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  1. Suggestions to improve

    Truuuuuuuuuth. These fragments are way too hard to obtain in comparison with how many of them we need.
  2. What Do You Do In 6.2

    I thought the xp for the minions only came from killing mobs. Does it also come from quest turn-ins?
  3. Private stores are gone.
  4. What Do You Do In 6.2

    Ok this made me laugh because it's so true lmao.
  5. Big Thank You

    It may not be perfect, but hey. Although I do agree about the website. Long overdue and much appreciated!
  6. Gathering issue (Asmodae)

    Essencetapping has been made effectively obsolete. Although it still exists, there are only things to gather in Pernon.
  7. NCWEST Please take this post seriously

  8. How are your transformation contract pulls? (research)

    Shocked me too since I regularly roll 1 on shit lmao. 10 were from the BCM; 4 were from the kinah shop. Note, the 4 kinah shop ones were all white. The greens/ancients came from the BCM.
  9. About Send logs...

    Go to the folder: Aion > data > dump and open the file called config.ini. Set ValidTableDump=1 and NormalStop=1. Then save** the file. Lastly, right-click on it and set it to read only. ** If it says you can't save it, copy the file onto your desktop and make the changes there first. Save it, then move it back to the Aion dump folder and set it to read only.
  10. How are your transformation contract pulls? (research)

    I have opened 14 contracts so far. I've received 2 ancient, 2 green, and 10 white. I consider myself lucky lol.
  11. GP This Patch....

  12. Transformation crap

    Transformation scrolls are used in conjunction with the transformation contracts to transform you for 2-10 minutes (depending on which contract you use). Potions are one-time consumables.
  13. Soon as I go to buy a hairstyle...

    To add to this, you need to be in Panda/Sanctum for it to work.
  14. game open with black screen

    This happens to me whenever I need to update my Nvidia graphics driver. That might not be the case for you, but you might check.
  15. a question about old equipment

    I deleted my old gear. However, like Bryos said, I have kept my cast/atk speed gloves. I went ahead and did away with the run speed shoes though since I have ancient transforms and my main is chanter (celerity mantra and acceleration cheer is one of my extra stigmas). Up to you on that though.
  16. stuck on loading screen

    Is Xigncode loading? You would see a graphic in the lower right corner of your screen for it if it is. You might try going into your bin64 folder for Aion and renaming aion.bin to aion.bin.old then restart your client.
  17. Question regarding cleric and mana

    Agree with @Liiny-DN. I've actually found it easier to keep up with mana on my cleric. Amplification and Blessed Shield have short cds now, so like Liiny said, just keep spamming whichever one is available every 30 seconds.
  18. I thought the same, but turns out they were in a strange present box. It didn't look like a gear box. Check your inventory closely.
  19. Exchanged scrolls

    Yeah, i was like weeeelllpppp when i saw which instances were on the list.
  20. Where are the new god stones?

    Oh crap, I forgot about the minion thing lmfao.
  21. New & Returning Players: Worth??

    Literally this. I'm a 4-star and the only pvp I do is Evergale lmao. I absolutely do not 1v1 or do pvp instances such as IDL or OW because I only do things in this game as social activities (and Evergale is more social for me). If I have to do it by myself, such as 1v1 or even pve stuff like Mirash, I just won't do it at all. So yeah, just basic playing will get you a rank easily.
  22. Scrolls will just be deleted?

    I understand your frustrations and do agree to a certain extent. My alchemy is also maxed out and cooking is almost there. So I get where you're coming from. However, it's not really "on a whim" that it's being removed. I don't want to dismiss your concerns because, again, I understand the time and kinah you've put into your crafting. That said, their removal is part of an overall growth attempt for the game -- an attempt to make it a better, more cohesive game. It's painful at first, but it's better - in the long run -- for the health of the game. Also, yes, games can always hit the "start over button"; that's just how games work. That's a reality we have to consider when we do something in ANY game. It does suck, but NCsoft has to try to get this game to be more cohesive and less outdated, and this is just one of many things they needed to do. I'm sorry that it negates your work; it negates mine too. But if it's better for the game in the long run, we should all try to be okay with it.
  23. Just Bragging

    Lol I don't blame you!