been in there 3 times so far, and it's just been plate armor pieces so far.
  25. Arhdaeva Transformations that I miss

    Ohhh good ones, forgot about those!