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  1. It's to prevent people from switching builds in the middle of pvp. Like a cleric removing Benevolence, nuking the shit out of you with Call Lightning, and then slotting Benevolence again to drop Ripple on him/herself.
  2. That's prime currency right there! Get 5000 of them and you can buy an unbinding stone from the npc in Norsvold! lel
  3. Ew I forgot about her antics last summer. Interesting that this might bring about the rise of "serious" premades again like last summer whereas most of the people who did premades last year have just been quick-queing thus far in 6.x. Hmm.
  4. You sound like a very capable player in this game, so I bet you will be fine. Honestly, chanter in 6.7 is like chanter in 5.x. We have lesser dps again, and we have the same heals available to us as we did back in 5.x. The only difference is Recovery Spell is no longer affected by heal boost -- but most chanters didn't run heal boost sets back in 5.x because we needed so much hp for endgame pve. So we still have Healing Light, Healing Burst, and Word of Life just like we did before, except now our Recovery Spell is a group heal. So if you look at it that way, we're actually in a bit better sha
  5. Ahh ok. Celerity does definitely work on Rejuvenating. Here are screencaps. First is with celerity. Second is without celerity.
  6. I tested it and it worked for me. It increased the heal exactly 10%. Hmm maybe I misread? Let me do it again and see if I can get screencaps this time.
  7. My bad, seems like they still drop from mobs, just not the ones near the base. Rejuvenating/Cleansing/Recovery are still affected by celerity mantra though.
  8. So apparently guiding stones don't drop from mobs anymore. Good job, NCsoft, gonna be nearly impossible to finish our pvp sets now.
  9. I don't think anyone is faulting you for playing how you want to play. That's why we all play games, after all. If we don't like how we play, then why play at all? We're all just recommending different ways for you to look at the situation. For me, I've always prioritized my dps sets over heal sets. I love healing, but I want to make sure my dps is at least semi-useful to my group. But yeah, that's what I meant -- clerics will have to go back to how things were. I think a lot of clerics have gotten a bit more relaxed in helping dps because they knew chanter heals would pick up the slac
  10. Senekta is called Veilenthrone here. But yeah, I think some clerics are going to have a hard time in PF/IDD/VT without the massive heals their support chanters were putting out before. Also, it will be harder in general to keep people alive. So many classes are getting damage buffs, but chanters and sws are having heals nerfed. So more damage, less heals.
  11. You can still use your heal boost set. Just pop to it, throw out Word of Life, Healing Burst, whatever you need to do, then pop back to your dps set. That's what chanters do anyway. So that really hasn't changed. I agree that it sucks that Cleansing/Rejuvenating/Recovery are no longer affected by heal boost. It sucks a lot. I have 1350 heal boost on my purple pve support set, unbuffed. So I get it. However, I also have a separate red/purple dps set that is nothing but attack stats. You have two sets, right? I think I read in one of your previous comments that you did. So that's good. You can s
  12. Just to clarify on my last post, I'm not trying to be insensitive. I am sad about the heal boost too! I hope you can fix the rest of your gear, minus your staff. It does suck to have wasted all of that kinah retuning everything.
  13. Don't most chanters have two separate sets though? I mean, I know I do. I don't have heal boost on any part of my red/purple dps set. I have a separate purple set for hp and heal boost. Sorry about your staff, but you should have attack stats on that to begin with. Is it a red & red combine? If so, that really sucks and I feel for you. I hope you can manage to get another red. If it's just a purple staff though, you'll replace it hopefully soon.
  14. PVE weapons (and gear) cannot be purified. You will replace all of your ancient COE pieces -- which is the lowest tier of PVE gear -- with pieces from FM/BOS. Then, those will be replaced with pieces from IDD/PF/VT. So yeah, your damage is low because you're in lowbie gear right now.
  15. rip 10k rejuvenating spell 10/24/2018 - 3/26/2019
  16. damn son look at you go I've never once asked for GP to be reset though, and I do not think it should be. You earned it; you should be able to keep it.
  17. Shit I started in 5.1 and still only 4-star lulz.
  18. Should literally be any class in the game, not just chanter. Any class is capable of clicking three orbs then spamming a skill on the npc.
  19. 100 issues with this game right now, and you're upset because you have 4k dp and it makes you glow? Jfc just go get one-shot by a mob.
  20. I have done it three times. The first two times, I got B ranks. The third time, I got Hyperion.
  21. @HelliosRed-KT The magic paint is only guaranteed from the +10 dolls. From your chat log, it looks like you got that white doll from a +5 doll.
  22. I can't even be mad because that's funny lmao.
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