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  1. What a Shame

    Idk I am horrible at pvp and sorcs can almost never kill me. Shin on DN-E is the only one I can think of who can kill me each time if it's 1v1. Back in 5.x, sorcs could kill me a lot more easily. Sorcs are definitely harder to pvp with in 6.x.
  2. Colorweaver ?

    i am fvcking d y i n g
  3. CoE Shugo?

    Yes hi, my question to you, Zerokin, is do any of you GMs ACTUALLY know what in the fvckity fvck you are talking about.
  4. Aion 2019

    Best advice. A good transformation (ancient or higher that you can use for your class) will go a long, LONG way to making your Aion experience more enjoyable. Running and attacking slowly will drive you crazy; an ancient transformation will take away that pain.
  5. Colorweaver ?

    Why, I never...!!!!
  6. Your Painter's name

  7. Hello, friends. I have noticed that a lot of people have some misconceptions about how Dorinerk's Wardrobe (aka "the Luna Wardrobe") works -- which isn't surprising because we never received any info or how-to from NCsoft about how to use it properly. If anyone has any additional info to share, please feel free. I hope this will help some of you who might be interested in using it, but unsure of how it works, the costs, etc. What You Can Put In It - Skins you buy from the BCM (real money skins), regardless of if you bought them from the BCM yourself or off the broker, were traded them, etc. - Skins you have crafted -- this includes old Luna skins, old Tailoring skins, and old/new Aetherforging skins - Armor pieces, both old and new (even ones that are untradeable) Restrictions/Notes: - The piece must be in its original skin/appearance -- as in, it will not register in the wardrobe if you have skinned over the original piece of armor. For example, if I try to register a Cradle of Eternity hauberk that actually looks like the Blue Bunny skin, it won't register. - The piece must be available to skin onto a piece of armor still. For example, if you've already skinned it in the past and it doesn't have anymore uses left to skin it onto other armor pieces, then it won't register. - You CAN add accessories to the wardrobe including hats, earrings, rings, etc. - You CAN add wings to the wardrobe. - You CANNOT add weapons to the wardrobe. (Sorry, no multiple use Pure Void weapons!) See examples below of things I have been able to successfully register to the wardrobe: How To Skin A Registered Item Onto Your Gear Next, you will select the outfit that you want to use -- the final skin you want to see on your piece of gear. Then, you will select the piece of gear you want to skin the above piece onto. Note, the piece of gear must be in your inventory, not on your character. How Much Luna Everything Costs To open up a wardrobe slot to store a skin, it will cost you 96 Luna. The FIRST time you use that skin on a piece of gear, it will NOT cost you any Luna. In the future, if you use that skin again (a 2nd time or however many times you want), it will cost you 96 Luna again each time you use it. Additional Notes - You will only get 8 slots for skins. Once you open up all 8, more slots do NOT appear. Unfortunately. - Once you register a skin to your wardrobe, it will disappear from your inventory. In other words, you cannot register a skin to your wardrobe and then turn around and list the original skin on the broker. - If you decide to remove a wardrobe skin from your piece of gear, you cannot remove it via the normal Modify Appearance function on the gear itself. You must come back into the wardrobe and use the Remove Outfit tab. It does NOT cost any Luna to do this.
  8. Aion Won't Launch

  9. Colorweaver ?

    No, but I do need after-school tutoring~
  10. Colorweaver ?

    Ten feet would be too painful.
  11. Colorweaver ?

    How about Squirter
  12. Harvesting

    There are two crafts remaining: Essencetapping and Aetherforging. Essencetapping can be done at all levels; however, it has no use until level 80 if you decide you want to pursue the Pandora gear quests. Aetherforging can be done starting at level 76. You would use it to craft gear (not as good as instance/pvp gears) or skins or craft pvp gear to disenchant for Fighting Spirit Fragments. Probably none of that makes sense to you right now, but will more as you get to level 80.
  13. Keep The Game Alive.

    Agreed. Sometimes it's easy to forget that the person shouting at you (or at whom you are shouting) is just a normal person like you. When the game eventually dies for real, hopefully we can all find something else on which to spend our time and money. Maybe some of us will be there together again. You kill me a lot, Pabst, but I have no issues with you. Peace to you (and most other DN-E people).
  14. Entry to Arena of Harmony/Discipline

    Well, now I'm just jealous.
  15. i think it's time

    Here's the brutal truth. Boycotting this game won't cause NCsoft to fix anything. It will cause them to shut down the game faster. Why? It's their lowest money-maker. So, we can all either put up with it and continue playing it with all of its faults until it shuts down, or we can move onto other games. Only each person can decide which of those options is best for them.
  16. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 24, 2019

    I agree that it is better than nothing. My issue is the constant nerfs in this game. They should have had the foresight to see that they were giving us too much. Don't give us something and then take it away.
  17. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 24, 2019

    We just can't have anything that we enjoy, can we? Good job, NCsoft.
  18. When is 7.0?

    NA has decided to never release 7.0; sorry!
  19. CoE Shugo?

    Yeah, I haven't seen one in like a month either.
  20. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 10, 2019

    @IGhost-DN stop spamming that in multiple threads. Cyan has started locking threads that have spamming in them.
  21. EU 7.0 Patch Notes

    "Character slots have been increased from a max of 11 per account to a max of 13 per account." NA be like "8's enough." "A max of 6 transformation collections can be selected and all their effects applied." I really like that! "Movement speed has been added to footwear [of gears level 1-75]." Very good change for leveling. "No minion functions can be used with Kinah anymore." Well, that's probably not good. I guess it depends on how cheap the 'contract stones' are.
  22. Need a guide for aion 2019 / class recomendation

    I'm gonna be brutally honest with you here. In the time that it has taken me to quote your post and start this reply, I've already forgotten all of your toon names. I'm sure most others who read your post did too. I understand you don't want to be "ganked," but this is a pvpve game which you know. We ALL get ganked sometimes. Or sometimes we're the ones doing the ganking. It's just how the game works, especially now that the population is so low. Sometimes we must do unsavory things like kill undergeared people in order to complete our daily kill quests.
  23. The reason why BnS become esport and popular

    I have an attention wh0re attitude, but my toons are all flat-chested hueeeeee.
  24. Well, constructive criticism (Thank Say)

    I had not seen Say's original post, so thank you for re-posting it. It's pretty disheartening to know that 7.0 is around the corner and I'm still in half-purple pvp gear -- and I know I'm actually better off than a lot of people who still have some/all ancient pieces! I am SO fortunate to have three legendary transforms, and good ones that I actually can use on my toons, but so many people are still running around in ancient or even green transforms. I have to run down undergeared people in pve gear with their green/gold transforms to complete my daily 20gp quest/weekly 40 fragments quest and it makes me feel SO gross. I hate it. It's actually a relief when someone more geared than me kills me because it assuages some of my guilt from the CoE-geared person I just 3-shot. What kind of game is this? Despite the amount of times that we've made NCsoft WELL aware of this fact, we continue to receive Berdin's Stars and 1 mil kinah in events. We've told them so many times... Not sure what else we can do at this point. It's a bit upsetting considering how much we all love this game (and we must since we stick around despite the problems).