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  1. Same. I'm glad we have it. Shit was boring af the first two weeks.
  2. Reason why enchanting rates is so bad +

    If you plan out your group carefully, it's much easier to gear up fast. Try not to duplicate gear types so that people aren't rolling against each other. Example: Cleric/AT (don't need a cleric in FM if chanter has Rejuvenating Spell and CoE heal boost accessories) Chanter Songweaver/Sorc/SM Assassin/Ranger Templar/Glad Gunner (can probably skip as my friends and I have just been 5-manning FM and BoS)
  3. Ncwest team.

    Lmao right?! Ding dong, you are wrong~

    Glide hackers inc lmao
  5. Any spanish players?

    I don't know about legions on KT since I don't have any toons over there, but there are definitely Portuguese-speaking legions on DN, and probably Spanish too. So it's probably the same on KT. Have you asked in lfg about it?
  6. Ranger BOTS all over map

    Exactly. Unfortunately, we can't fix what we don't know about. One of the bots in our legion was brought to our attention by a friend who was not in legion. So that's really all we can do. If you see a bot in someone's legion, whisper a leader of that legion and let them know so they can investigate.
  7. Video - The Proof that Enchant is only fails

    Hurry, everyone, let's give Gabe a medal so he feels validated about his success in a video game. +1000000
  8. Ranger BOTS all over map

    Bots are getting smarter about joining well-known legions too. We had two bots join our legion yesterday. Both were spotted doing very suspicious botting behavior and when we tried to talk to them, they just kept jumping from mob to mob and ignored us. Both were kicked from legion and one whispered a few hours later about it. Us: You were botting. Them: I was using a macro to kill mobs by auto-selecting while I was asleep. Like ok exactly what we're saying lmao. But yeah, the bots are evolving!
  9. How to see the minions' appearance?

    You might want to consider choosing the minion based on the skills it gives you. (Not saying that in a bitchy way lol.) Abija gives healing help, Hamerun and Saendukal are good for when you're in dps spec, and Karemiwen does reflect. However, you can see some of them here: https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Minions Also, just take a look around at other players and you can see their minions following them around.
  10. Gladiator 6.2 Version "End Game Stats/Gear"

    It is possible to survive if you've got shields and a fvckton of heals. We had two glads pop it on our group at the same time in Dredge last week and we survived it, but only because we had a cleric, support spec songweaver, and I popped Block Curtain and used chanter daevanion aoe Rejuvenating Spell. But yeah, that shit huuuuuurts.
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 5, 2018

    People, do NOT buy those shards on the GST at the higher price. I don't care if you're tempted; just pop into CoE and farm them there instead. If NCsoft sees people buying them at the higher price from GST, they won't give us the 16k price we deserve. Do not freaking buy them! [Event] Legendary PvP Enchantment Stone Bundle* 1,350 .... lmfao Okay, since I don't live in a delusional fantasy world in which that is actually acceptable, what else do you guys think should be our purchase goal for this crap event? Aether Jelly Bundle (10)* 100 ^ Maybe that since it's harder to get jellies now? Or maybe the 600 coin stigma box if we need kinah?

    Grosssssssssss. Only time I went back in there was for some event during the spring, forget which.
  13. The Elephant in the EK Room

    God dam.n EK is cancer lmao.
  14. :THINKING EMOJI: +15 ultimate EK

    Lmao right?!
  15. Review the FEAR ! Too many fear...

    The fears are important because those are the times that we take a bite of our food.

    Hi can you please not say the F word, you've triggered some very traumatic memories thanks.
  17. Servers And bots....

    All of those bots are really good for getting your pink pvp weekly quest done--the one that awards you 40 fighting spirit fragments. Especially when it's an alliance of one specific player's bots all gathered in one spot. Lmao too good.

    Well, this is a sad post. How about if you install LogMeIn Rescue or some other similar program on your computer and then ask a friend to take control of your computer and uninstall Aion for you?
  19. Chanters can solo heal FM with the Daevanion skill Rejuvenating Spell and heal boost accessories. We could also solo heal BoS if not for the bug boss needing a cleric. That said, I think it's good that we can't solo heal IDD or PF (yet -- prob could do PF with a full ultimate gear group). Our classes were designed to be hybrid for the most part. Clerics were designed to be the main healer, and I don't know why so many chanters and songweavers are constantly trying to "replace" them or prove that they're better than them.
  20. Well... @Kubei-DN is right... It sucks. A lot. I agree completely that it's awful. My genesis crystal legendary pvp staff is +10 by some miracle, but I don't have a single other piece of pvp gear above +11 ancient. I get wrecked in pvp usually. Again, it sucks. But it IS just rng.
  21. Grazt NC Soft you win

    Hmm. Interesting. But wait... Then Kubei says in another thread...
  22. I failed from 0 - 1 a dozen times, no exaggeration. I just had to stare and laugh. Couldn't even be mad because it was just too ridiculous. So I can't get any ancient armor/accessory pieces past +14, but somehow I have enchanted my ancient staff to 15, purified it, and then enchanted the legendary version to +10 with only like 2 fails. What the actual eff. I'll have an ultimate staff before I have a legendary shirt lmao. Smdh, it's outrageous.
  23. Does Support Chanter exist now? Is it even useful?

    Re-read what @Capa-KT said: S/he said switching to pve hb (not hp) set ONLY to quickly cast Rejuvenating Spell then you switch back to pvp set. I do it myself and it's fairly helpful. As mentioned, we aren't usually focused so it's not that "dangerous" to do so.
  24. New player, what armor to keep to enchant

    Dude, you need to stop giving advice. You don't even know where CoE is now, so you obviously haven't played this patch at all. Stop trying to "help" people when you have no idea what you're talking about. Now. @Koaa-EK, get pve gear from Cradle of Eternity and Mirash Sanctuary, as @Brutallus-DN recommended. Those instances can be ran from level 76 (Mirash) and level 78 (CoE). Mirash is a solo instance; CoE can be done with three players. You can do both of these instances in the Lakrum Protector pve gear which you get from doing blue/yellow quests in Lakrum in levels 76-77. When you get your CoE/Mirash gears, you can then do Bastion of Souls and Frozen Monolith, which are 6-man instances that drop the purple/legendary gear. It is at this point (the purple gear) that I recommend you start enchanting things. You can get away with enchanting your yellow/ancient gear to like +3-5. Don't waste more stones on it than that, in my opinion, because you'll quickly replace it with the purple gears once you get into BoS/FM (level 80).