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  1. No. The BCM may only be accessed within the game.
  2. Honestly, I used to be like you and hoard my skins, but I've been changing them out every 2-4 weeks now, and it's made me so happy lol. I know some of them are gone forever, but I am playing the game less and less as the weeks go by (makes me sad to admit that even to myself), so I might as well use up all of my old skins. I mean we've done it to ourselves. Asmos didn't want to work together in the beginning, so now we don't get world bosses. /shrug
  3. You also need waaaaay too many mats in my opinion.
  4. Gonna quote myself (yikes lmao) with something about this topic that I said within a much larger post. Completely agree with Fungie. We are so sad that we rarely get cosmetics, and when we do, they aren't ones anyone was asking to receive.
  5. If you don't want (or have time) to grind out multiple Luna reset runs of Minium Vault like people in Korea like to do for some bizarre reason, then I'd recommend that everyone attempt any S rank combines they can by the end of this month. BUT make sure you have at least one token restoration available to get the minions back upon failure. Use up all token restorations that you currently have because on January 1st, they will reset. So you lose nothing from trying only 2 A rank minions if that's all you have right now because you will get them back with your tokens. Maybe you'll get lucky and
  6. Dragon's Set Motion [item 188500014] and Red's Basket for Granny Motion [item 188508047] 😔
  7. I had it hard, so should everyone else! Such a helpful outlook on life. /sarcasm Tin foil hat conspiracy here, but I feel like it used to be 70% when they first introduced S rank minions, but sometime after that, the rate got nerfed. The combines seemed to succeed a lot more often. I got my first S rank minion on my first combine of 4 minions. My 2nd S rank minion took 3 attempts at combining 4 minions.
  8. Kibbelz and Loki have never confirmed their genders, as far as I know, so "they" is appropriate.
  9. I didn't start playing Aion until 5.1, so I have no lost love for the earlier times. That said, I would give Classic Aion a chance if it were to come here. I don't know that I would last on it, but I'd try it. Basically, why not at this point. I really only log in Aion to do pve with friends, 1-3 hours per day. I used to play 4-6 hours per day on weekdays and up to 12 hours on weekends (yikes lol). Boyfriend only logs in Aion when I ask him to do pve with me. He probably doesn't enjoy it, but just wants to make me happy. 😂 We just don't like the current patches we're getting. The pvp we used t
  10. Thanks for the changes and the advance notice!
  11. Kibbelz is just a community manager. They are our "middle man" to relay information back to NCWest. They are not a developer nor can they directly implement any changes. Loki is a quality control tester, and quite likely, the person with the most actual knowledge about the game (since they play the game to test it). Similarly though, they cannot implement any actual changes, can only report problems within the gameplay -- bugs and technical issues -- to be fixed at some point by the developers back in Korea.
  12. It is a deliberate feature, as dumb as it is.
  13. They look like and drop from all 4 bosses. The 1st boss is suuuper easy/lfg-able these days, so even for people like you who don't play that often, 1st boss is something you could do to start collecting the stones.
  14. This. Keep doing your runs and save up the Starlight Stones!
  15. THIS MAY NOT BE THE CAUSE... But when this event had its previous iteration, people could hack to finish the race first. I assume this glitch had been fixed, but maybe it wasn't.
  16. I didn't see a new post about this, so I thought I'd comment here. I went back and looked at the listing that you made (below) and thought deeply about the changes that have occurred. Here are my hopefully polite, objective opinions. RNG: Honestly, I have not seen any change about this. I do not know what all goes into correcting rng rates, I will be honest. However, if it were as easy as just changing the number on a code, I'd say all rng needs to be decreased by about 25%. Stigma stones: The Halloween event allowed players to easily achieve +12 stigmas which was fantastic for
  17. This is such a good thread! Although, I would argue that SL EZ to SL NM is scaled properly. SL EZ is easy (lol), and honestly, SL NM is not hard either. You don't even need an actual tank in there for most groups. BE EZ to BENM is also scaled properly in my opinion. PFNM to PFHM and IDDNM to IDDHM, completely agree with you on. Way too big of a difference. Although honestly, it's usually just a couple choice mechanics that make these hard mode instances so monumental to beat for the lesser geared. For PFHM Jotun 2nd boss, I'd do away with the Steaming Geyser mechanic and slightly dec
  18. Understandable. That in itself is an issue because ultimate enchantment stones are nearly impossible to get, so the IDD and VT quests are the most reliable source of them for the pve ulti stones.
  19. Really fantastic list here, but... Run your SLNMs on your main and transfer the ultimate armor boxes via your account warehouse to (eventually since the item is random) get your pants! Or run BE easy mode on your alts, but I think that would take longer since the ulti drop rate is pretty low.
  20. Maybe you don't play the game anymore and so you aren't aware of this, but bots have not been farming mats in at least a year. There AREN'T any mats in open world TO farm (mobs don't drop anything except cubics and those are not sellable/tradeable). Bots farm kinah in Luna, that is all.
  21. Pretty sure hardly anyone is running it. Last night each time I checked legion list/friends list, no one was in that event. I haven't run it a single time. I don't see lfg groups for it.
  22. I will say right up front that the things you listed are not that easy. Some people may come in with the usual "oh it's not that hard!" comments, but that's just not true for new/returning players. You basically have to wait for a really good event in order to catch up in Aion (terrible game design, but it's what we have unfortunately). For stigma enchantment stones, you have a couple options. The cheapest would be to use your event coins (they're literally called event coins, but you may not have any right now because it's been a while since we've got them from events). You can buy a few
  23. That is already occurring due to Luna botting. People have dazzling gemstones listed at 5 or 6 BILLION kinah. If you were to buy kinah (disclaimer: buying kinah is against TOS and this is not a recommendation to do so!), that would be $60-72 on KT or $75-90 on DN. Imagine spending $90 on a single gemstone. As @Arhangelos-KT said, this is just enabling free-to-play people to gain some kinah to combat against the massive Luna botting that is ALREADY skyrocketing item prices on brokers and has been for a few years now.
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