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  1. I wish i had free resets like KT

    Hey, we can take a shower and eat during that time!
  2. Heey Reset the DN server too

    hey can someone please ddos the DN server so it crashes and has to be reset, thanks
  3. I wish i had free resets like KT

    Yeah, I'm starting to get jealous! D:<

    hey. HEY.
  5. Screencap Guide for How to Remove the Loading Bar/Screen

    Common things that people miss that you might check: 1. Make sure both ValidTableDump= AND NormalStop= are set to 1. 2. Make sure the file is set to read-only. 3. The file might just be corrupted. Delete the config file, start Aion so that it creates a new config file, then follow the steps above.
  6. Game crashing shortly after start. Anyone else?

    If you're still getting the loading screen, then you either A. did it wrong or B. need to re-do it because it got corrupted (which happens sometimes). See this thread if you need help:
  7. Game crashing shortly after start. Anyone else?

    Have you confirmed that your graphics card drivers are up to date?
  8. Selling items privately?

    This thread describes in detail how to pass untradeable items to other characters inside group instances:
  9. @cyan STIGMA EVENTS?

    Nah, we had stigma event last November. But... This is still accurate lmao. We live in constant fear/suspicion that NCWest will be shutting down the servers soon.
  10. Winds of Change BOS should be Class only

    I know people who are using Luna to reset FM/BoS, so they are making money.
  11. Uncommon "Minor" Event Rewards

    Sorry to break up the DN-A drama with this thread, but can we get some uncommon "minor" event rewards put in the idea table over at NCWest? Enchantment stones, Daevanion skills, ultimate gear, transformation contracts, etc are all fantastic and very important, BUT there are a few other things that would be useful in those events we get that give minor rewards for being logged in (like the snake event we just had, or when the snowballs break upon enchantment, etc -- I am NOT talking about these being considered "major" rewards). Platinum cubics -- please, for the love of all that is holy, put these in events. I don't think anyone will complain because they are nearly impossible to get now. 100 stellium for 5 random platinum cubics when you need 1,800 per "boss" (PFHM, etc) cubic and 75 for regular stat cubics... that's a pipe dream. Gold/silver cubics -- less important than platinum since they're easier to get, but still would be a good reward for new/returning players ESPECIALLY if they are the "boss" cubics. Daevanion Mark of Knowledge -- the current Stormwing event has been AMAZING at helping us get/enchant our Daevanion skills, but we still need more skillbooks to continue the process. 4,000 DP Jellies -- these are impossible to get/craft now, so the supply that everyone has is slowly running out. Stellin Legendary/Ultimate Enchantment Stone Exchange Ticket -- no explanation needed. Revival Stone -- same as the DP jellies, we're running out of these! These are the SELF resurrection stones I'm talking about, not the white ones you can use on other people. Mysterious Recovery Serum (20% potions) -- no explanation needed. Leibo's Protection -- these little 10k shields are useful in a pinch, but kind of pricey to buy on the GST, plus we're limited in the number we can buy each week. Summoning Stone: Stigma Master -- I know some people are like UHHH WE CAN CHANGE STIGMAS FROM OUR INVENTORY NOW, but that causes a 5 minute CD, and these things are G O L D if you are, for example, a cleric who is in dps spec, but needs to change to heal spec. (It won't impact pvp either because no one can summon a stigma master and use it while doing intense pvp lol.) Grade A/S Minium -- I know we already get this sometimes, but please keep it up. Transparent Transformation Scrolls -- same as above. Genesis Crystals -- Some of us are fortunate to have 5k+ of these, but new/returning users could use SO MANY MORE of these. Plus, next patch will have the new GC gear. Lockbox Coins -- to use in the Prestige Vending Machine. Manastone Fasteners -- more than just a tiny amount like 5 per reward. 5 on an ultimate piece of gear? Might as well be 0 at that rate.
  12. Need help with L/R

    You should have passed it before your alt was even in the group. Pass the item BEFORE logging your new character.
  13. Need help with L/R

    Here is where the problem is. You need to roll and pass on the item while your ORIGINAL character is in group -- as in, right after the boss dies. THEN you switch to your new character, have someone from the group invite you, enter the instance and wait next to the boss for 15 minutes. It looks like you all waited until you were on your new character before you passed on the item. In that case, you actually passed on your new character; you told the instance that you did not want that loot. So next time, pass while you are on your original character BEFORE you switch to the character actually getting the item and that should work.
  14. Uncommon "Minor" Event Rewards

    Two more: Legendary/Ultimate Blood Marks -- these are easily farmable in Katalam, but a few more wouldn't hurt new/returning people trying to gear up. Experience Mark -- (the items that allow you to reroll the Katalam boxes you buy with Ultimate Blood Marks); these are so hard to get currently. We can't sacrifice Bobonerk's Gems on them because a lot of us still need those gems to morph enchantment stones. Without these Experience Marks to reroll the boxes, it makes getting the skill skin armor pieces very tough!
  15. Need help with L/R

    To summarize: You're alone in a group instance: do NOT pick up the loot, invite person who gets the item, wait 15 minutes and loot You're in a group with other people: roll the item and everyone PASSES on it, invite person who gets the item, wait 15 minutes and loot Also to add: Like IDD, the instance BE (Benirunerk's Estate) also only has a 5-minute timer. Not a lot of people are giving away loot from that instance yet, but just throwing that info out there.
  16. Are transformations scrolls still a thing?

    I need Abyssal for Daeva Essences right now lol. But once I'm done enchanting my skills (ncsoon), I'll start buying the 20% potions. So good when you're transformed at siege.
  17. Making this event better.

    This seems logical, but unfortunately, that's not how it works. I know from experience as I have accidentally forgotten to roll and pass on an item we were trying to pass before, and the boss disappeared. This has happened to me 2 or 3 times lol rip. This is exactly how it is done: Solo: Just leave it there. Group: Roll and PASS it (everyone in group)
  18. Midori Sour is my favorite cocktail! So the past few days, I might randomly dc from the game. However, my boyfriend (whose computer is in the same room) does not dc. Le sigh~ #justaionthings
  19. Making this event better.

    This occurs when the people in the group forget to roll and PASS on the item.
  20. Are transformations scrolls still a thing?

    Understandable. But just to let you know, if you do consider returning again, do it before May 24th/25th as we currently have an event that gives you a free semi-selectable legendary transformation on the 2nd or 3rd day, depending how many hours you play those days.
  21. secret st research center location

    Different stigmas will have different effects upon enchantment -- lowered CDs, higher damage/heals, etc. Here are a few examples:
  22. Are transformations scrolls still a thing?

    Yes, they are. It's much easier to get transparent scrolls now though if that was your concern previously. Often you can find them on the broker for cheaper than the cost of regular, non-transparent scrolls because they're so common in events now.
  23. FM - BoS drops success rate

    BoS is a good way to stock up on kinah though. You can run BoS on your alts and then store all their kinah in your warehouse. I've made about 150 mil this way during this first week only. It's mundane and I'm so tired of BoS since I've been running it since 5.6, BUT it's good to make some kinah since that's so hard these days.
  24. BCM Skins

    I've been waiting for years for Dragon Set motion to be added to BCM. D:
  25. Skin Farming in 7.0

    Yes, that is the current souvenir you get at level 80 in Besh Temple.