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  1. Is siege worth doing anymore as Elyos DN

    Took the words right out of my mouth. Last night was a major head-shaker. Most of us (DN-A) were literally afking it in landing, and those who weren't were only focusing one dragon, and DN-E still didn't want to do anything? Y I K E S
  2. Answers to the questions of Korean players.

    I think many people WANT to play in groups before then, but the opportunity just doesn't appear because 1) we can go from level 1 - 66 in a weekend and 2) because of number 1, it's too hard to form a group instance. I actually remember a few months ago on one of my alts, I was trying to form a Rentus Base group, and my toon was like level 63 or something. In the time that it took to actually form the full group, I got to level 65 just doing campaign quests. So yeah, it's a problem, depending on your class. If you're a gunner or something, then it doesn't really matter. However, there are clerics out there who have never hit the dispel button and songweavers who don't understand they need to be watching the cleric's MP, not just their own. *shrug*
  3. PVP advice for SW

    Ah yes, priorities!
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 29, 2017

    You're literally posting in a thread about the maintenance, fam. Wait until maintenance is over. Then you will be able to log in.
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 29, 2017

    I was actually gonna say this lol. I'm kind of liking not feeling like I "have to" get on my alts and run events on them. I don't mind that sometimes, but it's nice to have a break too.
  6. omega stone

    I think you misunderstood me lol. Yes, you actually can use omegas on essence cores, but I was referring to "sticking with omegas" on my gear (after +1) instead of shining enchantment stones. Back to essence cores -- I do not know if omegas are 100% as I have never used an omega on an essence core.
  7. PVP advice for SW

    What meme is trying to (impolitely) say is that songweavers are the easiest class to play, bordering on broken, which is why there are rarely guides for them. Sleep your opponent(s), spam your skills, dispel yourself as needed, restore your HP and MP.
  8. Minium,mininons,Event items

    Floor 16 awards a major minion contract. Getting to floor 16 is very doable, even for lower levels! I don't like Crucible Spire; I'm a very social player and I don't like doing solo stuff. Still, I go up to floor 16 every week just so I can get my weekly contract. Give it a shot!
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 29, 2017

    Please don't forget the two Prestige tokens.
  10. omega stone

    Lol I have all +3 and one +4. I've gone through more than 20. It's not that hard to believe what Raefu is saying. You may have god tier rng, but the rest of us don't.
  11. omega stone

    I can confirm that it is not 100% to go from 0 to +1 on essence cores (when using just an essence core solution). I swear I have broken at least two that I can remember, maybe more lol. Regarding using omegas, I don't know. I prefer not to use omegas on essence cores because I need them for gear lol. I also regularly roll 1 or 2 on loot. I'm not a great example of RNG lmao.
  12. omega stone

    I regularly break essence cores going to +1, sooooo... Yeah, I'll stick with omegas lmao.
  13. Lightspeed Ironfang stats

    Looking cute > possibly getting killed.
  14. Contaminated Underpath Rank S How To Guide (Luna Daily)

    The one I have is Vidar's Dignity. It has a 2% chance to paralyze for 5 seconds with no chance of breaking. There is at least one other that has a 4% chance of paralyzing for 4 seconds, but it has a chance of breaking.
  15. luna items

    The Solorious fireplace was literally in my Luna rotation yesterday lol. So it's still there, just might be a rare appearance.
  16. "Can only be used once for appearance remodeling"

    That's a really great idea actually.
  17. Paid For Service Broken...sent here by Support Staff

    ^ Yeah, that's why most of us stopped using it lol.
  18. omega stone

    Is there a spreadsheet or something to back this up? (That sounds rude, but I don't mean it that way lol.) I thought +1 was okay, but I hadn't heard a guarantee on +2. I'd love to see some proof on this so I can feel secure it doing it.
  19. Should I plus up arena gear?

    We all felt that way at one point, but trust me, you'll get there. Nowadays I find myself with more spinels than I need and can actually sell some.
  20. All of mine were purchased on the broker. However, there are also events that give them out -- but then, it's randomized, so you might end up with a gunslinger stigma from the event which you would then have to put up on the broker to sell. (You could use the kinah you make from the gunner stigma to buy the chanter stigma.) But yeah, short answer is you're going to need to just buy them over time if you don't have all of the kinah right now.
  21. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 22, 2017

    @Cyan did anyone get the extra 2 Prestige rolls survey this week? I don't think I did unless I've totally forgotten that I did lol.
  22. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 22, 2017

    Not if you're trying to get your 75AP gear. That's what the event is intended to do -- give you AP and spinels to buy PVP gear. EDIT: Oh geez, I'm an idiot. Sorry, I thought you were saying Kumuki rewards are awful, then I re-read and saw you actually said Upgrade Arcade. SORRY LMAO.
  23. Missing quest?

    I was going to ask if you were showing low level quests, but I can see some cyan quests in your screenshots. I hope you get it resolved.
  24. Chanter group play should go dps or support ?

    Leaping Flash is a viable replacement for Mountain Crash *in PVE*. It will do as much damage as or more than MC if it crits. However, it is a charged skill, so you've gotta stand still for 3 seconds. So it's not viable for use in PVP. Totally workable in PVE though. In my opinion, chanters are never going to be great dps. They just weren't designed that way. Even "good" dps chanters still have nowhere near as much dps as sorcs, etc. Most groups will prefer you to be able to help the entire group do better dps (with WoI, mantras, support heals as needed, etc) rather than trying to make your own dps as high as possible when it STILL won't be very good compared to most of the other classes. Also, switching between dps and support is very viable. Supporting a cleric doesn't require you to re-allocate your essences as you're just the back-up. You can easily use the equipment switch to switch back and forth between your dps set and your support set. I only change my essences to support if I know I'm going to be doing all or at least half of the healing. Are you using the one-click gear switch option located in your profile? Make sure your mace/shield are the default weapons for your support set and your staff is the default for your dps set so you don't waste time switching gear AND switching weapons. Make sure your support gloves have cast speed, not attack speed. As Bryos said, I think you'll like have WoI and Blessing of Stone. In fact, I actually prefer using WoI on myself instead of Lucidity because WoI has a higher attack percentage. (Again, talking PVE here, not PVP.) You can always throw MC back in your rotation for solo stuff.