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  1. take out cruicble spire

    This is probably part of your issue. The 75AP gear has does not have any PVE stats. Having the PVE defense % from Apollon/Harvester gear really helps when you're getting smacked by the angel statues. I am able to do up to floor 16 of Crucible Spire on a few alts who are only in +1 Apollon gear. I don't know your kinah situation, but is it possible for to get some Apollon gear at least?
  2. I report Aion for none stop kicking in evergale

    I wouldn't recommend doing this or you could get a slap on the wrist or even a 3-day ban. Cyan has already stated that if people are kicked without a reason, they can create a ticket to report the person who kicked them. If you kick someone and they haven't actually done anything wrong *in that instance* then that is kicking them without a reason.
  3. I report Aion for none stop kicking in evergale

    I don't ever ask to be kicked from a (badly) losing alliance because I just go brush my teeth, use the restroom, let the dogs out, get a snack, etc and take my 25 GP lmao. I guess I can understand people wanting to be able to queue immediately into a potentially better alliance, but as @Bryos-DN said, you need to take what you get in most cases. If you're that upset about being in a losing alliance, you might need to take a break from Evergale for a little while.
  4. take out cruicble spire

    As Bryos mentioned, 5.8 changed it a bit. I find a few of the floors very difficult for my sorc now that are very easy on my chanter. However, there are also floors that are more difficult for my chanter than my sorc. The floors are all aimed at various classes. I find the one floor with the two angel statues to be probably the most difficult floor for me (except for floor 40, of course) which is weird because it's like floor 7 or something. Some people think the vampire floor is the hardest, but I find that one pretty easy. It just depends on your class, gear, and playstyle. Just keep trying or don't worry about the instance.

    I... I'm not sure if I'm being attacked here lmao. But kind regards, guys. Kind regards.
  6. It's nice to have them separate so that they can be used at different times.
  7. Problem with the Taloc's campaign

    This has happened to me before. It took me 4 tries to do the campaign quest, and I know I was doing it right. The quest just wouldn't update until it finally did the 4th time -- and I hate Taloc's Hollow, so this was pure torture for me lol. It has never happened on any other toon though, before or after that glitchy toon.
  8. Stigma NPC dialog & function @ Redemption Landing

    Asmo landing NPC cannot enchant stigmas either, only remove/socket. So that might be intentional, idk.
  9. Frozen Monolith - Asmodian Katalam

    Agreed, I've found cleric/chanter to be a good setup. Or cleric/sw, I guess, but I haven't been in that scenario since I'm the chanter in question lol. The boss reminds me of the 1st boss in BoS. Hits really hard, but gives the cleric a few seconds in between to get everyone's HP back up. So while I have support stigmas in and am shielding, I don't find myself having to stop and actually heal very often. So I just have my dps gear and hybrid essences. Idk, would depend on how good your cleric is, I guess.
  10. Protection Ward is my bff and I'll be sad to lose it in 6.0.
  11. whole EC alliance booted

    So I was in this Evergale. I was in the league leader's alliance (1). He was trying to pass league lead to your alliance and accidentally expelled your entire alliance instead. He did apologize several times. I'm not saying it's okay or whatever, just trying to explain what happened lol.
  12. Strange prices in broker?

    It is kinah buying with real life money. The player goes on the Chinese gold seller's website and purchases (with real money) 1 bil kinah. Then, the player puts an item on the broker for 1 bil kinah. Next, the kinah seller will come and buy the useless item, thus "selling" them kinah.
  13. Character Creation Contest ?

    Uh wtf. This is like a beauty contest... and beauty is subjective, especially when you're talking about video game toons. Dangit, Aion lmao.
  14. Staff for a Cleric?

    He/she was healing. I honestly don't remember a lot about the run in regards to the other people in the group. I think we had a glad, but I don't remember what level, how good he/she was, etc. Yeah, idk. I find Aion mechanics to be very interesting sometimes anyway in comparison to other MMOs.
  15. Staff for a Cleric?

    I did an AoE with a cleric who was in songweaver cloth gear. She/he was very squishy. Nearly died several times. I was on my sorc and wishing I had all my chanter shields to throw out for her/him lol. I don't play cleric though, so I don't really have a valid opinion, but just thought I'd throw that out there.
  16. Competition Ranking

    I've been so productive around the house during this event. Yesterday, I mowed the lawn and showered while afking my runs lol.
  17. Servers Crashed?

    I'm a project manager, and I work at a firm that manages military construction. The US Navy waits for no man lol. So I understand and agree with you. However, we don't really know that Cyan DIDN'T immediately get on the situation and try to inform people who can do something about it.
  18. Servers Crashed?

    Agreed. Cyan is just the messenger. He's not the one putting us through #downaria lol.
  19. Servers Crashed?

    how dare you i'm only salty because it's true
  20. Servers Crashed?

    rip danaria 2k18
  21. Need to take out the ability to auto attack in daeva dash

    This person will be removed from Musicians for Hire once @downaria is over. We don't support this kind of griefing. Sorry, Optimis.
  22. Servers Crashed?

  23. Need to take out the ability to auto attack in daeva dash

    ... I'm honestly not even sure who this is. This must be a new legion member. We will check into it, thanks.
  24. Servers Crashed?

  25. Minion Contracts - What Minions does each give?

    Very helpful post, thanks!