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  1. Love this game (shut it down thanks)

    what even is this thread
  2. Raise cap for kinah selling to npc

    ain't nobody got time fo dat
  3. Raise cap for kinah selling to npc

    You can do it right from your inventory. You don't need to speak with an actual NPC.
  4. Raise cap for kinah selling to npc

    Furthermore, a lot of players (including myself) refuse to partake of these enchanting services. It's not supported by NCsoft, so if someone steals your item, NCsoft will not help you.
  5. I like a lot of your ideas, but nonono to this one. Would create SO much drama. 1. Adding items: They get to choose what gets added which will lead to people crying in lfg that they don't like something or they wanted something else added instead. 2. Adding items: Not every governor is useful. On DN-A, this might work because our governor is active and not a huge a$$hole. On other servers? You might get a governor who just flat refuses to do anything or deliberately adds crappy stuff just to spite the playerbase. OR, a governor who will deliberately withhold things as a sort of punishment for losing sieges, not doing things the way the governor wants it done, etc. (If you think I'm being dramatic, just remember the whole Pocos/siege situation from last year on DN-E.) 3. Governor needs to spend kinah or AP: Lol, not gonna happen. "Why should I have to spend only my kinah or AP?" And tbh, I kind of agree. 4. Governor gets special items: See point 1 about crying in lfg. "WHY DOES THE GOVERNOR GET 20% PVP BUFF?! THAT'S NOT FAIR!" Again, I agree.
  6. Returning from years of absence

    As Heuo said, we're all on the standard server in Norsvold or Iluma usually. Also, our respective Upper Abyss landings at nighttime. Fast track server is pretty dead since leveling is so fast.
  7. 6.0 info

    What fresh hell is this... GG, NCsoft. Not only can players still use their godstones in their old weapons (which KR players are actively doing), but now the minions will also be like another godstone.
  8. Question about one point in 5.8 Patch Notes

    It means that the amount of minium you get from The Ancient Weapon invasion (commonly called Iluma/Norsvold invasion) has been increased. Those invasions occur on Saturday night (Iluma) and Sunday night (Norsvold). Or am I misunderstanding your question?
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 28, 2018

    2012 called; they want you back.
  10. Evergale AFKing

    I agree. I won't ever afk at the beginning. If I don't feel like pvping, then I just won't do Evergale that day lol. I will keep trying until the other side is like 2500 points ahead of us. At that point, if there's no chance of us getting 4000 points, I will stop and just wait for it to end so that I can start a new Evergale.
  11. Bobonerk had no quest?

    You have to do the pink Bobonerk quests in order. That said, you should be able to see Adma's Fall (the first one). Is it possible you already accepted the Adma's Fall pink quest and it's just in your quest window, waiting to be completed? You will not see Theo, DL , FP, AoE, CoE pink quests until you complete the ones before them.
  12. Aion Assassin pvp 6.0

    O_O Jfc, Rara, go take your heart medication.
  13. Evergale AFKing

    Yesterday I had a grand total of four people (including myself) who were actually active in my alliance during one of my Evergales. 84% of the alliance was afk.
  14. Drakenseer's Lair glitch?

    Killing your groupmate was actually the HELPFUL thing to do if the boss was already dead. As Azzmaria pointed out, if you have not talked to the NPC and had the debuff removed before the boss dies, you are stuck with it and you cannot loot the boss. So you actually did your groupmate a favor by killing him/her -- assuming someone resurrected him/her afterward to allow for boss looting.
  15. A funny story..

    One time I was rifting and I saw an Elyos killing some mobs. One of the mobs was about to kill the Elyos, so I helped kill the mob before the Elyos died. The Elyos pointed at me, and I did the dance emote. Then we went our separate ways. Personally, I wouldn't attack an Elyos if they were trying to communicate with me. Some people say "red is dead," but I like to have fun in other ways too.
  16. Evergale sabotage

    Asmo here. 4 Evergales last night. All losses, not even 4k points. Yes, Asmos lose too, Ele......
  17. All confused...

    ........ Is that what was being discussed? lmaooooo!! My bad. I don't see people call it the archdaeva set though. I always see "mythic AC" or "ancient coin."
  18. All confused...

    Apollon gear IS archdaeva gear. Any 66+ gear that is marked as "archdaeva" in its item description is -- and there are many different "brands" of archdaeva gear. Apollon, Labyrinth, Frigida, Harvester, Adma, Laboratory, etc. These are all archdaeva gears of varying usefulness. The archdaeva label just means that you cannot use it unless you are at least level 66 (an archdaeva). And yes, you can buy these on the broker or from other players as they are tradeable. Laboratory (from Theo instance) and Adma gear are useless, not even as good as your free level 55 gear that you get from Enshar/Cygnea. They are only used for disenchanting to get crafting and chronos stones. Labyrinth gear comes from Archives of Eternity. It's a little bit better than the 55 gear. You can do CoE in this gear if the rest of your group is decent. As a cleric, you will struggle to heal your group (and stay alive yourself) in this gear, especially on the first boss. The second boss is a bit easier to heal. Frigida gear comes from the mass instance which occurs on Sundays called Dredgion Defense (accessed by the little cave icon by your skill bars). There is regular orange Frigida gear, then Pure Frigida, then Sophisticated Frigida. These gears are technically around the same level as Apollon gear, but they are obsolete now because A) it's very hard to get the best Sophisticated Frigida gear as a drop and a pain to purify from the lower versions of Frigida and B) everyone is aiming for Harvester/Master Harvester now. Apollon gear comes from Cradle of Eternity and Trials of Eternity, as you are aware. It is the third best gear in the game for PVE right now. Harvester gear comes from Bastion of Souls. You'll need to be level 73-75 to run this instance and have at least 20k HP unbuffed ideally. This is the second best PVE gear. Master Harvester (comes from purifying the regular Harvester) is the best PVE gear in the game right now.
  19. Playerbase (If It's Worth Coming Back)

    Imo, you should play now, if only to get a feel for things and remember things you have forgotten in the many years since you've played. Yes, things will be different in 6.0, but a lot of things will still remain. Ranger is pretty good in pvp against some classes, less so in pve.
  20. Characters and purchased items

    Note, the game will recommend Katalam automatically to you -- just ignore that message and go into Danaria.

    So I'm not speaking for @Lambdachi-DN, but I will speak for myself. I have Aion installed on my home computer, obviously, and I also have it installed on my work computer. I'm a project manager at a firm that manages military construction. Needless to say, I see some files that are absolutely confidential through my career. I cannot have a program scanning my work computer. I don't care about my home computer, and I will continue to play on that computer. But I am going to have to uninstall Aion from my work computer. (Goodbye, afking events~)
  22. New...Ish player.

    Server populations are about even, but more Elyos on both servers. Here are some other recent returning user threads you can skim through.
  23. Weekend buff and Power Up Week results?

    There is a culture in this game that people who achieve that sort of award may have paid a lot of real life money to do so. Regardless of if they did, many people would then try to shame them and make them feel like a bad player who has pay to win even if it's not true. I can understand why NCsoft will not publicly release these people's names.