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  1. Chanter Skill bugged after 6.7

    See my previous quotes:
  2. Broken Ice Cream Machine

    I have been doing BoS for a year and a half and I have never, not one single time, seen this glitch. Are you sure that you all didn't just miss the prisoner in one of the cells? With all of the mobs and players running to and fro, it can sometimes be easy to miss a prisoner. That said, yes, this game is severely broken in many ways, and it's pretty sad.
  3. Chanter Skill bugged after 6.7

    Even if they CAN outdps the clothies, I think they should still be using Roaring in endgame pve if they have it because it helps magic classes a lot which will boost the overall group dps. Not for FM, BoS, stuff like that, but for IDD/PF/Veilen. That's just my opinion though, and I certainly wouldn't "call out" a chanter over it since it's purely my opinion.
  4. Chanter Skill bugged after 6.7

    My main is chanter and my most-played alt is a sorc. There is absolutely, 100% a difference in my dps when I have Roaring on my sorc. And it's not really a small difference either; it's quite noticeable. It is my opinion that magic classes benefit more from Roaring than physical classes. A lot of physical people are attack speed capped or very close, but that's less common for magic classes' attack/cast speed. A lot of chanters don't want to use it because it hurts their own dps because you lose the great dps from Overwhelming Judgment -- and as a chanter main, I get that -- but if you're in PF/IDD, you should really be using it to help your magic groupmates. (Not saying you aren't; that's a general "you.")
  5. Is Ncsoft killing Aion on purpose?

    Are you saying you actually read that capslock disaster of a post?
  6. Q & A session with the Community

    My thoughts as well.
  7. GP

    It's not about rank. It's about the gp season rewards -- kinah, enchantment stones, and manastones.
  8. Cyan can we get regular updates on critical issues?

  9. New GP Daily Bug?

    Accurate lmao.
  10. We had an event which had a portal that brought us to the old Tiamaranta's Eye map. In this map, there were fattie mobs everyone farmed to get items needed to purchase event rewards. The rewards were really helpful for us to purify our 75AP pvp gear to 80AP. About 12 hours after the event launched, NCsoft decided they had been too generous with the rewards list. Without warning us, they removed the event NPC where we would buy our rewards. They did not add it back until days later, and once added back, the prices were much higher. Basically, they made an in-game announcement that the event NPC would be removed until further notice, so we all dropped alliance from killing Sunyaka and ran back to where the NPC was to purchase items. However, they had already removed the NPC before even making the in-game announcement. So a lot of us had farmed that first day, excited to buy the purifying materials needed for our pvp gear, but NCsoft turned our grind into a complete waste of time. It was an event we were all insanely excited about; people came back to the game because of it. Pvp on the map was active. People were making friends with the opposite faction (you could talk to them without a translator). Everyone was just generally having fun. NCsoft absolutely destroyed any joy we felt about the event on the very first day.
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 1, 2019

    Go to the opposite faction's kibrium farm spot. That's 3-10 kills in a 2-3 minute time period unless you're very undergeared. Even if they end up killing you, it's still worth it.
  12. State of The Game

    Maaaaaan I want that parasol motion so badly, but I'm gonna stand my ground. Not gonna buy it until they fix gp/ap.
  13. What I'm feeling about the Game now

    I didn't do a single pvp instance -- or anything that would get me gp -- since Sunday and I'm STILL a 4-star. UGH MAKE IT GO AWAYYY I WANT MY AP.
  14. Pandora entry + naked alts

    I mean I actually don't even know @Forgotten-DN (Elyos maybe?), but I'm sure we can become friends in our mutual distaste for all things Arhangelos! We'll meet up in open world and instead of killing each other, we'll just /shout "ARHANGELOS!" and start clapping!
  15. Just end the GP Season

    More like, meanwhile at NCWest HQ: "Oh, are the Aion people bitching again? Oh well, we have a BnS server merge and 10 hours maintenance to deal with this week; they'll just have to wait another few weeks!"
  16. I'm sad.

    Yeah. We all got hyped for Bless Online and look where that ended up lol. I am in the minority, but I actually don't mind a game that requires some of my money every month and a decent amount of grinding IF it works properly. The problem with Aion is that it's constantly broken in various ways.
  17. I'm sad.

    It sucks because Aion has such a great combat system and pvp mechanics. I haven't found another game that is similar to Aion in those ways.
  18. I'm sad.

    I downloaded Blade & Soul last night, and it made me sad. Might try Tera too. Like, I'm not quitting Aion because I love Aion still, but I'm just so tired of its constant problems. It sucks to see something you love slowly be destroyed.
  19. EK Server Xfer Prior to Merge

    So a lot of people can't transfer to DN even if they WANT to pay the $20 because they're stuck due to their housing. They'll be stuck going to KT because that's where it will auto-transfer them later this month. NCsoft can't do anything right these past couple months, and it makes me so sad.
  20. Free Transfer Off EK to DN!!

    Pretty sure I recall my legion having Divine fort 2 or maybe 3 weeks ago? Even if it HAS been a month, can you really sit there and deny that you guys have only had Divine like 10% of the time in the past 6 months? Everyone saying DN is Asmo-dominated is right. I'm not sure why that's a hard concept to grasp. I (unfairly) benefit from it, and even I can admit it.
  21. Free Transfer Off EK to DN!!

    lmao WHAT Asmos kept Divine away from you for WEEKS while you guys had level 5 (5!!!!) buff. Weeks. Smh, you crazy, boi.
  22. restore the normal duration of transformations

    Lmao right? First world Kaisinel problems... smh.
  23. Lower Udas Temple in Gelkmoros

    It's accessed by jumping off a cliff and gliding over to it. Do you remember the yellow quest you did that had you jump off a cliff and glide down to kill a boss mob by a giant wall? You will actually glide OVER that wall to get to Udas Temple. The cliff you jump off is near the Subterranea Observation port spot.
  24. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 1, 2019