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  1. Aion: Awakened Legacy - November 14 Patch Notes

    Thank you, Cyan. We just want to be heard. Even if nothing changes, *you* at least have our respect for TRYING to communicate with us.
  2. Add These Item To Shop / Please Fix

    Kaisinel/ultimate transform only lasts 2 minutes, not 5.
  3. How do I get a mount?

    Sadly, the only other way for a permanent mount is real money (the BCM). That said, there ARE tradeable, permanent mounts that existed before 6.2. There might still be some people selling them, so check the broker. I know the Phantom Charger was one and a few others I can't remember their name right off the top of my head. Expect them to be very expensive though, so if you're a new player, you wouldn't have enough kinah to buy them yet.
  4. New Patch Thoughts

    won't** sell them
  5. The amount of GP needed to retain rank was fixed with today's maintenance. We'll all have our ranks back by tomorrow if we attend siege.
  6. Does Support Chanter exist now? Is it even useful?

    Orrrrr... use the superawesome mechanic that NCsoft gave us which allows us to click back and forth between more than one set of gear instantly. Seriously, it's so easy. But I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree on this topic.
  7. Enhancement Rate = Unplayable

    Correct. It's actually pretty difficult to do though. You have to master-proc the ancient piece, and then you have to master-proc the legendary piece, and THEN you have to master-proc the ultimate piece. That's a lot of rng to get the 2nd best in the game. Also, unfortunately, you cannot retune the stats of the crafted gear. Well, you can't on the regular crafted ultimate. Maybe you can on the proc'd crafted ultimate.
  8. Does Support Chanter exist now? Is it even useful?

    I didn't say to max out heal boost. I've never had "max" heal boost on my chanter. And I agree; there's no replacement for a good cleric. But to try to spread out all of your stats on just one set of gear is poor advice, if I'm being frank. You will never be a great dps, and you will never be a great support. You will be middle of the road because you'll be lacking stats in each area. It's best to have more than one set of gear. That said, I do agree that dps gear should be prioritized over support gear. Get your dps gear looking good before you start working on your support gear.
  9. Does Support Chanter exist now? Is it even useful?

    The shield part of it is only for yourself now, correct. However, it does give 200 heal boost. Here is the tooltip:
  10. Black Friday Doorbuster Bundle ......

    Yeeeeeaaahhhh... that deal is a bit... hm. I'll save my BCM coin.
  11. Equipment Extraction Supplement - Where can I get this?

    Agreed. Crap item. I actually got less spirit fragments than average by using it.
  12. Does Support Chanter exist now? Is it even useful?

    This is from where your issue is stemming. A chanter needs separate sets for dps and support. Your dps set will have atk/crit. Your support set will have hp/hb. If you try to make just one set and cover all of those bases, you will not do any of them very well because you won't have enough stats for any of them. I think you're talking about pve (correct me if I'm wrong), so I'll take from a pve perspective as well. I will always be in my dps gear with hybrid stigmas (giving me the WoI linked stigma, but bottom and extra stigmas are all dps except Word of Life). However, I also have a hp/hb set. It's useful when I'm full healing, of course, but even if I have a cleric and I'm dpsing 95% of the time, I will still one-click over to my heal boost set, pop Word of Life or a single target heal, then immediately click back over to my dps set and keep going. You can really maximize your heals that way. Don't forget the Protection Ward skill (the yellow one) also gives heal boost as well as our 4k skill, Winter Circle.
  13. New Patch Thoughts

    I can comment on this part as you were (maybe still are?) actually in my legion. In the first day or two of the patch when everyone was mass leveling from 70s-80, I was around you multiple times in open world as we were completing the same quests. I actually asked you at one point in both whispers and legion chat if you wanted to group so we could share the mob kills for the quests. You didn't answer. That might have been unintentional as perhaps you don't read your chat logs, but you will only get out of legion what you put into it.
  14. Is this a social game?

    I don't know, I won't do anything solo. I hate playing by myself. I won't do Mirash lol. I afk Luna. Anything I have to do by myself, I don't like it. I am almost always in a group of some sort. It's just a matter of perspective. As @Aly-DN said, you have to keep putting yourself out there. But you also have to be willing to actually put forth an effort to do a good job. For example, if you aren't willing to use a transform scroll, the rest of the group is going to see you as someone who doesn't care about the success of the group.
  15. Your target gear =)

  16. Aly and Cyan both have the letters Y and A in their names. Therefore, they both work for NCsoft. *stacks a tin foil hat on top of my tin foil hat*
  17. NA - Ereshkigal [NEW]- Unbalanced Factions.

    Heeeeeyyyyyy, some of us played chanter before it was cool/easy.
  18. Pet to save our kinah

    I was literally not mocking you. I was actually genuinely curious if there was some other way I just wasn't thinking about -- if there was something that could cause me to accientally lose my kinah. However, you didn't list anything else aside from the broker, so I'll take that as a no.
  19. It's also the one that has your name on it (unless you disabled names). Ffs, this is just getting ridiculous at this point. I agree that looking like a penguin is stupid. But to literally say you don't know which toon is yours? Just asinine.
  20. Duplicate Daevanion Skill Book - what to do?

    In 6.5, you will be able to enchant your skillbooks using duplicates -- similar to how we enchant stigmas. So hang on to your extras.
  21. Thanks for quitting on the other two people in your group and costing them their run............
  22. Some things I want to talk about Aion

    Go into your graphics settings and turn ON (as in, check the box) the Fixed FPS setting. This brought me from about 5fps to 15fps. Also, turning off rank/legion names for people and turning off effects for all helps to a lesser degree. The Fixed FPS setting is what really helps me though.
  23. A question about stigmas.

    No. As @Capa-KT mentioned above, you will receive 6 stigmas for free with campaign quests UNLESS you've already passed over those levels. If this were a new toon, you'd be getting 6 free stigmas. Level up further and see if you get a new book at level 50/55.
  24. Smuggler Shugo

    Yeah, the drop rate is shit unfortunately. But hey, it's NCsoft, so no surprise there.
  25. A question about stigmas.

    I'm not entirely sure what your question is, so I will answer it in two ways -- hopefully one of the ways will address your actual concern. 1. The two extra stigma slots are only usable once all six of your other stigmas are enchanted to +9 (or higher). Once all +9 stigmas are socketed, those two extra stigma slots will unlock and you can put stigmas in them. Note, you can only use lesser/green stigmas in the extra slots. 2. NPCs do not sell stigmas now. You can acquire them a few different ways: Events occasionally Mirash Sanctuary occasionally (solo instance) Broker Open world drops (very rare) Other players (stigmas are still tradeable between players)