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  1. PSA: XP events and XP amulets stack multiplitively

    Heck yeah they do. I did one run of BT (duo) and took my cleric from level 55 to level 61. Did a second run and took it to level 65. One hour of effort for 10 levels lol.
  2. PvP Gearing for New Players?

    Hi! :3 Just a quick note on this, you can afk the arenas and still get credit! Obviously, you won't get as much GP/AP/insignias as you would if you actually win, but it's still a good way to start saving up to buy your PVP gear.
  3. ^ I'm thinking of doing the same haha.
  4. Technical Support Team

    I'm at the point now where I won't enter a group instance until I've already had "my daily client crash," as I've begun calling it. I know it's coming at least once per log, so I just have to wait it out so I don't inadvertently abandon my group by crashing. It's kind of killing my Aion mood, tbh.
  5. pvp balance

    There are so, so many factors here. Higher level than you? Better gear than you? Better manastone/enchantment/essence/etc than you? Better player skill than you? Being beaten doesn't automatically mean a class is unbalanced.
  6. The Aion Pet Peeve Thread

    where is the lie
  7. Which server everyone going to transfer to ?

    My asmos (the ones I play most of the time) are on IS, but my elys are on TM. So my elys are going to be transferred to SL. Eventually. If yesterday's quick-fill of SL requests was any indication, it could take a few weeks before I get a slot lol.
  8. housing/merge

  9. Item comparison bugged display

    I MISSED IT TOO. This post has saved my life, bless.
  10. How to PvP in Aion | A step-by-step guide

    Wooooow. I have never before seen someone actually use the all-25-fingers method. Props to you, sir/madam. That's quite impressive.
  11. What happened to the drops in iluma / norsold?

    You must not be IS-A then. There are 3-4 bots I see every single night. You can tell because they're level 70+, but still soldier rank 9, and they always pick the half dps/half heal classes (chanter or SW). Plus they're severely undergeared. One of them, a chanter, is still in visible Resurgent gear lol. They're always farming mobs in the exact same area--on the way over to Fissure.
  12. Help for a noob chanter

    In my opinion, chanter is one of those classes that you just have to discover how it best fits *your* play style. It's not like ranger where your job is ranged dps and nothing else. Chanters were given dps skills, heals, and buffs; we're obviously intended to use them all in some form or fashion. You just need to discover how it all works for you. For me, I usually keep a 28% DPS, 72% support stigma set up and focus on power and agility for my gear/stats. I use all types of skills at my disposal. I like being hybrid. But that might be totally unlikable for someone else's play style. Someone else may prefer to do nothing but DPS or nothing but support. I may not *agree* with that style for myself, but it doesn't make the other player wrong (or me wrong). I think some of us lose sight of the fact that this is a game, and games are meant to be fun. If you're forcing yourself to play a class the way others want you to play it, then you're not truly enjoying yourself, are you? All that said, be up front with groups about your play style. If they're advertising "OW support build," and you KNOW you have no support stigmas and rarely heal, then don't apply. There will be other groups for you.
  13. What happened to the drops in iluma / norsold?

    Hey, I'm on your side lol. I hate it. I used to do the daily mob kill quests every day. The XP and "brilliant gift" reward are laughable, so I did it mostly for the drops. Getting purple and orange gear drops that I could sell on broker because I'm always low on kinah. Now that I get no drops, I see no point in doing those dailies.
  14. What happened to the drops in iluma / norsold?

    They were nerfed with the 5.6 release. Yep, it sucks.
  15. EVENT - Secrets of the Ancients Question

    I'm okay with the event because it's been giving me a lot of greater supps, something of which I never have enough. That said, I gotta agree with everyone about the keys. Why on earth do I need two dozen keys when I only get a couple boxes a week? I think this is this event's first time, right? Hopefully it will have a bit of a re-design before it's ever released again in the future.
  16. Client Crash - Relog time

    It's so painful to watch that loading bar when your client crashes while you were in the middle of a group instance and you just sit there, knowing your group is like "wtf" and thinking you just ragequit the instance or something.
  17. Crucible spire as Chanter

    I'm struggling hardcore with it, but I'm socketed full support 99% of the time. Gonna have to resocket my dps stigmas and try again.
  18. Macro for text on resurrection

    Thanks! So it actually ended up being the text below. The reason is that the skill is interrupted if I say something immediately after. I should have thought about that, but didn't realize it until I used it in game haha. With the two lines reversed, it works. /g I'm resurrecting [Target] /skill Light of Resurrection
  19. Fusion of Server and Legions

    Before you modified your post (which is when I read it), you only specified legions that had inactive BGs. You did not edit to say less than 6 members until I had already replied. ......
  20. Help for a noob chanter

    We're the neighborhood drug dealers. "You want some buffs, kid?"
  21. New Server Name Suggestions

    B... because there are both races on both servers...
  22. Help for a noob chanter

    Fest refers to the two Luna solo instances. Contaminated Underpath allows you one free entry every day. Munitions Factory allows you one free entry per week. Accept the related quests from Eli (blue pigtail NPC at Panda/Sanctum, Norsvold/Illuma, etc).
  23. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    She probably got it and chose to ignore it.
  24. What about the new hairstyles introduced in 5.6

    Ridiculous...ly AWESOME! I don't know, I like them haha. They're wild.