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  1. For this particular patch: Negative: Making us pay to look like our characters. Positive: Spreading out activities across the whole map of Lakrum, so we're utilizing all parts of the map.
  2. I don't think he's a troll. Just really dumb.
  3. What about months previews?

  4. @Ksara-DN, Delay from credit card purchases. It does not do that for PayPal purchases, which is why PayPal BCcoin will get to you within a few minutes.
  5. A concise game guide

    So the Conqueror ones are the 2nd best pvp gears in the game -- after the ultimate genesis crystal gears -- but ONLY if they are "Masterwork" (the procced version). You will see, for example, Ultimate Conqueror's Dagger and Ultimate Masterwork Conqueror's Dagger. The one without Masterwork in the name is useless and a waste of kinah. Do not buy these to use as the legendary genesis crystal gears are better. So yes, you can buy the Masterwork ultimates if you have a lot of kinah, but they're quite pricey on the broker, and also very hard to craft. Essentially, assuming you have 300 aetherforging which is required to craft ultimates, you will need to proc a Masterwork ancient, and then use that to proc a Masterwork legendary, and THEN use THAT to proc a Masterwork ultimate. It's a lot of luck, as you can see. Also, come 7.0, we will be purifying our ultimate genesis crystal gears into the newest best pvp gear, and unfortunately, the crafted gears cannot be purified into the newest gear. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong on that.) That ancient gear, once enchanted to level 15, can be purified into the legendary genesis crystal gear. Then that legendary gear, once +15, can be purified into the ultimate gear -- the best pvp gear in the game. Note, this is a long process as once you're in full legendary gear, the progression slows down considerably because it's a lot harder to get legendary enchantment stones than it is ancients. Unfortunately, you can no longer obtain GOOD free titles in game. Yeah, it sucks. Note, if you have the Prestige Pack, the permanent title Prestigious Adept (I think that's its name, it's the one that costs 15,000 coins from the vending machine) has the same stats as Aion's Chosen, but that's not really free since you're having to pay for Prestige.
  6. These Events are just Heartbreaking

    I was frustrated with no daevanion skills after opening over 60 fruit boxes; absolutely will not open any of these heart boxes.
  7. Gameforge launched Tera classic server

    They already did. It failed and got deleted when 6.0 came.
  8. Broker Interface issues

    I have heard of this happening to someone, but it was chalked up to being lag. Like, they saw that they entered an amount on their screen, but they were lagging so in the game itself, it didn't actually register the full amount. Kind of like when you run somewhere and then rubberband back. You can see yourself run to that spot, but the game didn't actually register you running up there. Not sure if that's what happened here, but a possibility.
  9. Question about armsfusion

    Agree with @DevilNest-KT, but would add that make sure you retune your pve weapon BEFORE you undercombine it. For example, if you have heal boost on your pve polearm and you fuse it under your pvp weapon, you're stuck with that heal boost. So make sure you get the retune stats you want first before you stick it under ther.
  10. Things that were deleted unnecessarily

    Yeah, I'm getting low too and it makes me nervous lol. I think they're especially valuable to clerics and chanters in case of a group wipe and someone needs to get up and res everyone.
  11. A concise game guide

    No. They cannot have their stats retuned to include accuracy and attack/crit like the instance gear drops. Nah, not a set-in-stone requirement for enchantments. Most people will throw a bunch of orange stones at their ancient gear to get pieces to around +4/5, but definitely don't waste time/kinah going any higher than that because you'll be replacing it soon with legendary gear. For legendary, it's kind of the same. Most people will go up to around +6/7 (around the time when you start failing enchants a lot more regularly) and hold it there until they get ultimate pieces. Now, for manastones, you will absolutely need to be socketing manastones in your legendary gear in order to have the stats needed for IDD/PF. Don't bother with manastones on your ancient gear -- but still go ahead and retune the ancient items to have accuracy and atk/crit. For the legendary gear, you'll want to socket accuracy stones (and retune your gear just like the ancients) until you reach 12.5k accuracy unbuffed. With this accuracy, you'll only have around a 5% dodge rate from bosses in IDD/PF. These bosses are timed, so groups will not take you if you don't meet the accuracy requirement because you'll be missing too many attacks.
  12. Increase the drop of manastones that really matter!

    I'll be creating a full evasion set. It won't actually help me in game, but it will cost me a grand total of 3 mil kinah. /s (But yes, I agree it would be nice to have increased manastone drop rates. I've been running Crucible cds every week on a couple toons to buy the manastones there and have gotten lucky with a few crits, but eh.)
  13. These Events are just Heartbreaking

    No, I don't think reposes would be useless as they are not easily obtainable in game. Minion contracts, on the other hand, are very easy to get in game through pvp instances and other means.
  14. These Events are just Heartbreaking

    I don't know about y'all, but I only have about 10k minion contracts, so that's a super valuable event reward to me. /s
  15. Elyos Asmo Situation

    If they force-transfer all EK-E to DN and EK-A to KT, you'll be in better shape. Who knows how long that would take though -- or if it would even happen.
  16. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 13, 2019

    1000x shard Berdin's stars 50% drop amulet Guiding stones White transform contracts Major minion contract Ancient PVE stones Sooo... another event with rewards that are not worth anything. That's disappointing.
  17. While Aion did make less in Q4 than in Q3, it made more money overall in 2018 than it did in 2017. In fact, it is the only game that actually made more money in 2018 than in 2017. Everything else made less money. Granted, that increase was due to the changes they made in Korea with p2p/f2p, it's still worth mentioning. But yeah, mobiles games are beastly these days.
  18. Dude. Did you read the forums at all? We all share in your frustrations, but why are you making YET ANOTHER thread about this stuff when we already have 800 of them? You did not add ANYTHING new to the discussion.
  19. Costume Rotation

  20. Aetherforging - Masterwork Crafting

    how dare you.
  21. Make a better way to get +9 stigmas please.

    That's literally what the power-up events did, with the exception of "remain the same." lol
  22. Farming BoS for shugos?

    Yes, run around the whole bottom part of the instance and see if you get the message. If you are capable of soloing the first boss (chanters and clerics or very geared other classes), then you can do that and go past that part all the way up to the bug boss because shugo can spawn up to that point as well.
  23. Daevonion Skillbook

    *wants to throw my money at the BCM for Daevanian books*
  24. Chanter supp combo?

    Hello You mention instances, so I assume you are talking about pve, correct? If so, may I recommend removing your full support spec stigmas and going dps or hybrid spec? The reason I say this is because Elemental Screen is mostly useless in pve. Its defenses were not boosted with this patch to match the absurd amount of aoe damage from endgame bosses. Elemental Screen is still good for pvp though. Similarly, Word of Protection is not useful in pve and is more of a pvp stigma. (WoP was nerfed in this patch and many of us don't use it anymore in pvp, but that's up to you.) Also, I see you have Rejuvenating Spell. With that, you do not need to socket Healing Burst. Personally, I still keep Word of Life in even with Rejuvenating Spell because I have all +9 stigmas and have the extra slots for it -- and their HoTs stack. However, if you only have space for 6 stigmas, I would recommend removing Word of Life since you have Rejuvenating. So if you remove full support spec stigmas and socket Word of Inspiration, you can still buff yourself and your group (the difference between Instigation and Inspiration isn't big), and you can really increase your dps which is what you are looking to do. Here are the stigmas I usually use in group pve instances: http://aion.mouseclic.com/tool/stigma/c9D9H9C9J9I9N9L9M75 Socketing Mountain Crash and Blessing of Wind will really improve your dps. I also choose to socket Blessing of Stone instead of a Major stigma, but you could do Numbing Blow if you prefer.
  25. Arena of Harmony | Queue Into Your Alts

    Not at all. No hard feelings here.