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  1. Competition Ranking

    I've been so productive around the house during this event. Yesterday, I mowed the lawn and showered while afking my runs lol.
  2. Servers Crashed?

    I'm a project manager, and I work at a firm that manages military construction. The US Navy waits for no man lol. So I understand and agree with you. However, we don't really know that Cyan DIDN'T immediately get on the situation and try to inform people who can do something about it.
  3. Servers Crashed?

    Agreed. Cyan is just the messenger. He's not the one putting us through #downaria lol.
  4. Servers Crashed?

    how dare you i'm only salty because it's true
  5. Servers Crashed?

    rip danaria 2k18
  6. Need to take out the ability to auto attack in daeva dash

    This person will be removed from Musicians for Hire once @downaria is over. We don't support this kind of griefing. Sorry, Optimis.
  7. Servers Crashed?

  8. Need to take out the ability to auto attack in daeva dash

    ... I'm honestly not even sure who this is. This must be a new legion member. We will check into it, thanks.
  9. Servers Crashed?

  10. Minion Contracts - What Minions does each give?

    Very helpful post, thanks!
  11. Instanced housing

    More than I did. I saw it and was like nope lol.
  12. Daeva Dash no enemies

    What the hell lmao. People take this game way too seriously. I'm happy as long as I get 3 keys haha.
  13. prime royal captain combat accessory box?

    I literally just opened one of the event armor boxes yesterday and got a hat out. Unless my box was glitched/special in some way. There is no need to be mean. I apologize for being incorrect about the wings.
  14. prime royal captain combat accessory box?

    Wings have their own box. Hats are in the armor box.
  15. Hack: Hellokittie and Mistake KT - Race Event

    I saw one person go from the bottom of the race map (start of the instance) to the 2nd to the top of the race map (nearly the end). In one shot. Also, a legionmate of mine was sprinting on the mount at that part and a *running* (not on the mount) opponent was able to keep up and even pass him. The hack struggle is real lmao.
  16. Remove Gogorunerk Kisk

  17. I would pick Enshar just because it's so pretty and it has my favorite race, the Tehji. I know everyone else hates it though lol.
  18. Daeva Dash FULL OF BUGS

    Good lord this was annoying lmao. Like it's a good strategy, I guess, but maaaaaaan it's frustrating haha.
  19. Daeva Dash FULL OF BUGS

    Hey come on now, Aly lmao. I wouldn't ever do it first. But if they take all of our transforms, we have no choice or we can't really participate.
  20. Daeva Dash FULL OF BUGS

    Never mind, I just did some messing around. Apparently, if you spawn the kisk from your inventory that you get upon entering, and you click on it, it will transport you to the opposite faction starting point. So it IS a bug, but definitely one that's being exploited so that the opposite faction can steal your transforms. That said, if it happens, just pop your kisk and then you can go steal THEIR transforms in return.
  21. Daeva Dash FULL OF BUGS

    Pretty sure that's a hack, not a bug.
  22. Daeva Dash Event Reward List

    Lol right?! I'm already like "ok I want to run it first with THESE specific friends because they won't get mad if we fail hardcore" lolol.
  23. Daeva Dash Event Reward List

    I wonder if chanters will be able to use celerity mantra like we could in SFT?
  24. Daeva Dash Event Reward List

    I'm sad that we're getting those stupid godstones. I thought we had escaped that mess.
  25. Bidding at Suna drop?

    Yeeeep. It makes more sense now that I've slept lol.