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  1. Getting back into the game

    Welcome back. 1. Do your daily and weekly Luna instances. (Pink moon icon by your skill bars.) Do your daily Fissure of Oblivion. Do your weekly 3-man instances -- Adma, Theo, Drakenseer's Lair (level 69+), and Fallen Poeta (level 72+). Those are the best, fastest sources of easy xp. 2. Get lucky on the events and sell those items you get to other players. Get to around level 70-72 (depending on your gear and HP) and start running Cradle of Eternity. You can sell the gear drops for a decent amount of kinah. Sorry, but that's about it. Every other method from the past has been nerfed due to gold sellers. You will be broke until around level 70. 3. See number 1. Also, save your kinah for good gear. Don't blow it on skins that will get replaced in a month when you lose the crap gear. Don't blow it on things that won't be useful to you in two months. 4. There is a guide somewhere here on the forums. You might try searching for it. I think it's called "guide to chanter" or something similar. It's a bit outdated, but still very helpful for those who are new to the class. Chanter is one of the three most expensive classes to gear (along with cleric and templar). You will have multiple sets of gear -- especially if you plan to do both PvE and PvP -- and you will have multiple stigmas that you rotate regularly, depending upon what you are doing at the time. Endgame chanters are expected to be jacks of all trades. You will need to be able to dps, heal, buff, and shield. Chanters are there to make the rest of the group look good with mantras and buffs, help keep everyone alive with heals and shields, and also do a decent amount of damage themselves. The chanter class is highly debated because it's so varied; everyone has their own opinion on how it should be played. You'll have to form your own opinion as well. I recommend you go to http://aion.mouseclic.com/tool/stigma and play around with the stigmas to see what rotations will give you what vision stigmas and figure out what you would like to try. 5. Recognize that you will be something of a "carry" in most groups until around level 72. Your dps will be very slight until then. Groups will be bringing you for your mantras, buffs, and offheals as needed when the cleric is struggling. Chanter dps is highly dependent upon having good, enchanted gear with good manastones as well as weaving. If you don't know how to weave, there are several YouTube videos about it, so try to learn. Chanter is a very fun class, but it doesn't feel too rewarding until the upper levels (in my opinion).
  2. level 40 [growth] supress the steel rake

    ^ Some of us like doing quests for the sake of completionism even if the rewards aren't worth it.
  3. Power up Event

    Y-yes...? I mean, NCsoft IS a for-profit company...
  4. level 40 [growth] supress the steel rake

    Steel Rake is a dungeon/instance. So you just need to go to the spot and enter via the NPC, Hitarune. Unless I'm misunderstanding what you are asking? Note, Steel Rake is the group version so you would need a group to enter that dungeon. Steel Rake *Cabin* is the solo version.
  5. Fissure Of Oblivion getting back after death?

    ^ And then you can use the stone thing to port yourself back to the end.
  6. Aion 6.0

    There are some things about 6.0 that make me nervous and even a little mad, BUT I think we're all jumping the gun here. It's only been out for a couple of weeks and 99% of us haven't even gotten to play it. I intend to play 6.0 when it releases here in NA. If I like it, great. If I don't like it, then fine, I will stop playing the game. I think we all just need to calm down and see how we like it once we *actually get to play it OURSELVES.*
  7. Aion : Refly patch NA naming

    I thought this said The Empyrean Burrito and I was totally on board with that.
  8. Ingmae Black Cloud Market - broken?

    It is working correctly for me.
  9. Returning Player - Any Experienced Chanter?

    Fissure xp has increased by 50%. Fissure, of course, still sucks to run. Other xp sources: your 3-man instances Adma, Theo, DL, and Fallen Poeta. These are better sources of xp actually as they take less time to run, are easier, and give more xp. Doing one boss on one of these with an xp amulet will grant you around 700mil xp. Not bad for 10-15 minutes of effort -- and that's not counting the xp you get from the mobs, about 1-2mil each. Also, don't forget to do your daily and weekly Luna instances (pink moon icon by your skillbars) as those give great xp too as well as materials to craft mounts, skins, etc. Open-world pvp is just zerg vs 1-2 people, as you noted. Hopefully that will change with 6.0's shared map. You might try Evergale Canyon if you haven't. It's zerg vs zerg, so it's more fair and fun. It's not just 1-2 people getting ganked. It has its issues, like afkers, but yeah. Also, it drops the mats for 75ap-to-80ap upgrades. There are people who sell their AP. A 75ap piece of gear on the broker will usually sell for 500-800mil, so you can use that math to kind of base how much you think 1 single abyss point is worth. Upper abyss sieges are fairly active, especially Sunday night and Saturday's Divine Fortress. No one does lower abyss sieges anymore. The ground siege in Kaldor on Sunday afternoon is also pretty active usually.
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 31, 2018

    Also, the ability to LISTEN TO INSTRUCTIONS. So many people in this game simply do not listen. I'm an average player at best, but I am invited to BoS, ToE, etc because I listen. I try my best and I do what I'm told. If I'm told to stay right next to Marked Player A, then I stay right next to him. I don't run off and start dpsing the other mobs. If I'm trying a boss for the first time, I ASK QUESTIONS. I don't try to be "cool" and act like I've done it before when I haven't. People need to swallow their pride and just learn to listen -- a basic skill we all learn in kindergarten, but which, sadly, is forgotten by many in adulthood.
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 31, 2018

    So theoretically I could dump 200 black stones into a piece of gear and get it enchanted to +15 or whatever. I mean, it would probably take all 200 stones because it would keep failing and resetting back to +10, but those stones are useless anyway so why not use them, I guess?
  12. Tempered Power II?

    LilHotii just likes to post in a game that he/she supposedly doesn't care about and has no desire to play. Don't mind it. Just a case of being unable to let go.
  13. How to fix Battle Grounds

    Hey, I'm not disagreeing with you that afkers suck. They do. I'm simply saying that is the state of Aion, and the developers are purposely making that okay by removing the kick option from Evergale.
  14. 6.0 info

    It is actually at level 55 that you get the elite fledgling gear. You get it from your first campaign (yellow) quest in Enshar/Cygnea. Note, if your toons have already moved past that level and quest, you cannot get the gear now.
  15. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    So I saw your text from the preview in the unread threads page and was immediately like "the Pokemon dude" before I even finished reading your sentence lmao.
  16. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 31, 2018

    XP is this weekend, starting Friday.
  17. How to fix Battle Grounds

    Mmm to be fair, the statement stands. Run out. Hit one ely/asmo. Run back and afk.
  18. be elyos is a chit

  19. Returning player

    The new level 10 fledgling gear is much better than any other low level gear. It will carry you until you reach level 55 at which time you will obtain the level 55 elite fledgling gear from Enshar/Cygnea. Note, if your glad or cleric is already past level 10, you will not be able to obtain that gear now. You would have to start a new toon. If your glad/cleric is past level 10 and you want to play them, you would just need to play old school with the gear drops you get from quests. You don't need to worry about your stats in the lower levels if you're using the new level 10 fledgling gear. You'll be surprised at how hard you hit. If you don't have the gear, get you some attack and crit strike on your glad and some magic boost and magical accuracy on your cleric. You'll need to worry learn more about the other stats and in which scenarios they may benefit you -- especially cleric in which you will need multiple sets of gear -- once you reach level 66. But for now, that'll be good enough to get you leveling. (That's a very vague explanation; you can google for more detailed info if needed.)
  20. 6.0 info

    This may have been addressed in a previous page, but I don't remember. What happens to our existing food, drinks, and potions? Do they just flat disappear from our inventories, or is there some NPC to whom we can trade them for new food, drinks, and potions? I saw the video that showed every item in aetherforging, and it was all just gear, plumes, and wings. So I see we can only buy food, drinks, and potions from the shop. Just wondering if we can use any of our old ones. I'm aware the scrolls are being removed entirely.
  21. It seems like your old toon has some sentimental value, so I'd transfer it just for that.
  22. Aion needs to be on steam

    I could be wrong, but I think 6.0 will take longer. The reason is because there are a LOT more changes, and they all have to be translated. It's basically like a new game (maybe a small exaggeration there). I'm guessing we'll get 6.0 in the fall. Maybe like September or October.
  23. How to fix Battle Grounds

    Lol right? Like there's no way that plan would prevent afking lol.
  24. PVP changes i would like to see

    That. Both chanters and clerics need separate heal and dps sets. One hybrid set is going to be A) too low in HP and B) too low in damage because you'll have to try to socket multiple kinds of manastones. It's a lose-lose gear set. It's so easy to switch between sets now that we have the profile gear save. There's no reason anymore not to have multiple sets.