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  1. a feq questions about item exchange

    Cyan stated either on your character or in your inventory. So I'd remove it from pets/cabinets just to be safe.
  2. uhh hello? nerfed event

    I used over 30 stigmas on a +7 stigma and it ended up at +5. I traded it to a friend and he got it to +9 with only 6 stigmas. RNG, my friend.
  3. This. I've already removed items from my two expirable cabinets as I don't want to accidentally have them run out of time before I realize it and then I can never access the items within them again.
  4. Lmao @ people in this thread trying to defend their absolute lack of dignity. smh That said, no one's surprised because that's just the kind of people they are.
  5. master harvester weapon box chanter shield

    Don't you mean /waves mace
  6. master harvester weapon box chanter shield

    Someone help @Spirithq-KT; he's not aware that we use cast speed for heals hence the mace lmao. Again bud, I'm not disagreeing about staff FOR ATTACKING. But not for healing...
  7. master harvester weapon box chanter shield

    Are you trolling? We use shield/mace when healing, staff when attacking..........
  8. She did get one single thing right. People DO have daily quests in the Lakrum camps they can do. But yeah, everything else is wrong lmao.
  9. Miniums, not minions.
  10. EU vs NA in preparing for 6.0 or 6.2

    We do know this. 6.2. Source:
  11. Weekly NPC Kinah Limit Not Reset

    Mmm actually that only happens if you've recently sacrificed a virgin and danced with the teleportation NPC for 7.5 hours exactly. Jfc Steez, you should know that.
  12. Economy Killer Events

    LMAO ME TOO. Gotta get a couple more boxes lol.
  13. Most Wanted/Needed class. 5.8/6.0

    Agree with all of this. On chanters, it's no big deal if you are somewhat well known and at least semi know what you're doing. People will take you over a different chanter. You'll be a crap carry in levels 66-72 though; that's just because of the chanter's low dps. Gets much more fun in endgame. But back to your question about dps classes. Currently, sins, glads, and sorcs are dps kings. In 6.0, sins are nerfed a bit as are sorcs (to a lesser extent). However, glads become even more op than they already are.
  14. Economy Killer Events

    Ohhhh myyyy goddd this is why we can't have nice things. Just like Lucimon whining about the Harvester soulstones dropping too many back in January. Y'all need to stop complaining about nice things.
  15. Weekly NPC Kinah Limit Not Reset

    100%, it resets Wednesday, not Sunday.
  16. Stuck at 62%

    Getting stuck at 62% is a known issue and has been for a few years; however, it should go past that eventually. It may sit there for a couple minutes. Are you waiting a few minutes to see if it goes past it? It might also get stuck at 99% for a few minutes.
  17. Aion October Preview

    Possibly the Master Harvester wings -- or maybe those will be in the Pumpkin King event. Either way, we were told we'd get them before 6.2.
  18. Prowess Set

    I only need one more green stone and I can craft the hauberk, but I was really hoping to get more pieces crafted before 6.2. Oh well.
  19. What is this, elementary school? jfc
  20. Bastion Of Souls With Fasimedes.

    Dps standing on top of clerics and causing them to get paralyzed. Gg.
  21. [6.2] List of Terminated Items

    My broken crystal balls! NNNNNNOOOOOOOOooooooooooo.....................
  22. Items Leaving the Black Cloud Marketplace

    Don't get my hopes up like this.
  23. Can we talk about the stigma enchanting nerf?

    I have had better luck in this event than in previous power ups. It all comes down to luck.
  24. For the shugo nomads who spawn periodically with quests for housing souvenirs. Note, dates are in-game dates, not real life calendar dates. From Pennry and Gallia on the old forums: Here are the Shugo spawn points for Elyos on the Oriel map. [Feb 15-17] - Elroco Hill Village [Mar 15-17] - Goldendell Village [May 15-17] - Vibrant Garden Village [Jun 15-17] - Pearl Cove Village [Aug 15-17] - Seapath Village [Sep 15-17] - Mill Ridge Village [Nov 15-17] - Reedpond Village [Dec 15-17] - Riverwell Village Here are the Shugo spawn points for the Asmos on the Pernon map. [Feb 15-17] - Shepherd's Peak Village [Mar 15-17] - Silver Tree Village [May 15-17] - Golden Sunset Village [Jun 15-17] - Azure Inlet Village [Aug 15-17] - Speing Hill Village [Sep 15-17] - Foothill Basin Village [Nov 15-17] - Stonewall Village [Dec 15-17] - Aironroost Village