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    No, it's not. I used Accelerator Cheer back at the beginning of the patch, but most of us have at least ancient transforms by now, so it's no longer necessary. I sold mine. I like it, personally, because it's a guaranteed knockdown. The downside is you have to get the cast off. But if you do, you'll knock down your opponent. That said, it's definitely one that you could take or not, and I don't think there's a right/wrong answer to this specific stigma. I no longer use Healing Burst because I have Rejuvenating Spell, the daevanion skill. Healing Burst is still good in pve if you don't have Rejuv yet, but as you said, I don't think it's great in pvp because you'll often get interrupted before you can get the cast off. If you don't have a cleric though, it's still good to have for pvp until you get Rejuv. On Word of Protection, a lot of us aren't using it anymore because they nerfed it. I was also using WoP at the beginning of the patch, but it just wasn't stopping as many stuns due to the nerf, so I replaced it with Blessing of Wind for the dps boost. That's just my opinion though, so if you like it, go ahead and use it. A lot of chanters are just running Inspiration now instead of Instigation so that we can boost our dps with dps stigmas since they took away Rage Spell. The chanter community is probably the most toxic in the game, and everyone thinks their way is "the best," but in the end you should just play how you feel most comfortable.
  2. (1) Log in. (2) See. (3) Logout

    Sadly, I've also lost several 5.8 friends. However, there's no way we *weren't* getting 6.2. Regardless of if we wanted it -- and I was one of the people here on the forums saying that 6.2 was no savior -- we had to get it or the game would be shut down.
  3. Ancient transforms

    As a chanter, I use an 18% atk speed one (the cat one) because it's the only one (that I have) that lets me weave in a way that feels normal/useful. The hybrid atk/cast ones are ok, but the atk speed just isn't high enough to let me weave in a functional way like I did before 6.2. I have rejuvenating spell which is super fast to cast and I have cast speed mace/gloves for heals, so I don't feel like I need a hybrid transform. However, I know a lot of songweavers prefer the atk/cast hybrid transforms. I guess it just depends on your play style and which class you play. It also depends on what transforms you have at your disposal. Some people might not have a pure cast or pure atk speed transform yet and so they have to use the hybrid one because that's all they have.
  4. SnowBalls event statistics from me so far

    Ah yes, @Aly-DN! You, too, can join the ranks of the truly blessed Berdin Few! Only the most elite, p2w players can join our ranks!
  5. SnowBalls event statistics from me so far

    Thank you, NCsoft. I am so blessed to have received such a valuable reward from this event.
  6. Enhance rates fixed when?

    This. I'm just trying to get all of my ancient stuff to +13 and then I'm not going to touch it anymore until we get better rates.
  7. No Daeva Shugo Spawning after Today's Event?

    Well shit. I rarely got shugos before, so definitely won't get them now if that's the case lmao.
  8. FM Guards?

    "So we can't fix the price of shards on the GST because that requires 18 meetings with the developers and 3 sacrifices on a blood moon, but we can absolutely add a bunch of NPCs to the map that no one even asked to have." gg ncsoft
  9. Priorities

    I tried 8 snowballs and none got past +7.
  10. Priorities

    Why did the servers come down? I haven't found the hidden post anywhere explaining why.
  11. MY LIST OF PROBLEMS with this game

    What? That's crazy. My friends and I can 4-man FM with no cleric in half ancient/half legendary gear. There's no reason a full group of 6 people with a cleric can't do FM in the CoE gear. That's why the CoE gear exists -- to let you do FM and BoS. Admittedly, BoS is a bit harder than FM, but only because of the mechanics. If everyone in the group has done BoS before and knows all the ins and outs, then again, no reason you can't do it in ancient gear. Unless you're talking about the Lakrum Protector gear -- then I agree. That's not enough to do BoS or FM unless it's only like one person wearing it and everyone else has at least CoE gear and maybe a couple legendary pieces.

    Why do y'all even reply to Valedia? lmao we all know he's just a troll
  13. Are we getting snowball event tomorrow or no?

    Calm down there, Satan lmao.
  14. I get the impression that AION is getting empty.

    This is happening because more people are maxing out their cubicles. I mean, I agree that population is decreasing again, but the cubics thing is just because people are finishing that aspect of the game.
  15. I get the impression that AION is getting empty.

    Lol???? Yes, perfect little Elyos NEVER zerg you in a group... NEVER.... ...............
  16. Combining Contracts

    I also got a B rank back. However, Tia got an A rank (Kromede), so it is possible. But yeah, should be guaranteed since we have to get 4 of the stupid things to level 4 before we can even combine them. So much minium wasted...

    Can you imagine what it must be like to be one of the NCsoft support people? Like, how difficult their day-to-day lives must be with their tiny IQs?
  18. An ideea to help players

    And they're not sellable on the broker anymore, right? That sucks. I would've just sold all of my +8/9 snowballs.
  19. Nc Will Kill Aion

    You two are fantastic lmao!
  20. Chanter - Best stuff..?

    Hey Ekho. Red (ultimate) is best, followed by purple (legendary), with yellow (ancient) being the worst/starter. For pvp, do your weekly camp quests. There are 2 light blue quests at each camp that give you 30 genesis crystals each. Use these genesis crystals to buy the pvp gear from the npcs in Lakrum home base. As a chanter, you'll want ancient vindicator armor/accessories and ancient inquisitor weapon.
  21. Any Official answer about Bugged Shugoling Event?

    I mean it's a terrible event anyway, so just let it pass by and hopefully we'll forget it ever existed.
  22. Not a good time to come back?

    Damn, my guy, who hurt you?
  23. PVP is dead AION!!!!

    Mmmm I love a good callout.
  24. PVE Needs to go away more.

    Directly from Aion website: "[...] and engage enemies in both PvE and PvP combat."
  25. Ideas for Events Rewards

    This is actually a really solid list. Based on feedback from people who have opened snowballs in the past couple of days, we should be getting some of these things in the snowball event. That said, it's quite difficult to get a snowball to +10, so the chances will be low for things.