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  1. I would pick Enshar just because it's so pretty and it has my favorite race, the Tehji. I know everyone else hates it though lol.
  2. Daeva Dash FULL OF BUGS

    Good lord this was annoying lmao. Like it's a good strategy, I guess, but maaaaaaan it's frustrating haha.
  3. Daeva Dash FULL OF BUGS

    Hey come on now, Aly lmao. I wouldn't ever do it first. But if they take all of our transforms, we have no choice or we can't really participate.
  4. Daeva Dash FULL OF BUGS

    Never mind, I just did some messing around. Apparently, if you spawn the kisk from your inventory that you get upon entering, and you click on it, it will transport you to the opposite faction starting point. So it IS a bug, but definitely one that's being exploited so that the opposite faction can steal your transforms. That said, if it happens, just pop your kisk and then you can go steal THEIR transforms in return.
  5. Daeva Dash FULL OF BUGS

    Pretty sure that's a hack, not a bug.
  6. Daeva Dash Event Reward List

    Lol right?! I'm already like "ok I want to run it first with THESE specific friends because they won't get mad if we fail hardcore" lolol.
  7. Daeva Dash Event Reward List

    I wonder if chanters will be able to use celerity mantra like we could in SFT?
  8. Daeva Dash Event Reward List

    I'm sad that we're getting those stupid godstones. I thought we had escaped that mess.
  9. Bidding at Suna drop?

    Yeeeep. It makes more sense now that I've slept lol.
  10. Bidding at Suna drop?

    How does this even work? Who are these people paying in order to get the items, and why are they paying those particular people? Forgive me if the answer is obvious; it's late and I'm tired lol.
  11. Server Down in 60 Second?! No warning?

    Guess it's time to go ahead and rename our server to Downaria...
  12. Server Down in 60 Second?! No warning?

    gg ncsoft... gg. 15 Fallen Poeta runs in one week incoming... X D
  13. LVL 66+ content

    Welcome back. Here are some returning user threads like yours: Here is some info about PVE gears: For PVP gears, your endgame currently is 80AP gear. This is obtained by purchasing 75AP gear and then purifying it. That will take a lot of time and/or kinah. There are other PVP gears that are easier to obtain although not as powerful. You can buy blood medal gear with blood medals at your landing. You can buy Arena gear in Marchutan/Kaisinel with valor insignias you get from competing in arenas.
  14. Server Down in 60 Second?! No warning?

    As someone who was not on during the shutdown, this thread was a rollercoaster to read lmao.
  15. Favorite Aion song?

    My current favorite is the boss theme for Bastion of Souls. I love that operatic opening. <3
  16. Tia Eye Chests

    All you're missing is a drama-filled shitshow lmao. I do hope they put chests on the BCM or have some other way for us to use our keys. I have many, but I'm no longer going into Tia Eye so I won't use them.
  17. Kick feature in Evergale

    I actually have an issue with that too. I queued into a failing run in which Elyos were already inside the base and killing the npc. The npc was almost dead, so it was about to end. I actually wanted to stay in (hey, 25 gp for less than a minute of being in there lol), but the alliance leader kicked me. Like I appreciate that you think you were helping me, but maybe ask first lol.
  18. Sunayaka

    To be fair, if Devorer had not kicked whoever he kicked, then the league leader could (would) have kicked his entire alliance. So Devorer -- and any other alliance leader who is put in this position -- is up against a rock and a hard place. My alliance leader last night had to kick someone because the league leader called it out in alert chat. After she did so, we were all talking in TS about how terrible it made us feel and that we didn't want to do it, but felt we had to or our entire alliance would be kicked from the league. I'm not saying this makes it right that we are kicking people, of course, just offering an explanation. Of course, if you try to speak out in chat, the entire faction jumps down your throat, as we saw happen to Auquin (at least I think it was Auquin) a few nights ago.
  19. Rainbow Snake Festival 2018 Reward List

    Nonsense, everyone is a sister!
  20. Rainbow Snake Festival 2018 Reward List

    Real talk, I want that dang skill card bundle lol. I'll wait until it's down to like 200 mil though.
  21. Sunayaka

    Lol Please don't ban my legionnnnn. I won't goooooo lol.
  22. Rainbow Snake Festival 2018 Reward List

    Yes. Someone on DN-A had it listed for 1 billion kinah (lulz).
  23. Sunayaka

    And it's not just one legion either. We're up to three (or four?) legions now. It's a witch hunt. Hopefully my legion doesn't get banned for me speaking out. >.>;
  24. Shugos, Elyos, Asmos, and 62%

    I was in BoS with another chanter last week, and the other chanter actually said at one point, "Oh was Van dpsing before?" Like yes...? The cleric was very good and didn't need me to hold her hand the whole time... lol. Am I just supposed to stand there and do nothing while the cleric has things under control?
  25. Rainbow Snake Festival 2018 Reward List

    I did the same thing the other day (not recognizing sarcasm). It is, indeed, because this community has been so intense and angered lately. I just expect everything to be serious lol.