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  1. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    Hence my comment about him either being very casual or not having played the game until recently. Either of those reasons would explain why he thinks that legendary transformations are nearly impossible to get (no longer true).
  2. The great NC P2W divide

    I spend money on this game (not a crazy amount like some people, but a decent amount here and there), and even I agree that it's a bit out of hand these past few months. But that's not going to change, sadly.
  3. Where is my Survey? Where is my Dragon Carpet Pack?

    Pretty sure Hime meant SHE is nagging SOMEONE ELSE at NCWest in order to get the surveys out for us, not that we are nagging her lol.
  4. Arhdaeva Transformations that I miss

    Ahh, the summer of 2018. Evergale: "I need 6 Earth transforms at mid!" Frozen Monolith: "Someone Fire form for pods!" Levinshor: "There's a Wind xform killing the captain at mid camp!"
  5. @Hime

    I wanted to hang out in Lakrum/Demaha a bit yesterday as kind of a comfort "safe place" thing, but I was too worried about my hourglass lol. At LEAST make it so the hourglasses do not expire for 24 hours instead of 2 hours. So if we accidentally accept the Lugbug mission reward before we are ready, we won't lose the hourglass.
  6. Will Transfers ever open?

    Here's my tinfoil hat theory... A (final) server merge is currently being discussed/planned by NCWest -- possibly for late this year or early 2021. Thus, there is no point to open server transfers (not to mention, it would completely kill DN which is already less populated than KT). So they will continue to delay opening transfers due to "technical" reasons until they can finally announce that a server merge is coming.
  7. What's happening with the game?

    Loki's forum name used to be {QA} Loki, so he was, obviously, a quality assurance person to test new patches/updates. However, now his forum name is just Loki. He has also been fairly active on the forums this past week. So it's very possible he is our new CM/taking over Cyan's role. Poor Loki lol.
  8. Where are arena of discipline rewards ncsoft

    Was gonna ask this too (not to detract from Arena awards ofc). I got gold ingots, but no enchantment stones. Kind of forgot about it until just now lol.
  9. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    Why do you only have 1 from Stormwing? We got TWO from Stormwing. One near the beginning and one at the last level... Also, opening regular white contracts is not how you get legendaries. Yes, it's possible, but no one would say that's how you do it. You combine ancients and/or participate in events. It sounds like maybe you are a very casual player or haven't been that active in recent events.
  10. Mini Map Bosses for PvE Weapons/Transf Pots?

    They are still there. However, they no longer show on the map with the boss icon. They're in the same areas though if you remember where they were before.
  11. Title needed for Silona seige?

    The NPC to buy the title is an NPC in the main outpost of Crimson Katalam that has like "Exchange" in their title or something similar. The title is on the 2nd page of their shop.
  12. Dragon Carpet set - website stopped registering accounts

    The stigma promotion scrolls are useless to you unless you plan to get +15 stigmas. Once you have a +15 stigma, one of those scrolls allows you to save about 22mil kinah and 30mil AP to purify the stigma to the advanced version.
  13. Stigma enchant rates, I loled

    One day, I spent 140 stigma enchantment stones and could not get one of my +12 stigmas to +15. The next day, I spent only 7 stigma enchantment stones and got that same +12 stigma to +15 with three successful enchants in a row. #justaionthings
  14. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    The Bastion of Souls scrolls we got in the survey on Danaria server are still BoS scrolls. Not sure if those were supposed to be turned into general return scrolls or removed or anything else.
  15. Baby Stormwing Memorial

    I wish NCsoft could turn them into little pack pets for us. Even something small like a 6-slot pet. D:
  16. Skin Farming in 7.0

    Start attacking the boss. At like 90%, he'll disappear and turn into Warden Surama.
  17. Skin Farming in 7.0

    Great news, skin friends! The Beritra skins (above) are back in the game with this most recent patch!!! How to get: Enter Esoterrace (located in Gelkmaros/Inggison) on your level 80 toon and kill the final boss, Warden Surama. He will drop 1 piece of random purple gear. It's called Legendary Nighthaze like the old 7.0-7.2 stuff, but it's the Beritra skins now! Note, I am not sure yet if both types of leather and both types of cloth are available. It might only be one or the other.
  18. List of Items Needing to go into Special Cube

    Or if we can't move any of the things above to the special cube, can we get a special, separate gear/equipment cube? Because...
  19. Our inventories are overflowing even worse than they already were with all of these new materials -- and none of them went into our special cubes! This is just ridiculous at this point. We don't have room for all of this stuff. P L E A S E consider moving the items below to be stored in our special cubes, NOT our main inventory. (I excluded tradeable items and items account warehouse-storable, so that we can continue to trade those.) Ultimate Blood Mark (ID: 186020069) Ultimate Blood Mark Shard (ID: 188120038) Legendary Blood Mark (ID: 186020068) Legendary Blood Mark Shard (ID: 188120037) Ceramium Mark (ID: 186020106) Legendary Ridium (ID: 152080000) Ultimate Ridium (ID: 152080001) Stellin Legendary Enchantment Stone Ticket (ID: 152080096) Stellin Ultimate Enchantment Stone Ticket (ID: 152080097) Experience Extractor (ID: 188922000) Stellium (ID: 164010028) Titan Coin (ID: 164010144) Titan Coin Piece (ID: 188120096) Manastone Fastener (ID: 166401000) Blessed Manastone Fastener (ID: 166409000) Seed of Transformation (ID: 169300012) Candy Blast (ID: 182007423) Experience Mark (ID: 186020070) Ancient Memory Shard (ID: 188120032) Legendary Memory Shard (ID: 188120034) Sharp Manastone Extraction Stone (ID: 152080124) Tough Manastone Extraction Stone (ID: 152080125) Complex Manastone Extraction Stone (ID: 152080126) Grade A, B, C Minium (IDs: 190200006, 190200003, 190200004) Grade S Minium (ID: 190200005) And then ALLLLLLLL of this nonsense...
  20. 1 post? Clearly an alt from someone with a 2-digit IQ just looking to stir up drama.
  21. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    I wish Demaha and Lakrum didn't use up our hourglass because it makes me feel anxious when I'm there -- like I can't fully enjoy myself because I'm too busy watching the clock.
  22. Any hope for more available cosmetic items?

    Please champion for The Dragon's Set motion to be put on the BCM too.
  23. @hime

    Actually QA generally means Quality Assurance (or Analysis) within job/position titles lol. But yeah, that still means he should know the functions of the game for testing.
  24. the hacks are real o3o if he isn't idk what it is

    As someone who also has Marchutan, can confirm. As Arhangelos said, it is the same as Kaisinel (breaks both attack and cast speed caps).