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  1. Fine elemental Stone Craft Alchemy?

    Fine Elemental Stones are a "base" material, so you cannot craft them. Someone can correct me if I am mistaken, but I have expert alchemy on one of my toons, and I don't think I've ever seen a design for crafting the stones. You can get them in the following ways: 1) Open world drops. They're more commonly found in the mid-level zones, such as Gelkmaros and similarly-leveled instance mobs, such as in Beshmundir Temple. I got about 20 doing one run of Beshmundir Temple a few days ago. 2) Buying them on the broker. They average about 1,800 kinah per stone, so this is the cheapest and fastest way. 3) Morphing them from aether. Buy the morphing book from the Aethertapping NPC in Panda/Sanctum; it's the last design on the last page. He's named Areke on Asmo side, not sure about Ely. Note, morphing books require DP, and you can only morph (if I recall correctly) 40 fine elemental stones with 4000 DP. So morphing them will cost you a lot of jellies and a lot of cooldown time on your jellies. Not to mention, you'll have to buy the aether if you don't have aethertapping leveled a small amount.
  2. How do I use the character creation costumes?

    So I just looked out of curiosity, but for me, Contemporary Look (and yes, that is it because I have it on one of my sets) was under Mage, not the last one, Muse. Then I went out and went back in and then Labyrinth set was under Mage. I didn't realize it shows a different skin each time you go in lol. Random and irrelevant, but it just wasn't something I had ever noticed before lol.
  3. Lucky Arena and more team base games in arena

    I think this may be a little too complicated of an idea. However, I do think that Arena of Discipline should have more of a level divide. 66-75 can be wildly unfair. I, as level 74, absolutely slaughter some opponents whom I suspect are only level 66 or 67. As a pve queen, my pvp gear is not that great. So I can't even imagine how quickly these lowbies must die against truly talented pvpers. I think it should be like 66-70 and then 71-75. Would make it a little more fair. That said, most of the Arenas are going away in 6.0, so I guess it won't matter that much anymore.
  4. Ac Gear NPC Location?

    Lol I'm not sure why. Some people just like to be unhelpful a**holes though.
  5. Ac Gear NPC Location?

    For the ancient coin gears, you can purchase the base (orange/eternal) gears from the shugos over in Enshar. They are located on the west side of the map in Whirlpool Temple. After you have purchased those, you can then buy the morph designs from the NPC in Norsvold; his name is Teyar and he is inside the Materials Shop room. Then you can morph your orange/eternal AC gears into the purple/mythic versions -- called Remodeled Danuar. Alternatively, you can buy them on the broker too if you have the kinah.

    Ding ding ding! It surprises me that so many people truly don't understand how workplace culpability is a factor in many (most?) careers. Furthermore, Cyan and Hime are human beings and deserve to be treated with respect regardless.
  7. Luna is the reason why Aion is dead

    I mean, I was under the assumption that literally everyone thought that Luna is the one bright spot we can all agree upon in this game lol. Except I still don't have my unicorn. Shame on you, Luna!
  8. Rewards - Frozen Magic Event

    A few of us were like "hey... :(" the first couple of days, but honestly, it's another unsurprising glitch that we're all pretty used to having in this game. So it's not worth the big vocal forum complaints, ESPECIALLY since the snowballs give crap anyway. One more +1 snowball is worth next to nothing.
  9. Rewards - Frozen Magic Event

    I stopped opening snowballs and just started selling them around day 4 of this event. It's a shame that NCsoft nerfed the RNG rate so severely, but it's unsurprising. Lots of people are sad that this once great event has become so unfortunate. Ah well, onward and upward to the next thing.
  10. Rinkusan's Commentary/Guide on Group PvP Chanters

    Agreed completely. That's exactly the playstyle I like to use. Granted, there are times when I'm the only healer and so then obviously things are different. But if I'm with a cleric, yeah, "pseudo-templar" all the way. With the new profile gear saves, it's so easy to just do one click and switch from your dps set to your heal set for 2 seconds then immediately switch back. I don't know why so many chanters don't want to do it? I really want NCsoft to change Rage Spell to a toggle skill like our mantras. Like you said, I can't have it on most of the time because of that detriment to cast speed. If it was toggled, we could easily do a custom chain combo to toggle it off before immediately going into Healing Burst or whatever. Anyway, maybe in 6.0 Aion will increase the amount of HP that Healing Light and many of the cleric skills actually restores because so many of those cleric skills are just as useless as our Healing Light. But I digress.
  11. 6.0 info

    I think they're removing a few too many of the instances. That said, I am INNNN LOVVVEEEEE with all of the new gear sets, especially that Alice in Wonderland-looking set.
  12. Gear after lvl 55 Fledgling Gear?

    One of them, can't remember which (I think Theo?), gives the box to everyone. Like not the rolling loot, but the box everyone gets from the boss. That box contains orange gear, so that breaks into the Ancient Crafting Stones. I think that's what @Transcend-KT is referring to as the rolling loot drops are purple and break into Chronos Stones.
  13. Professions Getting Buffed??

    I would love for this to happen, but I wouldn't get my hopes up. They'll probably nerf aetherforging to be easier to level, but I doubt they'll touch the old crafts. I hope I'm wrong though!
  14. Returning Player Have Questions

    2. It depends upon which types of manastones you are looking to socket. For the archdaeva stones (power, precision, knowledge, etc), you can get low level ones from basically all group instances, but those +1, +2, etc are just trash. Anything below +6 is trash tbh. Do your weekly Lunas as doing them for seven weeks will grant you 90 of the +6 manastones in whichever category you want. You can also get +6 or higher sometimes from the boxes in Cradle of Eternity (although your level/gear may not be high/good enough to run that instance yet). Also, you can get a few from doing the solo instance Crucible Spire which you access from Marchutan/Kaisinel. That's archdaeva stones, broadly. For composite stones, aside from the aforementioned broker, you can get those from some of the older instances, such as Linkgate Foundry. 3. I'm not sure what you are asking. Do you mean you are looking to run a solo instance that will get you new gear? If so, there is no such instance. The top three gear "brands" these days are Harvester (1st place) and Apollon and Sophisticated Frigida (tied for 2nd place, depending on your class and the individual gear piece). Aside from outright buying these on the broker, they are dropped from Bastion of Souls (Harvester), Cradle of Eternity and Trials of Eternity (Apollon), and Pandaemonium/Sanctum Defense on Sundays (Sophisticated Frigida). Sophisticated gear is a very rare drop from Panda/Sanctum Defense, and that instance will be going away very soon. So that gear is pretty much obsolete, despite its good stats. Harvester is obviously the best, but you will not have the level or gear to run that instance yet, so you could only get it by purchasing it outright or getting lucky in events. Apollon is very viable to get by playing in-game; make sure you're getting the upgraded Apollon -- it would have conditioning and manastone slots. The basic Apollon cannot be conditioned and manastoned. Cradle of Eternity is runable from around level 71 or higher. You can sometimes run it at a lower level if the group is willing to carry you. Note, most of these groups will be advertised as "2 boss." You can still get the gear from 2 boss. The third boss drops more gear, weapons, and sometimes the wings. Most "all 3 bosses" groups will be level 73+. 4. Meh. Not really. I mean yes and no. The mythic AC gear might be better than what you have since I'm not sure what you have. However, it's not that much better than the free gear you get at level 55 now. (I'm aware you won't have that gear since you're returning.) That said, you need a lot of ancient coins to buy a full set of the mythic AC gear, and by the time you farm all of that, you will be able to run Cradle of Eternity and get Apollon which is much better. Most of us use the ancient coins for consumables, crafting designs, soul unbinding stones, etc. If you have absolute crap gear right now, you might just run a couple of Archives of Eternity and get that gear as a very temporary measure; it's called Labyrinth gear. Note, you will only have this gear for a few days most likely as it is NOT gear that you will want to keep. It would only be intended to carry you through your level 60s until you can get the Apollon gear (or Harvester). It's also purchase-able on the broker for crazy cheap. tl;dr: Tell us what your current gear is and then we can better assess what you need to be focusing on.
  15. NEXT AION 2018.1.17

    We already have that Wejabobo or whatever his name is who "guides" us on the campaign quests that take us through the Tower of Eternity stuff. Aion may be planning to develop him further (or something like him).
  16. Fire form Fail - Arena

    Using transform in Arena is just embarrassing tbh. Like you really can't stand to lose THAT MUCH? You're basically saying, "I am not good enough to win via skills or gear, but I cannot bear to lose gracefully, so I'm going to let this OP transform carry me." I'd be too embarrassed to do that lol. Whatever though, different strokes for different folks.
  17. Chieftain Manumumu help!!

    Here you go: http://aiondatabase.net/us/npc/210598/ Look at the purple flags. For future reference, that site has maps for most of the NPCs.
  18. true gossip?

    Yeah, there's really no need for you to be stirring the pot.....
  19. Chanters don't need mana help lol. But seriously, yes, there are a few support songweavers out there -- the BG of my legion is a good one -- but they are rare. Most songweavers will not ever help heal. And that's totally fine. But they should not have the shortest cast speed resurrection.
  20. Black cloud Market

    It happens to several of us every now and then. It has happened to me once or twice. I just wait until the next day and it usually fixes itself. Not a great solution, I know, but worth a try since support is slow during the holidays.
  21. Increase songweaver's resurrection skill from 3s cast time to 6s -- just like clerics and chanters. OR reduce cleric/chanter resurrection cast time to 3s to match songweavers. There's no reason a songweaver should have a shorter res time than the two ACTUAL support classes, especially considering most songweavers have no desire to resurrect someone because they'd rather just afk 1,2,3 the whole time. Turn archdaeva skills into regular skills if we're going to be losing the CP system -- or, at the very least, turn them into acquirable stigmas. i.e., please don't make me lose group Protection Ward. T___T Increase the amount of HP restored to a few of the cleric's skills. Restoring 1k HP when everyone has a minimum of 20k HP these days is just insane. It made sense years ago, but not now. Give chanters a dispel skill. P L E A S E. Like 3min cd, I don't care, just SOMEthing. Any other ideas I have would be too unfair if I'm being honest hahaha.
  22. Why all 2h physical weapons are bad dps ?

    Agreed completely. Also, another problem with Word of Inspiration is that it only lasts 15 seconds. So you're having to constantly spam it, thus taking away from your personal dps. I honestly think Inspiration is a waste unless they change it to last longer than 15 seconds. Idk, it's all opinions, of course, and everyone's opinion is valid; I just much prefer having Instigation all the time. This is what I bring to the group in end-game instances -- what makes my spot just as valid as someone with higher dps. Instigation, Blessing of Stone, and Healing Burst are pretty much always in my toolkit unless I'm going solo in Crucible Spire.

    I ship it.
  24. Pocket healers?

    Insult us because we love that sort of thing and we'll come running.
  25. Why all 2h physical weapons are bad dps ?

    You obviously don't run pugs lmao. There are still many, many clerics who struggle to even heal Adma/Theo.