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  1. Server Down

    I really don't appreciate Hackalam going down. Downaria is OUR title. WE'RE the down server. !!!
  2. Can you identify what's this game ?

    I tried to get beta test key for this game, but was too late in all the giveaways boooooooo.
  3. Unbinding stone

    If you want the Harvester wings, you can still get them. That particular skin is on the purple wings that you get in FM. I also love the Labyrinth/AoE skins! I saved the chain version back in 5.8 and have it in my Luna Wardrobe for my chanter. I wish I had saved a cloth version for my sorc too.
  4. Desperate call for moderators and change for economy

    what even is this thread i can't read it because of all the capslock lel
  5. Unbinding stone

    I don't think anyone wants to outright say because it will just encourage more people to do it since NCsoft apparently won't stop it, but it has to do with old pvp Commander/Captain gear (75AP and 80AP). So if you don't have any of that, you wouldn't be able to anyway.
  6. Thinking on coming back need opinions

  7. Vote 20 skin candinates into GST

    !!!!! Wow, I actually really like these skins!
  8. Any tips to do fast luna instance ?

    During the flower event, there were several "prominent" players on DN-A who had 8-12 alts following each other and mass looting. If it isn't Sandboxie anymore, it's some other similar program.
  9. Please bring back the old AION PVE??

    Ohh sorry, I misunderstood you. The campaign quests are a one-time thing. You can do the instance again, but you can't repeat the yellow quests if you've actually completed them. If you failed to complete them, you can keep trying on them.
  10. Starting now. Should I wait for 7.0 to get gear?

    Yes. The pvp compensation gear (Winged Champion) is purifiable to the new 7.0 gear. The current crafted gear (Masterwork Conqueror) is not purifiable.
  11. Starting now. Should I wait for 7.0 to get gear?

    Are you talking about pvp gear? If so, you get the new 7.0 pvp gear from purifying the +15 Ultimate current gear. So you can't just jump right into it in 7.0. If you're talking about pve gear, then you can't jump right into that either because you won't be able to do the instance to get it due to not having any good pve gear. As you said, 7.0 is probably soon. However, knowing NCsoft, it could still be months away, who knows. I'd say just play the game and don't sweat it too much. Whatever gear you get (pve), great.
  12. Please bring back the old AION PVE??

    I'm pretty sure you can do the instance as much as you want.
  13. Minion Contracts - What Minions does each give?

    The better thing for you to be working on is getting four B-rank minions evolved to level 4. The rate of combining four B-ranks and getting a random A-rank is not too bad. In my opinion, you're more likely to get an A-rank that way than by opening Cute contracts.
  14. competition ranking pug

    On this one, the answer to me disconnecting and losing competition GP from siege was that I needed to try harder at siege lmao.
  15. prestige pack giving normal contracts

    I mean it's better than 5 prestige coins...
  16. Looking for old players

    Tiamat was merged with two other servers (Israphel and Kahrun) to become Danaria, if that helps you. Katalam is the merge result of the servers Siel and Beritra.
  17. Into the Nightmare

    So you're in Kromede's Trial. At the end of the instance is a bookcase, as you described. In front of the bookcase is an old man, I forget his name. He looks like a proper butler or something. You have to kill him. Then you should be able to access through the bookcase by right-clicking on it. If you have killed him and still can't get through the bookcase, then you might send a ticket to support because it sounds bugged at that point.
  18. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 19, 2019

    Either I'm hella lucky today or they increased the chances of getting a good amount of kinah from the Luna craft Kinah Bundle. I crafted 9 bundles on an alt. Three were fails, BUT from the other 6, I got: (1) 20 mil (3) 10 mil (2) 5 mil For a total of 60 mil, not too bad!
  19. Please bring back the old AION PVE??

    @Motionless-KT I don't have a toon at a low level to do the instance and take a screencap. However, if you are standing and facing the front of the room (where Tiamat is), the extra mob and portal will appear on your left side usually. I think there was one time it appeared on a different side, but I usually see it on the left side.
  20. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 19, 2019

    Agreed, doing FM/BoS kinah runs helps a lot. Of course, that doesn't help people who aren't geared -- which is often the people who are hurting for kinah the most.
  21. Partnership with 3rd parties

    Solution: Put your 4-year-old on another computer with alt Luna duty. lol kidding kidding
  22. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 19, 2019

    Hey, just a suggestion, but you might want to be saving your Prestige coins for the 15,000 coin title instead -- Prestigious Adept. It's the best title in the game, even better than Aion's Chosen. You can do the event twice a days for the permanent mount if you need a mount. (Sorry, I know you didn't ask for tips, but a lot of people don't know how awesome that title is!)
  23. Exploits approved and encouraged

    "Had?" Nah. I ran that event probably 75 times WITHOUT the old weapon tactic and did just fine. Possibly you had a bad templar if you were struggling in the Shugo event. Temp has to know when it is necessary to gather mobs, when it is NOT necessary, how MANY to gather (don't need a lot before the last boss), and the glad and/or sorc need to be helping gather mobs too.
  24. New Chanter

    We have a ton of stuns. Seriously, like half of the chanter skills have a chance to stun, stumble, or knockdown your opponent -- ESPECIALLY once you start getting your Daevanion skills. The only catch is that most of them are dependent upon a critical hit. In order to get crit strike, you need to retune your gear (with kinah) and/or socket crit strike manastones (expensive).