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  1. Overpowered lvl 10 Gear, Why?

    Thissssssss! *o* Same goes for the Elite Fledgling 55 gear. Also thisssssss! Especially on the "utility player" classes which have multiple jobs to do -- chanter, songweaver etc. So many songweavers who won't restore mana to the cleric. (I'm a firm believer that other classes need to pop pots and restore their own mana via skills, etc, but songweavers should absolutely always help clerics with their mana.) Chanters who don't want to keep the cleric alive, pop "oh crap" skills when needed, switch out mantras as needed, etc.
  2. Make more space in server-wide instances

    Luck, as Cheesecake said, but also because sometimes the "pops" don't work quite right. For example, have you ever sat in queue for Arena of Chaos/Discipline for 10 minutes and then it finally pops. But when you enter (clicking immediately, not waiting), the match has already begun? You didn't get your two minutes to prepare? Yeah. Sometimes things go wrong. So even if someone applies to Panda/Sanctum Defense immediately, the instance may take someone else who applies after. It's not a perfect creation.
  3. Post your Aion character!

    When you're going to a Halloween party, but you gotta kill Elyos an hour later.
  4. Set Boundless

    Boundless comes from the Sky Island "instance" -- something that takes multiple steps (and more than one person) to trigger in the open world. Furthermore, once it's triggered, it takes several more steps to complete successfully and have a chance at a piece of Boundless gear. In other words, it's very, very hard to get Boundless gear yourself. Most people who have it, myself included, have bought it on the broker.
  5. Stigmas

    You can use the one you have equipped. Although, I think you have to unequip it first (have it put back in your inventory) if I recall correctly. I haven't charged one in a month or two, so can't remember. Regarding if the stigmas for chanters are "right," that really can't be answered without a bit more info from you. Chanters are such a versatile class and can be played in many different ways. The stigmas linked there are a strictly dps line-up. If you are only a dps chanter, then that could work for you. If you prefer more of a support role, that line-up won't work for you. The same can be said for cleric; some clerics only want to dps and some are heal only and some are a little bit of both. Eventually, it would be good if you had all or most of the chanter stigmas. This way, you can change them up depending on the situation. If you're in an instance and they need support, then you can put all of those stigmas in. Or if you're in a group with two clerics, you can put all of your dps stigmas in. Personally, I like to keep a 72% support, 28% dps stigma set-up most of the time: http://aion.mouseclic.com/tool/stigma/cADFILM65. I am a hybrid chanter, leaning toward support, so this set-up works for me. Again, it's all about how you play your chanter.
  6. No Omega Flash Sale???

    ^ YESSSSS. I have the pumpkin outfit and hat, and I just wear them when I'm not doing any instances, standing around, have private store up, etc. I'd love to have the weapon too.
  7. No Omega Flash Sale???

    Man, I'd totally buy a 10-pack of omegas. Between all of the various sets we all accumulate, I feel like I'll never +15 every piece of all of them lol.
  8. Level 50 Daevonian – Fenris

    It's still there! I just checked.
  9. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    ^ literally me. And like, they're not normal hairs. They're like super dark and thick wtf?!
  10. Non-weapon using class someday?

    But how am I gonna look cool without a weapon to skin to match my outfit. Lol just kidding. Kinda.
  11. Cannot connect to server during siege

    @Jaevyn-DN, could it possibly have something to do with the fact that you live in New Zealand and are far from the servers? (I have no idea why I remembered that you live in NZ, and I SWEAR I am not stalking you lmao.)
  12. Omega Farming Bot

    Ahh. The bots have become smarter. They have realized that they can sell the items they get from completing the omen quests. *rubs chin thoughtfully* They are evolving. One day, they will rule us all.
  13. additional quickbar

    DING DING DING! This is the problem, and I don't think Mempo was understanding what we disliked lol.
  14. Prestige Pack?

    http://store.aiononline.com/store/detail?goodsNo=9330000&categoryPath=1_98 You purchase it at that link. Then you go to https://shop.ncsoft.com/myshop/applyacode and apply the code that will be listed there to whichever character you want.
  15. Some of us got three golden dice because we're prestige. I remember reading that somewhere here on the forums.
  16. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 18, 2017

    Dangit, @Bryos-KT, SHHHHHHH!
  17. Overpowered lvl 10 Gear, Why?

    I kind of feel the same way--that it removes the challenging aspect of the game. However, leveling is so fast now that you will be level 66 before you know it and then things will suddenly become challenging. So there's that.
  18. Help Leveling

    You're level 53; get your booty into Beshmundir Temple! You're a chanter, so you won't have any issue finding someone to duo it with as many tank/dps classes want to do it, but can never find a healer to duo it with. (Expect that you will take heals duty though, not dps, unless you end up with a cleric or another chanter.) Especially right now with the 100% exp buff. Last time I did BT at level 53, I leveled up to 61 on one single run in BT. I did BT again the next day and reached 65. So two runs in BT to go from level 53 to level 65. No need to buy anything to sell! However, if you do want to buy something, I'd recommend buying an EXP amulet to wear while you're in BT.
  19. Whats happening with the invasion boss drop?

    I got an email last night that said they planned to give me the box within 24 hours. So if you haven't received a reply to your ticket yet, you should soon. But yeah, they should really just fix the bug because it will save them a lot of headaches each week.
  20. Solo ways to farm kinah?

    Since you're a master in alchemy, I'd recommend crafting Superior Wind Serums. They sell at about 65k each on DN-A. Also, the Temporal Stones, which sell at about 1.5m. Then, of course, scrolls will always sell, but there is not as much kinah to be made from those. Aside from your alchemy, there're not a lot of great ways anymore. Greater mythic supplements, omega enchantment stones, and tempering solutions sell well, but those are things you will also need if you intend to actually play the game to its fullest potential. Also, chronos stones sell at around 3.5m a piece. These are used to craft high number manastones, so if you plan to just buy the manastones yourself, you can sell those chronos stones. (You get chronos stones from disenchanting archdaeva gear, so run PVE instances, like Adma, Theo, AoE, CoE, etc) Apollon gear will always sell, so do your weekly CoE runs; you can also break the gear for chronos stones if you prefer. Spirit Stone of Eternity sells very well for the same reason that the chronos stones do; you get those from world drops, UA Barracks instances (Miren, Kysis, Krotan when your faction owns those forts), buying from the NPC at your landing when your landing is level 5, and a few other methods. Then, of course, pray that you get lucky during events and get items that are worth millions. (Sorry if I dumbed this down too much. Not trying to be condescending, just making sure I explain everything as I'm not sure what was available when you last played.)
  21. ... You're a chanter. Even if you run full dps build, you still have a couple heals. lol...
  22. Banned people still 75? really?

    I was actually thinking about this yesterday. There are a couple people on my friends list who have not been online since merge--not even to claim their names. I'm wondering if they got banned. I guess I'll see today if they finally log on...
  23. Chanter Questions

    ^ I'd like to see that. "I've decided to alternate between auto-attack and Smite. #yolo"
  24. THISSSSS. Dat cleric/chanter life. *cries* lol On topic though, they can't really "do something" if there were no stated rules anywhere. That is, I assume, why the guidelines thread was posted. Now there are visible rules posted. So if someone gets in trouble, support can reference back to those guidelines.
  25. Whats happening with the invasion boss drop?

    Same. Just the "we're investigating" reply. However, this is not surprising as they are currently dealing with probably hundreds of post-merge problem tickets.