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  1. Back to the game PING 990+ in Wa State

    This happens to me sometimes and 99% of the time, it's because the drivers for my graphics card need to be updated. I know you said you fixed that, but you might check again just to be sure.
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 5, 2020

    Soooo does the ice cream only drop from Frigida/4th boss in PFHM? Because we can't beat her in NA lol. I only checked 1st boss before reset and no ice cream, but someone can correct me if it drops from 2nd/3rd boss.
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 5, 2020

    Hopefully we'll get a good event for Aion anniversary.
  4. Solo playing?

    > last post nearly a year ago
  5. wan find stigma stone for glad

    In addition to buying from the broker, a couple of selectable stigma bags drop from the instance Stellin Labs Easy Mode. They are rollable by the whole group though.
  6. Support must get 100 tickets per day about restoring/transferring things due to their awful wording in the restoration policy. They would save themselves the trouble of having to answer multiple tickets if they'd clarify what is and is not eligible. At least list a few "popular" items, like for example, they will not re-box legendary transformation contracts to allow you to re-open and try to get a different one. Common things like that would save them from having to answer so many tickets.
  7. Katalam Server bugged again!

    KT server when it gets near the end of the Aion week:
  8. Broker Bots Solution

    If something is listable on the broker, it should be storable in the account warehouse. That's my opinion. Sadly, NCsoft doesn't agree with me lmao.
  9. Red Cellar reset feature is weekly

    Why not? Serious question there; not being sarcastic. Why do you think that 6 weeks is too short of a timeframe for one item? Personally, I think it's a bit too long. Except if lots of people have access to getting Dazzling gemstones (via resetting Red Cellar), it will actually drive DOWN the prices for which the geared people can sell them because there will be a lot more Dazzlings around. Supply will grow to meet demand, thus causing them to be cheaper. (No one will want to pay 4 bil for something they can get themselves in one month.)
  10. Aetherforge Masters - Hello?!

  11. Considering returning

    On KT, Elyos dominate. On DN, Asmos dominate. Population is higher on KT.
  12. cube for set

    Would be so useful indeed.
  13. Aetherforge Masters - Hello?!

    Fair point! Tbh I'm done with this event anyway for the most part. Like I'll still craft my 20 hr shit, but not gonna do anything more than that. Rates way too low.
  14. Aetherforge Masters - Hello?!

    Saaaaame. With the thousands of mats I have, I thought I would be able to get the DP Daevanion skill. Literally the only thing I've tried to get. But nah. Fragments and etium are not used to get 7.7's new pvp gear, so there's not really any reason not to use them in this event unless I'm missing something?
  15. the game is speaking korean

    7.5 -- specifically, the first "half" of 7.5. We do not yet have all of the pieces of 7.5.
  16. Aetherforge Masters - Hello?!

    Kibbelz/Loki to their bosses: Players are tired of rng. It's priority #1 on our ranking list. Bosses: Gotcha! Bosses: ... Bosses: So here's how our new event is gonna go with lots of unfavorable rng.
  17. Game Team Update: Feedback Response

    I felt this post in my S O U L.
  18. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 29, 2020

    Also works inside Minium Vault and Luna. Those give very good exp normally and even better now.
  19. @Kibbelz Look here

    This comment is nothing but comical now that we've all seen the low chance to actually proc a stigma/DP daeva skill/whatever.
  20. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 29, 2020

    When you need an event recipe to proc for daeva skill/stigma: 5% proc chance When you DON'T need an event recipe to proc: 90% proc chance
  21. Confused with new event (atherforge masters)

    20h cooldown is a guaranteed scroll that you need to craft the actual good stuff (although it's only a chance to get the good stuff and NOT a high chance either).
  22. @Kibbelz Stigma rates to 30%

    We got our stigmas advanced earlier on because that's what we wanted to do. That's not the fault of those people who were unable to do so either because of lacking 20 alt accounts and/or real money and/or luck. Those of us who already have advanced stigmas knew that we were paying extra (either real money or kinah or farm/grind time) to get them before others BUT that others would get them eventually. Well, that "eventually" is now. I don't see any reason why NCsoft should compensate us.
  23. Game Team Update: Feedback Response

    These are two separate things. It's not one or the other. I'm not saying "stop prioritizing problems and give us extra Luna." I'm asking for BOTH.
  24. Game Team Update: Feedback Response

    Also, could we get a "bonus" sale on Luna in the BCM to go along with the discounted selective retune costs? Like the ones where you buy Luna and get a little extra amount thrown in.
  25. Game Team Update: Feedback Response

    Tbh I prefer less compensation if it means more attention directed toward other things still on the list. Thank you for these first steps.