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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 15, 2017

    @Cyan I (all of us?) did not get any token surveys.
  2. Kicked by angry lead + bugged by system at siege.

    It's just easier to call them all Dux.
  3. Mastering Alchemy

    Superior wind serums and fine bracing waters are both level 500. True, you can just buy them on the broker, but they're very nice to craft yourself, plus they sell very well.
  4. Mastering Alchemy

    Never apologize for wanting to learn anything in life! Viseris gave great advice. Elemental powders and elemental waters will be your bread and butter for most things. As Viseris said, you can get the elemental stones from morphing. However, they're also often on the broker for cheap because people get them on their lowbie alts and sell them. But yeah, do the work orders when you're leveling up alchemy because it's the cheapest way to go. I mixed in a few crafts I know would sell too though -- like temporal stones, wind serums, and run/cast/atk scrolls.
  5. OuOb Hack!!

    I was looking at the screencap and I was like waaaaaait a minute... lmao!
  6. Lightspeed Ironfang stats

  7. Kicked by angry lead + bugged by system at siege.

    I don't know why he'd even get mad about dying. Siege deaths are frequent and common. It happens to us all. That's why we place a kisk. It's really not a big deal. Sounds like he needs to take a chill pill lol.
  8. Luna Omega Drop Rates

    NCsoft why did you change my rate?! Did I not provide enough cookies and Christmas cards to you?! *cries all day*
  9. Another concept of new class based on muse

    NCsoft, can we please get a stripper/poledancer as the second muse class?
  10. What gear should i buy?

    Absolutely. We had some really good events these past couple of months (although some people will never be satisfied lol). We'll probably have another good event next month.
  11. What gear should i buy?

    Yeah, new players are poor af until around level 70-72. It's the harsh reality of this game as most of the open-world methods of farming kinah have been removed due to bots. Here are a few threads with methods to make kinah: Also, you might attempt Crucible Spire, a solo instance. Each floor has its own rewards and some of the floors reward kinah. You may have difficulty doing it in the level 55 gear, but you could probably get at least a couple of the floors done.
  12. What gear should i buy?

    Others may disagree, but I don't recommend the AoE gear (called Labyrinth) to actually wear nowadays; it is not much better than the free gear you get at level 55. You should still run AoE, absolutely, because you can disenchant the gear for chronos stones. Chronos stones are used to morph manastones, or if you're not ready to deal with all of that yet (which you probably aren't because you don't have gear you want to actually keep yet), then you can sell those chronos stones for about 3 million each. CoE gear, on the other hand, is still very viable to use in the game. It is called Apollon if you would like to search it out on the broker; many groups will not take people in a CoE group until you're level 70-72--especially if you're in the level 55 gear still. You can buy Apollon accessories very cheap on the broker. Like, you can buy the basic belt for about 1 million. Note, there are different "levels" of Apollon gear. The basic versions are just that--basic. They do not have any slots for manastones and cannot be conditioned (for extra stats). You use the Golden Wing Marks to upgrade them into the better "level" of Apollon gear which has slots for manastones and can be conditioned. CoE drops several boxes of the "basic" gear for every person in the group. Most of us just disenchant it. So if you're in a legion, you might ask some level 72+ legionmates if they'll give you a set of the basic CoE gear they get. We get several runs a week, so it's not that much of an imposition. You can then buy the Golden Wing Marks on the broker and upgrade your basic gears.
  13. Mastering Alchemy

    You might want to read through the two threads below. Beyond that, it is not necessary to take up aethertapping as you can buy aether in the craft hall in Sanctum/Panda. However, yes, it will save you kinah if you can tap your own aether.
  14. Housing Refunds

    The two DN-A palaces both went for over 20 bil yesterday.
  15. Ugh need help!!!

    It's true that chanters are often expected to heal. However, they ARE in the same class as cleric though, so this is not an unreasonable expectation. Also, as you noted, chanters hit like cooked spaghetti. We don't offer much in the form of dps; our purpose is to make the rest of the group feel like gods with our buffs and help keep everyone alive. Chanters aren't meant to be hard hitters. That's not the way the class was designed. I mean, we can heal ourselves nearly as much as a cleric, and we have all of these buffs. It would be kind of unfair if we hit hard too, right? lol It would be another broken class (like songweaver... XD). But anyway, yeah, if you like to be able to JUST heal yourself and still be able to do a nice amount of damage, I think you might like songweaver.
  16. Manastone: Magic Suppresion +50

    I think Bryos meant that they're *difficult* to get because most people don't do the activities required to get them, not that they are *literally impossible* to get.
  17. What sells for alchemy and cooking??

    Superior wind serums and DP jellies. Your levels aren't high enough though, so those would only be if you continued to level your alchemy and cooking.
  18. Ugh need help!!!

    I've seen maybe two "full support" songweavers ever. Most songweavers do not like to heal anyone except themselves lol. (Which is fine; if they wanted to heal, they'd go cleric or chanter.) As such, most groups do not expect songweavers to heal. That said, songweavers ARE expected to keep the main healer's (cleric or chanter, whoever) mana restored at all times. Some songweavers do not, and honestly, they're crap lol. Granted, most higher level clerics and chanters don't need a lot of mana assistance, but you would still need to keep an eye on it.
  19. Cat and Dog candies

    Oh holy crap, I really want the pink and red ones lol.
  20. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 8, 2017

    Cyan, can you please post a photo of your face when you read these threads? I picture it like this:
  21. What quests reward Kinah?

    Do your weekly Theos, Admas, and AoEs. Disenchant the gear. Sell the resulting chronos/crafting stones.
  22. Socketing Harvester sets

    Could also be: A) They don't give a crap about PvP. B) They have the extra kinah, so why not?
  23. Ongoing DDoS Service Impact

    Guys, we're all frustrated, but infighting won't solve anything.
  24. Improve level Reduction stone rates

    I've never gotten an essence core above +2. Seriously, not one single time.
  25. Hellp Please :(

    Support is able to see when people do or do not receive items they were supposed to receive. You should put in a support ticket. They will check their log and see that you didn't get the stigma.