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  1. 1000x shard Berdin's stars 50% drop amulet Guiding stones White transform contracts Major minion contract Ancient PVE stones Sooo... another event with rewards that are not worth anything. That's disappointing.
  2. While Aion did make less in Q4 than in Q3, it made more money overall in 2018 than it did in 2017. In fact, it is the only game that actually made more money in 2018 than in 2017. Everything else made less money. Granted, that increase was due to the changes they made in Korea with p2p/f2p, it's still worth mentioning. But yeah, mobiles games are beastly these days.
  3. Dude. Did you read the forums at all? We all share in your frustrations, but why are you making YET ANOTHER thread about this stuff when we already have 800 of them? You did not add ANYTHING new to the discussion.
  5. That's literally what the power-up events did, with the exception of "remain the same." lol
  6. Yes, run around the whole bottom part of the instance and see if you get the message. If you are capable of soloing the first boss (chanters and clerics or very geared other classes), then you can do that and go past that part all the way up to the bug boss because shugo can spawn up to that point as well.
  7. *wants to throw my money at the BCM for Daevanian books*
  8. Hello You mention instances, so I assume you are talking about pve, correct? If so, may I recommend removing your full support spec stigmas and going dps or hybrid spec? The reason I say this is because Elemental Screen is mostly useless in pve. Its defenses were not boosted with this patch to match the absurd amount of aoe damage from endgame bosses. Elemental Screen is still good for pvp though. Similarly, Word of Protection is not useful in pve and is more of a pvp stigma. (WoP was nerfed in this patch and many of us don't use it anymore in pvp, but that's up to you.) Also, I see you have
  9. It's not. It's about being so terrified of not being on top that you'll do a legal "cheat" to ensure you get the maximum rewards possible.
  10. Sorry, my wording was unclear. There is no difference in the CHANCE of loot -- as in, you still might not get a red, etc. However, the benefit is that there are only 5 people you are rolling against instead of 11. So you have a higher chance of getting loot.
  11. That is the only difference. Doing it 6-man doesn't make Beritra easier. Loot chances are the same.
  12. They were not removed from the game. In fact, they were an event reward in the event before this most recent one.
  13. When you 6-man IDD, you do not kill Orissan in the far left portal. You only kill the physical/magic portals at the same time.
  14. Oh my goodness, I would LOVE to buy the sports skill cards that were only available in that one event a year ago.
  15. A+. I always do my weekly camps and a lot of the daily kill quests already. I'd do even more kill quests if I got fragments from them. Even with the 40 fragments Prestige quest, it's not enough since we need a lot to morph ultimate stones, as you said.
  16. All we can do is feel embarrassed on behalf of people who take a game that seriously. *shrug*
  17. Cyan has stated before that if you pay via credit card, there will be a delay because they have a process which ensures there is no credit card fraud. So PayPal is faster. I bought some BCC last week via PayPal and had it within 5 minutes.
  18. Cyan, at least, has called Hime his boss here on the forums -- and fairly recently. He has also stated that his "main" job is Aion, but that he also helps out with other NCsoft games/works.
  19. I bought 20 vinnas on the BCM because I like throwing away my money. I'm really enjoying my Berdin's stars right now.
  20. Yeeeeah, I'm not risking it unless there was no way to drop below +9.
  21. Yeah, unfortunately, in endgame pve, the pet dies very fast because they didn't buff its hp for the new patch.
  22. I've opened about 60, no skill either. Also, the one wasn't empty. It just had 1000 shards in it. (useless)
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