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  1. Erro sistema 3320

    So the game requires you to validate your IP when you start playing it. If you have the same IP all the time, you only have to validate it from your email one time. If you have a constantly-changing IP from using a VPN or any other reason, you will have to validate every single time you try to log into the game. There's your background info on the error itself -- although it's not truly an error. As to how to resolve it, you will need to log into your email and click the validation link. If you have not received the email, check your spam folder and/or make sure you're checking the correct email (that is registered to your Aion account). Sometimes I forget to turn off my VPN before I load up Aion and have to go through this validation process; I've never NOT received the email. So if you're not getting the email, there's an issue with that.
  2. Server Merge FAQ - Updated: 9/22

    @Nanini-TM don't mind him. He likes to pretend he's a moderator and treat everyone rudely.
  3. Haunted Energy Item Reward List

    We're getting a lot of broken crystal balls lately... I wonder if NCsoft is planning an event where we can turn them all in for rewards... *puts on tin foil hat and hoards crystal balls*
  4. Aion Memes!

    That Kromede one gave me a good chuckle.
  5. Returning Player with friends...questions

    My line of thinking was exactly as Kiatra's reply above. As Aeve said, it's not impossible to do it with an all magic crew, but some instances are just made easier if you also have a physical. In the end though, this is a game and games should only be played if you find them fun -- so your friend should pick whichever class he/she will find to be the most fun.
  6. Containment Charms

    It's kind of my thinking that the extra 6 (that you cannot turn in) are kind of "back-ups" -- like, if there's one day that you can only log in for 20 minutes because of work or other real life obligations, well hey, you have those 6 back-up charms. So you can still turn in your quest for that day.
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 4, 2017

    I got an omega and a tempering yesterday. The possibility is there. Just gotta pray to RNGesus.
  8. Macro for text on resurrection

    Here's another macro I've found helpful for chanters, thought I'd share. Purpose: Applies Blessing of Stone buff to all group members with just one click. (Could be revised to apply the Protectorate's Prayer buff if you don't have BoS.) Limitations: 1. Group members must be within the 25m range required by the skill; it will miss any group members out of range, but will still continue the macro. 2. It only applies to your actual group, so if you’re the only chanter in an alliance, you will have to actually select the other group(s)’ members to apply their buffs. Blessing of Stone only lasts 30 minutes, but many instances take longer than that to complete. So I will sometimes find myself in the middle of dpsing or healing and realize some of the group members' BoS buffs have timed out and have to stop to re-apply buffs. This is much faster as it just takes one click. Macro text: /Select Vantheria /Skill Blessing of Stone /Delay 0.8 /Select [Group1] /Skill Blessing of Stone /Delay 0.8 /Select [Group2] /Skill Blessing of Stone /Delay 0.8 /Select [Group3] /Skill Blessing of Stone /Delay 0.8 /Select [Group4] /Skill Blessing of Stone /Delay 0.8 /Select [Group5] /Skill Blessing of Stone
  9. still no 64bit client

    Aw man, I did not want to hear this lol.
  10. Old forums

    you da real mvp, @Bryos-TM
  11. Disconnection from server

    Servers expected to be up and running in about 1.5 hours. However, in the past few weeks, maintenance has taken longer than expected, so could be 2 hours.
  12. Disconnection from server

    Within the past few hours? If so, that's because the server is undergoing maintenance. Server maintenance is every Wednesday morning.
  13. Server Merge FAQ - Updated: 9/22

    Basically, it's gonna be a madhouse next Wednesday afternoon as everyone races to log on and change their name.
  14. Haunted Energy Item Reward List

    *missing the Wave Song hat for my collection* *sad that the hat isn't included in the rewards*
  15. WinMTR Results constant lag

    Support tells everyone it's on their end. That's just their line lol. Also, for the past two weeks, we have been forced onto 32bit client by NCsoft due to issues with SFT. We will be back to 64bit today once maintenance is over, so try playing again and see if you have an improved experience. We've all been lagging severely on 32bit for the past two weeks.
  16. Aion October Preview

    Agree with @Rakesh-IS. The communication is very nice!
  17. afk players in dredge/evergale/fort coilations

    ^ A+++++++ Even if something happens and you know for a FACT that it is one specific person's fault, do not call them out on it. It won't change the past; the mistake has already happened. Chances are, the person realizes it and already feels bad about it. If you don't think they realize and are afraid they might do it again (if it's a more-than-once possibility thing), you can KINDLY point it out. "Not sure if you know, but you have to back away from Kromede during her skills. :)" "If you can, please don't afk so we have a chance at winning. :)" Show you're not mad. I add a smiley face to pretty much everything I say, so that people realize I'm just trying to help. As mentioned above, it's just a game. Yes, afkers suck when it hurts the whole group, but you stressing yourself out is not going to change it. It will just make you unhappy. NCsoft has already stated they will not ban afk players since they switched to free-to-play years ago. This is just the way the game is run.
  18. Aion Memes!

    Those are all amazing, but that disembark AT one is too real. :(((( lmaooo
  19. Why do we get a new post exactly like this every week. A quick search will show we've already seen it a dozen times.
  20. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    "where hardly anyone cares about anything" Until the cake buff disappears for 30 minutes and all hell breaks loose.
  21. what is the best pvp weapon fuse for chanters?

    Sophisticated Frigida with AP 75 is really good for chanter. I have that and love it. A lot of people like using Provenance too though.
  22. Fact Check: Are External Macros Allowed?

    Cyan most likely doesn't work on Saturday and Sunday.....
  23. So frustating!

    Also, we're all lagging right now because they have us playing on 32-bit until this Wednesday -- even those of us with good computers.
  24. Post your Aion character!

    Here's my chanter main. She's a supermodel in her off time. <3