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  1. Sorc gear help needed (PvE)

    Hi welcome back. 6.2 is coming within the next few months, so don't spend too much time/kinah trying to get the best gears now. If I were you, I'd aim for Apollon gear. It's very easy to obtain either by doing the instance Cradle of Eternity once you reach your early 70s or just outright buying it on the broker. And with it (and a good group to semi-carry you), you can complete every PVE instance in the game except maybe the hardest one (Frozen Monolith). Here is some more info about the endgame PVE gears:
  2. Evergale Canyon timetables

    Fam. Bro. My man. This is for NORTH AMERICAN people. Yes, you can play here too and we're happy to have you, but remember that the times are set for NORTH AMERICA...
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 29, 2018

    first of all, how dare you
  4. 381x Poppy Boxes rewards statistics

    Those are still relevant to socketing bracelets, aren't they? Or am I confusing it with another feli?
  5. The Alchemy Event Instances and Rewards List

    Was just gonna say this for Norsvold.
  6. So in other words, we'll need to save up a bunch of omegas and supplements to try to get our Master Harv wings rushed to +15 so we can exchange them. That's kind of disappointing...
  7. Fam, you already know for a fact that this isn't going to happen anytime soon as it has not happened in 6.0-6.5. ESPECIALLY BRINGING BACK DELETED MAPS... So can we not create unnecessary threads?
  8. This is a really, really good point that shouldn't be ignored in the mass of this thread. By trimming down all of these unused maps, that gives NCsoft room to add new maps in future patches (assuming the game survives that long).
  9. lvl 65 Archdaeva quest

    Like Cheese said, check your special cube, not your regular inventory.
  10. Evergale Canyon lockout Again,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Yeahhhh, I cringed when I saw they got bugged AGAIN. And on Wednesday no less. Poor guys.
  11. About the possibility of a new server for 6.0

    Yeah for real. There are a million "Aion isn't working for me" posts on this forum, and Cheesecake is in 99% of them, helping the players get the game working again.
  12. Best gear to exchange for in 6.0?

    Most alliances that run Bastion of Souls (the instance that drops Harvester gear and the stones needed to purify it into Master Harvester) will only take level 73+ with unbuffed HP of at least 20k. The HP requirement is due to the first boss which does aoe hits that will knock everyone down to about 25% HP every 20-30 seconds. Sometimes you can get carried with less than that if you have strong friends who know the instance well. The alliance(s) I run with can usually carry 1 or 2 people without messing up the run. AC gear is rubbish in 5.8 though if I'm being perfectly honest. You will be lowest dps, and your HP will likely not be high enough for BoS. If possible, you should aim to get at least Apollon gear. That is the 3rd best PVE gear in the game currently, and it's really not too difficult to get. You can purchase it from other players/the broker. It drops a lot of pieces in the instance Cradle of Eternity, so most of us have Apollon gear coming out of our ears at this point and just give it away to friends. On DN-A, you can buy Apollon boots/shoulders/gloves/accessories for like 10mil kinah, so it's crazy cheap now. Shirt/pants/weapon will be a bit more expensive as they drop from the last boss which not everyone does. You can run CoE around level 70 if the other 5 people in the group are like 73+ and can carry you. You might die a bit just because you'll get slammed by hard hits and your HP won't be high, but if you can deal with that, then no biggie.
  13. Aion August Preview - Updated 8/21

    *whispers* Natural Magic Stones
  14. Power Up week coming in August 20th?

    hi please sir may i purchase your rng from you
  15. Back after a long time

    Hello, welcome back to the game. Here are a few threads where people have discussed chanter set-ups as well as some threads about the current pve/pvp gears. However, we will be receiving a new patch, 6.x, sometime in the next couple months. This patch will make all current gear nearly useless. So, do not fret too much and waste kinah trying to get a bunch of op gears right now. Chanter-specific: Gears:
  16. Power Up week coming in August 20th?

    Oh my GODDDD truer words never spoken. Preeeeeaaaacccch.
  17. PVE : Mage attack speed or pve attack ?

    Bruh, this thread is a year old. Master Harvester wasn't a thing back then.
  18. Gladiator/chanter manastone PvE/Pvp

    For spinel medals, you can get them in several ways. 1. Buy from the broker 2. Participate in siege events, such as nightly Upper Abyss siege, Divine siege on Saturday night, Kaldor siege on Sunday afternoon (all 66+) 3. Get them from events every now and then 4. Became a ranked officer (requiring a certain amount of GP and to be maintained every month) and receive a few spinel medals every Monday 5. Get fragmented spinel from events, instances such as Evergale Canyon (66+), etc and combine those fragments into spinel medals For AP, same thing, several ways. In addition to sieges and becoming a ranked officer and whatnot like listed above, you can also get AP from lots of pve instances -- although the amount is not very high. Killing mobs in the Upper Abyss will grant you AP. There are also quests you can do which give AP.
  19. Gladiator/chanter manastone PvE/Pvp

    Hello, welcome to the game. I cannot help with gladiator as I do not play that class. Maybe someone else can chime in. Most chanters will use a blend of power and precision stones for their dps sets and HP/health stones for their heal sets. Almost all archdaeva gears are breakable except Master Harvester (best pve set) and 80AP Prime Commander (best pvp set). When you say "archdaeva set," I'll assume you actually mean the Ancient Coin gear. Technically, that's just one of many archdaeva sets as all 66+ gear is considered archdaeva gear. But anyway. For your Ancient Coin gear, you'll want to use omega enchantment stones (the purple ones) along with Greater Mythic Supplements to ensure 100% success and not risk breaking your gear. I will be honest with you here. No. That said, a new patch, 6.0, is coming in the next few months and will completely re-do so many elements of the game. Since you are new to the game, you don't have millions of kinah at your disposal. So if I were you, I personally would not try to get geared to the teeth while knowing that 6.0 will come soon and make your hard work pointless. The Ancient Coin gear is okay for lower level instances, but you will not be able to run endgame pve such as Bastion of Souls, Trials of Eternity, or Frozen Monolith. Even Cradle of Eternity, a mid-level pve instance, will be a challenge for you unless you are with a geared group. IF it is within your means, you might try to get Apollon gear. It's the third best pve gear in the game. You can get it from Cradle of Eternity (or Trials, but you won't be able to run that), or you can buy it from other players or on the broker. Make sure you buy the Apollon gear that has manastone slots and can be enchanted as there are two versions. Chanter's gear will be the chain that has parry in it. For pvp, you will die very quickly in Ancient Coin gear as it's low level gear to begin with AND it doesn't have any pvp defense/attack stats. Pvp gear is a lot tougher to get than pve gear though, so again, I wouldn't stress yourself about it with 6.0 coming soon. For more info about the current gears, you can read these:
  20. Hm ok. So it would probably be a good idea for me to craft all the gear I can (pending mat availability) as a placeholder until I can get the best gear in DD, etc.
  21. Costume Rotation

    Yeah sorry, those are all pretty hideous except the blue/purple flowered one.
  22. This is honestly how I started thinking of it a few weeks ago when I saw that video of the songweaver being utterly wrecked by the gunner. I have a few +15 pieces, but the rest of my 80AP and Master Harv gear is +13/14. Only my top Gray Wolf accs are +5. I'm starting to wonder if maybe it's actually smarter to save my omegas/temperings and have those exchanged instead. My aetherforging is 300, so theoretically, I should be able to craft the new gear as soon as I get the mats and then I'll need the new omegas/temperings. @Kubei-DN what is your opinion?
  23. End of gold selling

    > create new account and give it a suspicious name like Adfkjtkds > advertise in lfg that I'm selling gold, put up a store sign, etc. > use my legit account to report my "gold selling" account > get a free omega tldr: this could easily be abused
  24. Muting my characters battle grunts.