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  1. Add a no SS previlege on prestige pack users

    Even if it's just a half-assed soul sickness privilege -- like, the soul sickness will never last more than 1 minute.
  2. Aion: Legions of War; US Release?

    Most players agree this is a mistake. They just had a merge not too long ago, and their population has not grown enough to warrant more servers.
  3. With Friends Like These

    The "reset once a day at 9 hour" means that you are allowed to enter Taloc's Hollow one time per day. The daily limit will reset the following day at 9:00am server time; at that time, you may enter the instance again. However, if it says 1/1, then that means you can enter. If you have used up your one entry that day, it would show a timer countdown in red print that would tell you how many hours you have until it resets.
  4. The perks of playing in a "dead" server

    This made me laugh so hard for some reason. "I'm not here to PVP! I just want to kill your boss!"
  5. Record Video Error

    It's a known error. The record video function does not work for about 95% of players.
  6. Current Crucible of Discipline Glitches

    I was in Discipline last night and this happened. Opponent fell off the bridge and I relaxed for a moment, expecting them to have to resurrect. Then like 2 seconds later, I get hit from below! Then again! I was like wtfffffff lmao. I could not hit back either. I was basically running up and down the bridge and couldn't hit my opponent. Had to stay away until that round's timer ran out.
  7. What is this nc? - Code red event

    Hey, come on now, that's a very valuable pot for the level 15 players all over! Granted, we're given like 500 of them for free at the low levels, but still!
  8. The perks of playing in a "dead" server

    Heck, even on IS-A, there were several times that I was duoing or trioing him. A lot of people didn't care to kill him for whatever reason.
  9. 200 % XP Boost for Aion's Birthday

    You're ALL thinking too small. Not percentages! Just give us a free level-up every day!
  10. Great guide; thanks for posting. Also, Wind Mantra can be helpful in PVPVE upper abyss sieges. The extra flight speed is nice, and also, the flight time recovery by 3 seconds is good for when you get your wings clipped and you've lost the flight recovery buff from the landing due to dying. Also also, Word of Inspiration can be nice to keep in your inventory for when you have a hybrid build that doesn't give the Word of Instigation vision stigma. Obviously not as good as Instigation, but as least your group is still getting something.
  11. Post your Aion character!

    I love making hot male toons (on any game). Gives me something nice to look it.
  12. Coming back and kinda of lost...

    @Allusian-TM You will hit limits according to your level. For example, my little cleric alt can only hold 12 points in Health at level 67. Once she levels up to 68, I will be given more space for Health points.
  13. Coming back and kinda of lost...

    Also, regarding #1, you can change your essence set-up as many times as you want, so don't be afraid to put points in random places and try things out. If you decide you don't like having those 5 points in Power (or whatever) then you can just take them right out and put them somewhere else, even if it's only been 5 minutes.
  14. Server Merge FAQ - Updated: 9/22

    I also got one to SL. I did it around lunchtime (USA time) on Wednesday, so pretty much right after weekly maintenance.
  15. cannot get back into quest

    Aw It sucks too because it's a campaign quest. You can't just abandon it. It will be there in your quest log, staring you down until you finish it haha.
  16. cannot get back into quest

    It glitched on me and would not show the quest as complete when I killed the main boss at the end. I went back in and did the whole thing over again and it STILL wouldn't complete. I waited until the next day and did it a third time--I really hate Taloc's, so this was torture lol--and it finally completed. So maybe try tomorrow?
  17. wat if?

    Well, I hate being paralyzed more than being silenced or sneaked up on. If I'm silenced, at least I can still auto-attack. If a sin sneaks up on me, I can still fight back. If I'm paralyzed, I can't do crap lmao. Same goes for being feared.
  18. Aion landscapes, cities, ruins... (picture thread)

    The reddish areas of Enshar and the beaches of Levinshor are my favorite places. <3
  19. Opening Wings

    Are you talking about the yellow quest where you have to go to the pirate ship, per chance? If so, back up a bit on the geyser and then run forward and double-tap your space bar as Kiatra said. It usually takes me a couple of tries to get it to work. (Same with using the windstream in Panda siege.) Here is a video I used the very first time I ever tried this quest that really helped me. You can see the player in the video also has to try a few times to get the wings to open up on the geysers.
  20. Stigma Changes Final Chapter

    I agree. It took me about 350m to properly stigma my cleric alt. A) I didn't even finish getting the proper stigma set-up for her until level 67 and B) I only managed that by using kinah from my chanter main. If the cleric had been my first/only toon, there's no way I could have properly support-stigma'd her by level 67. It's outrageous that clerics receive only dps stigmas in the quests--and chanters, although that can be debatable as chanters don't necessarily have to be support, depending on the player's preference. Having to buy every single support stigma for cleric is just crazy. I didn't even bother socketing those dps stigmas as I received them because I knew I didn't want them--just automatically put them up on the broker. But of course, dps cleric stigmas only sell for like 3-5m because everyone already has them and nobody wants them. So yeah. I'd like to see that approached differently. I like your idea of ALL stigmas being available as a reward in the quests and we get to choose. They can still stagger it by type. Greater stigma, regular, etc by your level, so you don't get to choose greater stigmas until your level is high enough.
  21. Event Window... will you ever fix it?

    I see this, like you, when I first log in. However, if I close it out and then open the event window manually (via the blue arrow near the skill bar), it will tell me how many minutes I have to wait until I get a new key pouch. However, I have a prestige account currently, so maybe that is the factor? Maybe the event window only works properly for prestige holders? lol idk
  22. the game crashed on me !!!11!1!!!1!!1

    bruh. lmao
  23. the game crashed on me !!!11!1!!!1!!1

    ^ That. Join the club. We have t-shirts.
  24. Apollon set

    The group instance Nyinu is talking about is called Cradle of Eternity. (Listed as CoE in LFG)